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Level 4 - Jungle



Multi-Player - 4-Player Level 4



The four forts in this level are placed very close together in the centre of the map. They are separated by a combination of chasms and rock walls. The only road way between them lies around the outside of the map and the points on this road where the player’s home territories meet are, strategically, very important indeed.

Start Units : 1 Snipers / 1 Psychos / 1 Tough / 1 Pyro / 1 Lt. Tank / 1 Med. Tank


Send your Snipers to capture the Heavy Tank (Point 1) and then move it  to support the APC.

Send your Pyros to get into the APC (Point 2) and your Psychos to capture the Medium Tank (Point 3) and send both your Light and Medium tanks to join it.

If your hardware at (Point 2) or (Point 3) outweighs that of your adjacent opponent you can destroy their vehicle factory.

Send your Toughs to the wall which is not defended by a gun. A possible tactic here is to launch an attack on your opponents’ fort if he does not defend this point this unit.

Watch for your opponents failing to capture hardware or leaving factories undefended. Keep a balanced defence on all fronts and be ready to react to the movements of your opponents’ forces.

Forming alliances with neighbouring players in this level can be very beneficial to both parties.


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