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Level 5 - City 1



Multi-Player - 2-Player Level 5



The large central area of this map is split into four territories separated by walls. It is essential to try to occupy two of these whilst maintaining a good defence of your home territories which are around the sides of the battlefield.

Start Units : 2 Psychos / 1 Sniper / 1 Pyro / 2 Lt. Tanks


Run your Snipers to capture the Mobile Missile Launcher (Point 1) and send a Light tank up the road to support it. Once the Snipers have captured the Mobile Missile Launcher, send them on to capture the 5* tank factory in the corner (Point 4).

Send a unit of Psychos to take the Heavy tank (Point 2) supported by your second Light Tank.

Send your second set of Psychos across the river to take the territory (Point 3), the Light Tank, the Double Missile launcher and the Gun.

Send your Pyros to wait by the 5* tank factory to the side of your fort and make an APC.

Make either a Heavy Tank or a Mobile Missile Launcher in your fort.

Once established, you should watch your opponent and try to take one of the 4* tank factory territories in the centre (Point 5).

Look for opportunities to make (and watch out for) sneak attacks across the river in the top left and bottom right of the battlefield.


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