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Level 2 - Volcanic



Multi-Player - 3-Player Level 2



Again, each player has three "home" territories which should be captured as quickly as possible. There are now two contested territories between each pair of players. One of these (Close to the fort) contains a 4* robot factory and Medium tank. The other contains a 4* Tank factory.

Given that the Forts are close together it is easy for players to leave them undefended whilst concentrating their units on taking the contested territories. This is a very dangerous strategy that                                                             will mean losing to opportunist opponents.

Start Units: 1 Tough / 1 Sniper / 1 Psycho / 1 Med. Tank / 2 Lt. Tanks


Send your Tough robots to get into the APC (Point 1). Send your Snipers to occupy the medium tank and gun (point 2). Your robot units will automatically capture the flag to another home territory on their way (Point 3).

Send your medium tank and 1 light tank to take the flag in your third "home" territory (Point 4)

Watch your opponents and position your Psychos and light tank close to one of the destroyed bridges which come into your fort territory (Point 5). As soon as it auto-repairs, run for the uncaptured tank defending your troops with the light tank.

Leave the newly captured tank in place until a gun or other defending unit can be built in the 4* robot factory.

Watch your opponent and make a bid for one of the contested 4* tank factories either using two tanks or the tank/APC combination.

Build robots to occupy the uncaptured tank (Point 6) or, alternatively, bring the remainder of your Psycho unit around to capture it.


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