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Level 3 - Arctic



Multi-Player - 2-Player Level 3



Based on The Wall, control of the territory in the centre is vital to maintain a territorial advantage. Robots play a major part in this level since vehicle access to your opponents fort is slowed by the lack of connecting roads at the sides of the map. Raiding mission with Snipers across the water to your opponents Fort can often win the battle.

Start Units : 2 Psychos / 1 Sniper / 2 Toughs / 1 Med. Tank


Once again, send a unit of Toughs to get in the APC to the side of your fort and a unit of Psychos to capture the light tank close to it (Point 1). Send this group to form a defensive block  near to the wall by your 3* tank factory (Point 2).

Send your Medium tank and a second unit of Psychos towards the other side of the battlefield to take the 4* tank factory surrounded by rocks (Point 3).

Send your fast moving Snipers towards the island flag near to your fort, collecting the grenades on the way. Then send them on to try to capture the central territory. Your second unit of toughs should also be sent to the central territory to support the Snipers.

In this level it is important to make robots, particularly Snipers or Toughs in your fort. Get these units to the central territory as you have a one territory advantage over your opponent as long as you hold it. It is likely that this territory will change hands several times so do not concern yourself too much with what is built there.


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