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Level 5 - City



Multi-Player - 4-Player Levl 5



The forts are in the corners of the battlefield in this level. A huge central island is divided into four by rock walls. Each player has direct access to one of his opponents along a road. However, access to the other players’ strongholds is much more difficult and vehicles have to go via the central area - leading to major conflicts.

Start Units : 2 Snipers / 2 Psychos / 1 Tough / 1 Mobile Missile Launcher


Send both units of Snipers across the river into the centre to pick up all the hardware and take the territory (Point 1).

Send a unit of Psychos to capture the Light Tank by the 5* robot factory (Point 2) supported by the Mobile Missile Launcher.

Send your second unit of Psychos and your Toughs across to the 4* tank factory (Point 3). Put the Toughs into the APC and get the Psychos to capture the Light Tank.

If your opponent has left minimal defences at (Point 3) you can take advantage of this by bringing your Heavy Tank and APC across to capture this territory. Once captured you can further frustrate your opponent by destroying the bridge to the main island, preventing him/her from bringing in units to recapture this territory.

The distance between the pieces of hardware prevent you from stealing your opponents’ vehicles unless they are very slow. The main strategy is to maintain your defensive line whilst you build up a strong force with which to make an assault. Control of individual units during battles between equal forces is very important in this level.


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