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Level 1 - Desert



Multi-Player - 2-Player Level 1



Based on Level 2, control of the central territory is very important. Moving quickly at the outset to capture the available hardware and home territories is essential to give you an advantage over your opponent. The use of grenades to blow up rocks is an important part of the opening stages of this level.

Start Units : 3 Psychos / 1 Tough / 1 Lt. Tank


Send 1 unit of Psychos along the road to capture the Medium tank behind the rocks in the corner of the map (Point1). They will pick up the grenades they need to blast through the rocks as they go.

Send a second unit of Psychos to capture the flag and Light tank in the side territories (Point 2). Again the grenades needed are on the road and will be collected automatically.

The central territory is very important and you should try to capture the flag (Point 3) and the gun protecting it with your final unit of Psychos (Toughs move too slowly). If you fail to get there first, you can reduce the effectiveness of the factory by destroying the bridges using your tanks or Tough robots. Bear in mind, though, that the bridges will automatically rebuild.

Be careful to defend the territory containing your tank factory and radar station (Point 4) as this is vulnerable to sneak attacks from several directions.


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