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Level 17 - City

Car Park


Single Player - Level 17



A river runs from north to south, splitting the map into two halves.  On a large island to the south lies a very large car park. This contains lots of valuable hardware (mobile missile launchers, tanks etc.). The player starts the level with very few  robots and so is, initially, unable to capture all the hardware. The player needs to get control of the two robot factories the bottom of the map as soon as possible in order to manufacture robots to occupy the hardware. Once captured, the hardware must be moved north to defend against CPU attacks in the centre of the map.

Start Units : 1 Sniper /  2 Med. Tanks / 2 Lt. Tanks / 1 Jeep


Use your fast moving units (jeep, Snipers) to get down to the car park and capture some hardware.

Get all your robot factories going. Don't wait for lasers - get something built and get them to the car park ASAP. This is a race against time.

Use your tanks to defend the two routes across the central river (Points 1 & 2). When you have captured the heavy tank and mobile missile launcher in the car park, bring them up to reinforce these two points and then to drive across onto the CPU side of the map.

Do not leave the bridges in the car park undefended. Watch out for raiding robots stealing the hardware on your side of the map.

Once all vehicles in the Car Park have been occupied, build Toughs in the southern robot factories to put into the APCs.


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