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Level 2 - Volcanic



Multi-Player - 2-Player - Level 2



The centre of the map is very important as it contains a repair facility as well as a powerful factory. Using the repair facility to repair your defending vehicles can be vital to your success in this level. You must also judge what is the most powerful unit you can build in your vehicle factories as waiting for an expensive unit to be manufactured can allow your opponent to gain an advantage over you.

Start Units : 1 Tough / 1 Sniper / 2 Psychos / 1 Med. Tank


Send your Toughs into the APC (Point 1)  and bring it to the centre of the map.

Send your Psychos over the bridge to the side of your fort and around to the light tank and territory flag on the side of the battlefield (Point 2).

Send your Snipers across, past the APC, to pick up the grenades and blast their way through the rocks to capture the light tank in the rock circle on the other side of the map (Point 3).

Send your Medium tank to the centre to capture and protect your 4* robot factory.

Once established you can try one or more of the following:

Send your light tank with your Psycho in it to blast through the rocks and bombard your opponents 4* tank factory.

Send your medium tank with backup from your APC to attack your opponent’s robot factory and repair facility in the centre..

Build Pyros in your 4* robot factory and put them in your APC in place of the Toughs - this is a very potent combination!

A risky option is to build a heavy tank in your 4* tank factory. If you can get it built in time it may well be a level winning unit.


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