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Level 19 - City



Single Player - Level 19



The large open battlefield is surrounded by buildings and territories which are divided between the two sides.  The only way the player can reach the CPU fort is through the central territories.  This causes a massive battle as both players compete for resources in the central territory. Raiding missions across the river from the top left and bottom right territories to capture the adjacent territories will give an advantage.

Start Units : 1 Tough / 3 Sniper / 1 Laser / 1 Heavy Tank / 1 Med. Tank / 1 Lt. Tank


Move robots and your medium tank up the left hand road (Point 1) to take all the territories on the left hand side.

Position your medium tanks at the road junction below the top left territory (Point 2) to repel CPU heavy tank assaults.

Send troops along the bottom to pick up the light tank and use your heavy tank to defend the 3* tank factory territory flag (Point 3).

Send troops into the bottom left central territory to collect hardware (Point 4).

Send heavy tank into the bottom right central territory (Point 5) with support from the left and try to hold the 5* tank factory there whilst a powerful unit is built. Alternatively, try to take the other 5* tank factory (top left centre) (Point 6).

Once established you can try the following:

Send Robots to try and steal the territories above (6) and to the right of (3). You will need to use snipers to take the gun emplacements which protect these territories. Taking the territory to the right of (3) will enable you to push up the right hand side of the map. This assault can be supported by units manufactured in territory (5)


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