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Level 6 - City 2



Multi-Player - 2-Player Level 6



The three (initially destroyed) bridges between the forts rebuild quickly in the multi-player game and it is vital to watch these carefully. The level hinges around the outcomes of the large battles which take place inside the rocks on the left and right of the map.

Start Units : 1 Sniper / 1 Tough / 1 Pyro / 1 Psycho / 2 Lt. Tanks / 1 Med. Tank


Leave at least one artillery unit (e.g. Light tank) in front of your fort to keep the bridges destroyed until you want them repaired. Build other units which can keep the bridges destroyed as soon as possible (e.g. Toughs) so that you keep control.

Send your Pyros to capture the APC.

Send your Tough robots across the river to blast a direct route into one of the side territories.

Split your forces evenly and move round to capture the territories to the left and right of your fort (Points 1 & 2) capturing the territories and hardware behind your fort on the way.

Build powerful units and reinforce your forces either side until you can make an assault - do not be tempted to try this too early. A few guerrilla operations in the centre may draw some of his forces back to defend his fort.

You can use your Mobile Missile Launcher to destroy your opponents 5* robot factory (Point 3) behind the rocks from a distance which will keep it out of sight of the defending howitzer.


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