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New Web Site Tour

The sections: -


Any news for the Bitmap Brothers, will appear here.

This includes - interviews, previews, reviews, articles (magazines, newspapers, online), press releases, television appearances, web site updates, fan sites, fan artwork, jobs, patches, screenshots, etc.

Also, we might add any interesting computer gaming articles from the net or any important development news.

Our Games

You will find details of all our games here - past, present and any future titles we are working on.


If there are any demos, images, patches, video or audio files for any of our titles, you will find them here.  Keep checking back here as there are files added all the time, any major downloads will be announced in the News section.


If you have any difficulties with any of our games, check here to see if there is any information that might help.

You will find game guides, patches, level maps, etc. You will also find details on any technical support contacts.


In the Links section you’ll find links for many areas, including from computer art, computer music, gaming sites, and more.


The contact details for the Bitmap Brothers, our publishers and other related people will be found here.


If we have any vacancies within the Bitmap Brothers, the details of the openings will appear here. There is also some details on geting into the industry and helpful information on the jobs we do here.


You will find a brief overview of the company and also profiles of everyone at the Bitmap Brothers.  All our press releases are kept here with our press pack.

Site Map

This is a list of every page on the site on one page.

Site Index

This is an index of the web site sorted by game title - useful if you want to find everything on the site for one particular game.

Site History

Any updates, whether they are major or minor, will appear here - updates from the old site have been kept here. Some major updates will also appear in the News section.

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