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Level 4 - Jungle



Multi-Player - 2-Player Level 4



The central road, flanked by chasms, is a major feature of this map. It is also a very dangerous way to approach your opponent’s fort. The idea of holding a defensive position on one flank whilst pressing for advantage on the other is fundamental in this level.

Start Units : 1 Psycho / 1 Tough / 1 Sniper / 1 Pyro / 1 Med. Tank / 1 Heavy Tank


Send your heavy tank up the central road. Try to get as far as the central flag (Point 1) but be prepared to fall back as, if you lose your tank, you will be in trouble.

Send your Snipers to run quickly across to take the medium tank (Point 2) and then bring the whole group up the same side of the map to try to take the flag protected by a Gatling gun on an island. (Point 3).

Send your Toughs to take the territory close to your fort containing the 5* tank factory and then to blast through the rocks to rendezvous with your Sniper/Medium group.

Send your Pyros to get into the APC after moving them so that one gets in the howitzer in front of your fort, Then send it and your Medium tank up to take and hold the road junction by the repair facility (Point 4).

Send your Psychos to capture the other corner territory to the side of your fort and then bring them up to join your APC/Medium group - picking up the light tank on the way (Point 5).

Making Lasers in your fort and the robot factory close by can be a good tactic - especially to defend the central road.

There are many possible tactics in this level. Be prepared to react swiftly to what your opponent does.


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