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Level 1 - Desert



Multi-Player - 4-Player Level 1



The four forts are in the corners of the battlefield. Each player’s home territories take up a quarter of the map. There are a large number of bridges onto the island in the centre which contains four factories each of which is likely to be controlled by a different player. This leads to vicious battles in this area. At the beginning of the battle you have no Robots to capture the available pieces of hardware in your home territories. It is important to gain control of your Robot factories as soon as possible to take advantage of these.

Start Units : 1 APC / 2 Lt. Tanks / 2 Jeeps


Send your APC over to the uncaptured Medium Tank (Point 1). Get the driver out and pop him into the tank. This will give you a major advantage over any player who fails to do this. Send one of your Light Tanks over to support this unit.

Send your other Jeep and Light tank to defend the road junction at  (Point 2).

Send a Jeep into the centre to get your robot factory working as quickly as possible (Point 3).

Look for your opponents failing to defend their uncaptured hardware. If this happens, mount a sneak attack to destroy it.

In the centre, try to poach your opponents’ territories just as his robot units are produced - This can be risky but fruitful.


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