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Q. Are there any cheats for Z?
A. No, sorry, but if you’re having trouble completing Z please check out the game guides that are available from the Z Support page.

Q. Is the Windows version of Z with the incorporated expansion available as an upgrade?
A. No, as a GT Interactive Replay title it is already a budget release.

Q. Are there new levels for Z?
A. The Z Expansion includes many new features and also includes many extra levels.

Q. When was Z released?
A. September 2nd 1996, the game is available in all territories. It was orignally published by GT Interactive Europe and distributed by Virgin Interactive Entertainment.

Q. How many disks do I need to play a multi-player game?
A. If you are playing the original game you need at least an original CD or a Z-Net CD per person. The Z Expansion allows you to play with any number of players using just one CD per game.

Q. Will Z run in DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or OS2?
A. In Windows 3.x and OS2, you must Quit to Dos to play the original ZZ runs under Windows 95 but requires 16MB RAM to run.  The Z Expansion is Windows 95 native.

Q. Will Z run in WindowsNT?
A. Unfortunately Z will not work in WindowsNT

Q. Will Z run in Windows 2000 or XP?
A. As Z doesn't work in WindowsNT and since Windows 2000 and XP are essentially NT with a few frills, Z will not work with it.  Try WindowsXP’s compatibility mode and set it to either Windows95 or Windows98/Me.

Q. What is the minimum specification machine that you can run Z on?
A. A 486DX2 66MHz PC compatible with 8Mb of RAM and a double speed CD-Rom drive. We recommend a Pentium P90 PC, SVGA local Bus video card and a quad speed CD-ROM drive. 20Mb of Hard Disk space is required (including allowance for saved games).  For running the game under Windows 95, we recommend 16Mb RAM. All major sound cards are supported.

Q. What languages can I play Z in?
A. Z is available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Q. How long will it take to complete Z in game time?
A. Our play-testers completed it in 30 to 40 hours of play.

Q. Is there a level editor for multi-player maps?

A. Yes there is an editor included with the Z Expansion.

Q. Can I order Z from this web site?
A. Unfortunately no, as we are developers we cannot do this.

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