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Level 20 - City



Single Player - Level 20



Being the last level of game, everything is thrown at the player. The initial layout is unusual in that many of the buildings are close to the CPU and HCP forts. The player must capture as many territories as possible to make these factories effective. It is crucial that the player captures the Mobile Missile Launcher and Heavy Tank in either the top left or bottom right of the map in order to have any chance of winning.

Start Units : 2 Psychos / 1 Tough / 1 Sniper / 2 Med. Tanks / 2 Lt. Tanks


There is no room for error here - You must…

Drive hard up the left hand side of the map, blasting through the rocks to capture these territories and the uncaptured heavy tank (Point 1) and mobile missile launcher (Point 2). Move the Tank and Mobile Launcher across to defend the road to the right.

Move robots swiftly into the two territories to the right of your fort, using the crane to repair the two bridges closest to your fort (Points 3 & 4).

Use a tank to destroy the bridge in the bottom right corner so that the CPU heavy tank has to take a long route round (Point 5).

The CPU concentrates attacks in the area to the north of (3) so it is important to establish a strong defence at this location. Try to prevent the bridge onto the small island from being repaired or destroy it as CPU tanks come across (Point 6).

Good Luck!


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