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Level 4 - Jungle



Multi-Player - 3-Player Level 4



This is a particularly frantic level as, apart from your fort territory, all other territories are contested. The best strategy to employ is to capture ‘your’ hardware close to your base and wait to see where the other players send their units. Decide on the territories with the weakest resistance and send your units in. If you discover that both your opponents are pushing their offence towards your fort you could be in for a rough ride.

Start Units : 1 Snipers / 1 Psychos / 1 Tough / 1 Pyro / 1 Heavy Tank / 2 Lt. Tanks


Move a unit of Snipers into the centre to capture the medium tank (Point 1).supported by a light tank or your Tough robots.

Move your Pyros into the APC and move it to the fort territory boundary (Point 2). Here you can put one of the Pyros into the Howitzer or wait for robots to be made elsewhere (This may take some time unless you build robots in your fort as the only robot factories are in contested territories).

Move your Psychos to occupy the light tank and howitzer (Point 3).

Now move your heavy tank and your light tank or Toughs (whichever you didn't send into the centre) to join forces with either your APC (Point 2) or your light tank (Point 3) to make an assault on the contested territory  adjacent to your fort territory.


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