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Level 1 - Desert



Multi-Player - 3-Player Level 1



In this level each player has three "home" territories in addition to the fort territory. The contested territories contain a repair facility and a 3* tank factory. Each of these can be accessed by two of the three players by road bridges. However, there are also two land routes into each of these territories (initially blocked with rocks) and this means that the tactical destruction of bridges can not lock out any area of the map. The three forts are also quite close together and sufficient provision should be made to defend against robots (particularly Snipers) coming across the central lake.

Start Units : 1 Tough / 1 Sniper / 2 Psychos / 1 Med. Tank


Send the Toughs to get in the APC (Point 1) and then send the APC round towards the Light tank and Gun (Point 3).

Send Snipers to Light, Medium tanks, Gatling gun and flag at (Point 2).

A unit of Psychos should be sent to the Light tank and Gun (Point 3)

The second unit of Psychos should be sent to take the Island flag (Point 4).

Watch what your opponents do with their forces and send your original medium tank to join either the M.tank/Lt.tank combination or the Lt.tank/APC combination to make a bid for one of the contested territories. You can destroy the bridge on your weaker front to hold up the opposition for a while.

Bring back the remnants of your original robot units to provide a little extra protection at your fort entrance.

Players tend to leave their Fort undefended, therefore a player can often win by making Snipers and sending them across the lake and picking off the 2 Gunners on the fort.


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