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Q: I get a message CRITICAL FILE MISSING when trying to run the demo.

A: You have probably have one of the ZIP files missing, make sure you have all 4 ZIP files.

Q: I’m having problems getting sound to work with my Sound Blaster Live card?

A: Try the following: -

1. Make sure that the Creative SB16 Emulation is ENABLED (under the Device Manager).

If you get a conflict...

2. Go to the Properties button for SB16 Emulation.
3. Click the Settings tab.
4. Make sure to click the Allow LPT Sharing box.
5. Click the Apply button.

It all should work...."should" being the operative word.

Q: I’ve downloaded the Windows 98 patch and run it, but now it says ‘Patch Not Done’?

A: If you have the Windows version, uninstall it, reinstall it, which should fail due to Win98.  Run the 98 patch, install again and then try it. Make sure the CD is in the drive when you try to play the game.

If you have the DOS version, Have a go at the following -

It is possible to run the installation process completely manually, step by step.  This might help you to establish where the fault lies or at least get round it.  To install the game manually, go through the following processes substituting your own drive letters as appropriate:

From the DOS prompt, type the following:

CD \
d:\INSTALL -G:A   -P:d:\Z.PAC
d:\INSTALL -G:B   -P:d:\Z.PAC
@ZED.EXE /CD:d /ENG /%1 /%2 /%3 /%4 /%5

Note:  The /ENG part will be different depending on the language you are using.

This does the whole installation program.  The last bit, as I'm sure you know, creates the Z.BAT batch file, which allows them to run the game with all the correct parameters specified.

You will then need to run SETSOUND to configure your sound card and SETVIDEO if they want to change your UNIVBE settings.

As you can see the installation program accepts command line parameters and by typing


You can see what they all are. It basically allows you take files out of the Z.PAC archive without having to run the full installation program.

Q: I get a message that says 'Mouse Driver Not responding' when I try to load the demo.

A: If you are running the demo in DOS you must load a DOS mouse driver before you start running Z. Please refer to the documentation that was supplied with your mouse

Q: I get a message that says 'Not Enough Memory' or 'Insufficient Extended Memory' when I try to load the demo.

A: Z will only work on computers with 8Mb or more. If you think you have enough memory but see this message, it will be because you are running programs, which use up your extended memory. This is mostly likely to be due to programs like RAMDRIVE or SMARTDRIVE that are launched automatically by CONFIG.SYS or AUTOEXEC.BAT when your computer starts up. Please refer to the MS- DOS documentation that came with your computer on how to adjust or remove them to free up some memory.

Q: I get a message that says 'Sound card not responding.' when I try to load the demo (or possibly the demo hangs during loading.)

A: This is probably because your sound card is configured incorrectly. Follow the instructions in the installation guide to run SETSOUND, configure your sound card and then use the menu items to test your choices.

Q: The demo crashes or hangs during loading.

A: Ensure that your sound card is selected correctly and that you have tested it using SETSOUND. Try changing the settings for UniVBE, using the SETVIDEO utility, as detailed below. Sound Cards

Q: My sound card is not detected by SETSOUND correctly.

A: If you are running under DOS make that the drivers supplied with your card are installed and working correctly (this should be automatic under Win95). SETSOUND needs this setup information to able to detect your card properly. If all else fails try the Sound Blaster or 100% compatible options for both MIDI and Digital at the top of the list for each. Remember to test any choices you make using the menu items. If you have a SoundBlaster clone that is not directly supported by SETSOUND then you must make sure that it is set up correctly into Sound Blaster emulation. This will normally involve setting the BLASTER environment variable and possibly running a TSR. Refer to the documentation that came with your sound card for further information.

Q: There's more than one sound card in my machine with one being used for MIDI sound and one being used for Digital and the demo crashes in the cut scenes.

A: Use SETSOUND to configure the sound system so that both the MIDI and Digital are being driven by one card.

Q: The sound was too loud so I reduced the volume settings from within the in-demo sound control panel. There was a significant degradation in digital audio quality.

A: The volume levels for midi music & sfx have been pre-set within the demo to achieve optimum audio performance. If for any reason these levels are too loud or too quiet for your soundcard, it is important to adjust the relevant settings in your sound card sound control panel. Consult your sound card users manual for instructions. Recommended Volume Settings for In-demo Sound Control Panel: Music: Set fader to maximum. SFX: Set fader to half-way.

Q: Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum is not detected properly by SETSOUND.

A: This card will only be detected if you have the drivers MVSOUND.SYS installed. The latest version of the drivers will install PROS.SYS instead. With this driver installed the card will be detected as a Sound Blaster Pro and should be set up as one.

Q: The Pine Wagner iDEMA Meastro 16 is not detected properly by SETSOUND.

A: This card uses the driver ES968.COM in CONFIG.SYS to configure its addresses and IRQs.  It must be set to the SoundBlaster defaults i.e. It must be set to the SoundBlaster defaults i.e. A:220 I:5 D:1 before SETOUND will detect it properly

Q: The MWAVE card in the IBM APTIVA is not detected by SETSOUND in Windows 95.

A: If you 'Shut down to DOS' the card is detected without any problems. APTIVAs are supplied with all the DOS drivers installed correctly so there should be no problems in this mode. Video Cards.

Q: The SVGA button is greyed out on the demo Control menu

A: This can be caused by two different things:-

1) You don't have enough free extended memory, see above.
2) Your video card will not run the demo in SVGA (see the next section for a possible solution).

Q: I'm having problems with my video display.  I can't get the demo to go into SVGA mode.  The display seems to be running slowly, particularly in SVGA mode

A: It is quite probable that UniVBE will help. If your video card has VESA 1.2 or greater support UniVBE will not have been installed. Run the utility SETVIDEO and select the option FORCEUNIVBE ON It is possible, that on a few video cards, UniVBE may cause instability. If you are experiencing problems run the utility SETVIDEO and select the option FORCE UNIVBE OFFA MATROX PCI card requires UniVBE to be specially configured, Type UVCONFIG -s28 -c1The Viper VLB card requires its own VESA driver to be run. Run VPRMODE Windows 95

Q: I'm running Windows 95 and the demo can slows down repeatedly whilst a level is being played.

A: Due to amount of memory used by Windows 95 on some installations, Z can slow down due to memory swapping on 8Mb machines. If this happens 'Shut Down to DOS' and run the demo from there. Ensure that your 'Hardware Acceleration' setting is set on Full. Double click on the System icon within the System Panel group, click the performance tab and then the Graphics button to view the current setting.

Q: I was running the demo in SVGA mode and I pressed the Windows key and now the demo cannot be restored.

A: Don't press the Windows key! Performance-----------The demo will play cut scenes and load levels better if you are running a disk caching utility. Make sure your AUTOEXC file calls SMARTDRV after you have loaded all your CD ROM software Refer to your DOS and CD ROM documentation for more information.

Q: I've changed my detail level but now I want the demo tore-assess my computer's specification and decide on my optimum detail level.

A: Delete the file called OPTIONS.CFG that has been created in the directory from which you run the demo. The demo will create a new file with default settings the next time it is run.

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