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Level 3 - Arctic



Multi-Player - 3-Player Level 3



In this level, the forts are much further apart. The main battleground is in the centre of the map. Each player can quite easily capture part of this large central island but the central territory will always be heavily contested as will the territories around the edge which contain 4* robot factories.

Start Units : 2 Snipers / 2 Psychos / 2 Med. Tanks / 1 Jeep


Send 1 unit of Snipers to take the territory in the centre of the map (Point 1) and to occupy the howitzer which defends the road (Point 2).

Send your second unit of snipers to take the territory containing the radar station and to occupy the gun by the flag (Point 3).

Send a unit of Psychos to occupy the uncaptured light tank and take the flag (Point 4) and send your jeep round to reinforce this group.

Send one medium tank to join the snipers by the gun (Point 3).

Send the other medium tank into the centre (Point 1). You might like to put the remainder of your Sniper unit into the APC to protect them but it is advisable to replace them with Toughs or Pyros as soon as you can make some.

You should now weigh up the position of enemy units and try to take one of the contested territories on the edge of the map (Point 5). If your opponents are slow of the mark you might also consider trying to take the central territory (Point 6) but beware of spreading your forces too thinly over the battlefield.


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