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Level 21: Pier pressure

You need to capture an enemy Air Hangar and an enemy Shipyard; when you have a Radar Station, the specific buildings you need to capture will be identified by mini-map pings. Ensure you do not destroy either of the objective buildings or you will fail the mission.

You start the mission with 2 APC's and 2 Transport Helicopters; ensure these stay intact as they are invaluable in advancing through the Archipelago terrain, which is formed of disjoined landmasses. If you lose these vehicles you will have to take the time and money required to build offensive units and replace them.

You start the mission with 2 territories in the south of the map. 1 territory in the southwest is your home territory and contains your Command Centre and the other territory is an outpost in the southeast. You should capture all territories adjacent to the home territory and the outpost territory. One of the territory's, north of the outpost requires you to repair a bridge or use either an APC or Transport Helicopter as the flag is on a small island.

Whilst this is happening set your Command Centre to continually output Construction Robots and set the Robot Factory adjacent to your Command Centre to continually build robots. Order a Construction Robot to build an Air Hangar in your home territory; when it is built set it to build Wasps and Attack Helicopters continually.

Capture the central territory- the flag is on an island accessible only by air or APC so throw a Construction Robot into a Transport Helicopter or an APC and send it over to the island. When you have captured the territory build a Heavy Gun Tower and an Anti-Air Gun.

Capturing all territories adjacent to your start territories and the central territory will bring your territory count to 10 and you will also have claimed 4 stores, a Vehicle Factory and a Robot Factory that should be set to build offensive units straight away. Whenever your credit output exceeds your input, sell one of your Stores.

In the territory northwest of your home territory there is a Shipyard foundation where you can build a Shipyard as soon as the territory is captured; you should build ships as soon as possible as there are some valuable territories that you can defend with ships. There are also some bridges over water that you need to defend from enemy ships in order to advance through this map. Build either Destroyers or Battle Cruisers.

Capture the territory north of your Shipyard territory; this territory is divided in 2 by water and a destroyed bridge; on the south side lies the territory flag (easily accessible by your robots), and on the north side is a Heavy Gun Tower. Ensure you capture this territory before the enemy as the Heavy Gun Tower is well placed to prevent passage of enemy units through this area. Set the rally point of the Robot Factory in your home territory to this territory. Also set the rally points of the Vehicle Factory and Robot Factory in the southeast to this point; this will be the route of attack for all your ground units. Also set the rally point of your Air Hangar to this point; the ground units will be greatly bolstered by air support.

North of the territory which contains the Vehicle Factory you claimed, there are 2 bridges; these bridges that lead to the enemy Command Centre and a largest concentration of enemy units and buildings; do not attempt to approach along this route- it will be too costly in terms of time and money. Instead cut off the 2 bridges and build 2 Heavy Gun Towers and an Anti-Air Gun so that the area is defended.

After you have built a few ships, send them to the centre of the map, then set the Shipyard rally point to the centre of the map, you need to cut off enemy ship movement past the halfway point of the map.

When you have built up about 15 units at the bridge northwest of your Shipyard, ensure the bridge is repaired and send the units over. When the units are on the other side, send the units northeast and quickly destroy the Heavy Gun Tower and any other enemy defences and units. Then capture the territory. Update all rally points to this area; the enemy Air Hangar that you need to capture is just north of here, it is well defended against an air or ground assault so you need to garrison plenty of units in the newly acquired territory before approaching.

The flag of the territory adjacent to and east of the newly acquired territory is on a small peninsula. The ground route to this territory is well defended as it takes you close to the Air Hangar you need to capture. A better route is to approach from the water using 2 or more APC's or a Transport Helicopter loaded with robots. When you capture this territory you will encounter resistance and the enemy will attempt to recapture it- send further robot reinforcements by APC or Transport Helicopter.

These 2 newly acquired territories have no build space for factories so build a further Vehicle Factory as close to this area as possible in secure territory; the closest position is in the east of your home territory; depending on where you placed your Air Hangar, you may have to sell some sections of your walls to make space. When the Vehicle Factory is built, set it to build Heavy Tanks and set the rally point to the same area as the rest.

Next, take the ships that you have garrisoned in the centre of the map and send them north with one of your aircraft; you are going to use the aircraft as a 'spotter' to give line of sight to your Destroyers and Battle Cruisers. Your target; 3 bridges and any defences that can be reached from the shore.

An island just north of the central island has 2 bridges connecting to the mainland near the enemy Command Centre. Use your ships to destroy these 2 bridges, 1 running east and 1 running north. Then send your spotter over the island and destroy any enemy units or buildings it illuminates. If your spotter dies sequester another from the east of the map. When the island is cleared send Construction Robot in an APC or Transport Helicopter over to the island to build an Anti-Air Gun and a Heavy Gun Tower.

Send your ships north to destroy a third bridge, this bridge in the centre north of the map connects the enemy main base with the west side of the map where the objective buildings lie- destroying this bridge and ensuring it stays destroyed will be a major step towards completing this mission. The Shipyard that you have to capture, is located north of this bridge; expect enemy ships to be coming down the map under this bridge so make sure that you send all your ships and some air support to this area. You need to capture the Shipyard so do not send offensive units near it until you are ready to escort your Technician in.

When the centre-north bridge is destroyed, you are now ready to approach the Air Hangar in the west. Multiple gun emplacements defend this area and enemy units assigned to guard the Hangar- expect major resistance, but ensure that the Hangar is not destroyed.

The bridges that you have destroyed throughout this mission will have limited enemy movement so severely that you should have the upper hand in attacking the enemy defences surrounding the objective buildings; you should be able to reinforce your attacking units, but the enemy will be restricted in replenishing defences.

When all of the defences surrounding the Air Hangar have been destroyed, send a Technician in to capture it. Click the 'chip' icon the mini-map and your viewpoint will scroll to your nearest Technician- if the viewpoint does not change, then go to your nearest Robot Factory and build one. When the Hangar has been captured, start building Wasps or Attack Helicopters from it.

Capture the territory that contains the Hangar and build Heavy Gun Towers in close proximity to the Hangar- if enemy units destroy it you will still lose the mission. Capture any enemy buildings in the vicinity, there should be a Radar Station; once captured it should show the location of the next objective.

To the east of the Hangar lies the Advanced Shipyard; it is also well guarded so update all rally points to the Hangar and wait until you have reinforced sufficiently before moving east.

At least 2 Heavy Gun Towers, an Anti-Tank Gun and an Anti-Air Gun defend the approach to the Shipyard. Send everything you have at them- 2 mutually defended Heavy Gun Towers are hard to destroy from the ground so channel your air vehicles in as well. When all defences are destroyed, send you're an aircraft over the Shipyard to see what ships the enemy has defending it- use your ships and aircraft to destroy them. When the area is clear send a Technician in to capture the Shipyard; the access from the ground is along a secluded route on the north coast. If you have line of sight from the air or sea then select your technician then left click on the Shipyard and your Technician will automatically follow the route. When the Shipyard is captured the mission is accomplished.

Level 22: Hawaii Psy-cho


Watch out for the enemy sneaking APCs onto your islands.

If the enemy dominates the water then you could find movement around the map very tricky.

Think ahead when setting up new factories - where will you want to use the units it produces and how are you going to get them there?


This is another island-based map, and again movement is very much slowed by the terrain. Bridges connect some of the northern-most islands, but progression will be hampered until you reach that point. Fortunately, you start with some troop-moving units - a Transport Helicopter and a couple of APC's.

Start by taking all of the flags on the south land mass, and loading units into the APCs to send off and grab the first set of islands to the north of you. On the first island to the north you'll find a few freebies - an unclaimed Robot Factory and a pair of empty APC's. On the island to the north of that you'll also find an unclaimed Air Hangar. The long thin island running to the east has a lot of resources potentially available, and also provides good places to build some Heavy Gun Towers to cover the sea.

You'll find it useful to keep a naval presence. Whilst the high cliffs that form the coastlines around the islands mean that the boats can rarely attack by themselves, you'll find yourself under a barrage of attack from destroyers every time the enemy gets a helicopter or lone unit in to provide it's fleet with a spotter. A naval presence of your own can help counteract this, as well as allowing you to play the same trick on the enemy.

Making the first move onto the set of islands that are connected will be tough. If you're quick, the enemy may have not grabbed all of the territories that cover them, but chances are it will already have established a presence there. That means they're also likely to have won the unclaimed Anti Missile Station that guards the south tip of the first island. The north tip is usually lightly guarded, though, so you can try and land some units there and grab the flag, and them move towards the south tip on foot to take out the air defence. You may also find it useful to take out the bridge temporarily in order to stop the enemy rolling in backup.

Horowitz is being held in a pen near the enemy base, and is surrounded by explosives. You'll need to blow open the door, and get an Explosives Expert in to deactivate the explosives and rescue Horowitz - if you run any other unit in to rescue him, then the explosives will detonate, killing Horowitz and anything/anyone else nearby.

When you have rescued Horowitz, you need to escort him safely to the landing pad on the small island directly to the south of where the enemy Command Centre was. Once he's on the pad, an evac heli will fly in. Getting Horowitz aboard this heli completes the mission.

Level 23: Phone a friend

You need to get Horowitz inside the enemy Comms Tower so he can make an important long distance phone call. In the mean time stash him away safely inside the Defence Tower next to your Command Centre. If he bites the dust you lose the mission.

Your Command Centre is located in the southwest of the map. Immediately capture all adjacent territories to your home territory.

The territory immediately south of your home territory contains a Radar Station. Once captured, the mini-map ping will show you the location of Horowitz, next to your base, and the location of the Comms Tower, just southeast of the centre of the map.

The Comms Tower needs to be converted and Horowitz ordered inside- so don't destroy it and keep it defended once you have converted it.

This is a huge map, and there is plenty of cash for you and the enemy to build up large armies- so expect to defend every territory from multiple assaults; any territory which you leave undefended will be easily picked off by the enemy, every territory that you do defend will need to be reinforced as it will come under continuous attack- in every instance where you inevitably lose a territory, endeavour to recapture it immediately.

Set your Command Centre to continually build Construction Robots. Keep the first couple around your Command Centre for maintenance and send the rest to the centre of the map with a rally point. You need to constantly build defences throughout this mission, so a constant supply of Construction Robots to all areas of the map is necessary.

This map is too big with too many routes for you to attempt to restrict enemy movement across the map. Instead, you need to endeavour to simply capture and defend territories at key points and expect a barrage of enemy units.

Capture the central territory; set the Robot Factory in your home territory to build units continuously and set the rally point to the central territory.

Capture all territories along the south back line of the map, except for the southeast corner territory; the enemy will get there before you and claim the defences; don't approach this territory.

Capture all territories along the east back line of the map. Be quick to grab the territory 2 territories up from your home territory, containing the Air Hangar on the island. Set the Hangar to build Scout Helicopters straight away.

Move north of the Air Hangar territory and capture the 3 northwest corner territories. If the enemy has got into these territories before you, wait until you have produced about 4 scout helicopters then move into to clear the gun emplacements. Cut off the bridges running east that connect this island with the main landmass.

In the central territory build a Vehicle Factory anywhere in cover of the 2 Heavy Gun Towers that you have just claimed. When the factory is built set it to build a Heavy Tank then a Mortar Tank continually. The Heavy Tanks will be used to defend this position, and the Mortar Tanks, along with robot 'spotters' will be used to invade surrounding territories.

Look at the mini-map, if you have lost any of the territories that you have been instructed to capture, grab some forces in closest proximity to the lost territory and send them in. Order some of your Construction Robots to build Heavy Gun Towers in the lost territories. When you have consolidated the territories that you have been ordered to capture so far, you can then consider expansion.

The next step is to invade the territories adjacent to the central territory using the units that you have garrisoned here. Capture the territory to the south and build a Heavy Gun Tower in it. There are 2 territories to the east- 1 contains the Comms Tower which you should ignore for now and one contains a bridge leading north; capture this territory destroy the bridge to prevent the enemy from sending units south from his base. Also, build a Heavy Gun Tower in this territory.

Capture the territory south of the Comms Tower territory- this contains an enemy Vehicle Factory and an Anti-Tank Gun- destroy them then build your own Vehicle Factory and Anti-Tank Gun in their place.

There are 2 access points to the Comms Tower and you now have both covered. The Comms Tower is situated on a raised plateau and is guarded by an Anti-Air Gun and a Heavy Gun Tower. You need to destroy the Heavy Gun Tower without destroying the Comms Tower- simultaneously attack it with ground units from both access points.

When the Heavy Gun Tower is destroyed, destroy the Anti-Air Gun and send a Technician and Horowitz into the area- escort Horowitz all the way, ensuring his path is clear of enemy units. When the Technician arrives, order him to capture the Comms Tower. When Horowitz arrives, order him to enter the Comms Tower.

When Horowitz enters the Comms Tower, he will make a phone call to Keeler, during which Keeler will order Horowitz to destroy the enemy Command Centre. You will now have to destroy the enemy Command Centre in order to complete the mission.

The enemy Command Centre is located directly north of the Comms Tower in the top of the map. It accessible by ground units from 2 points only- 1 access point is from a bridge running north defended by multiple gun emplacements- avoid this route. The other access point is from the west- and is a wide-open approach. Garrison all of your units here, out of range of the base and prepare to throw everything you have at the enemy Command Centre; as usual it is defended to the hilt and you will have to prioritise the destruction of any defending units and gun emplacements before attacking the Command Centre. When the enemy Command Centre is destroyed the mission is complete.

Level 24: Shore thing


Again, holding the water on this map makes it safer to move units around.

Expect a lot of defensive installations on the shore of Viper Island.

An attack on the island coordinated with a virus bomb drop can help get your first step onto the island.


The enemy has two main installations on this map - the major one is on Viper Island itself, to the north of the map, but there is also a bunch of manufacturing facilities on the landmass in the southwest corner. Being the most immediate threat, it's this smaller installation that you should concentrate on wiping out in the early stages of the mission.

First task is to grab all of the territories on your landmass. There is an unclaimed Air Hangar in the territory to the west of your start position, but that is all. You may also want to use an APC to ferry a few units to some of the islands that house territory flags. The enemy will probably wipe these units out soon with sea attacks and reclaim the territories, but for now they'll provide a good boost to your coffers.

The main areas to rally units to are to the north of your base (to protect against any APCs trying to land on your island), and near the two bridges to the west (to protect against invasions from the enemy's secondary base).

When you have a fair number of units in these last two areas, push across the bridges and storm his secondary base. Remember that if you get attacked whilst still on a bridge then all your units are confined to a small area, which makes easy pickings for the enemy. Try to ensure you have enough forces to at least get across the bridge and establish a small foothold on the other side of it, where you can get backup to safely.

Water domination is essential in this level. If the enemy has ownership of the water, then any attacks on Viper Island by air will be severely hampered by Cruisers, and any units near the shores will be subject to attacks from Destroyers and Battle cruisers. Get your Shipyard operating early and supply a steady stream of Cruisers and Destroyers to the area between the two landmasses, and add the occasional Battle cruiser for some heavy ship clearing. The high cliffs surrounding Viper Island means that only Destroyers will be effective against the island's defences, and even then only with some other units acting as spotters.

Attacking the island is best done with air units - APCs full of robots can help, but only once you've cleared a safe landing area for them. Take note of all the defences you uncover each time you send a wave of units across and decide which are you priorities, and concentrate you efforts on getting rid of those. As mentioned above, a row of Destroyers near the island shore can help clear large areas, as your helicopters will give shared line of sight, spotting targets for them (be careful, occasionally the destroyers trajectory shots can hit your own helicopters).

Taking out the enemy's Command Centre completes the level.

Level 25: Storm in a teacup

You need to get Zod inside the Viper HQ to confront the Viper. Zod starts the mission next to your Command Centre; throw him into the empty bunker located next to your base; keep him safe until the area around the Viper HQ is secure; if he dies you fail the mission.

Immediately capture all adjacent territories to your home territory and set all factories to repeat build including the Command Centre. Aim to build a combination of anti-air attack and heavy ground attack capability units.

You start the mission with 2 loaded APC's; send 1 to the southeast corner territory and the other to the southwest corner territory. The flags for both these territories are on islands. Drop a Tough off on to both Islands and leave him there to help keep the territory defended. Then send the APC's to capture the territories north of there.

The territory east of your home territory contains a shipyard- capture it and start a repeat build sequence of 3 Destroyers and 1 Cruiser. Use these ships initially to defend the island territories in the southeast. Later on, with the support of helicopters acting as spotters, they can be used to destroy enemy coastal targets.

The enemy starts the mission with superior numbers and defences. The enemy is situated on a peninsula in the north of the map; on the one hand this appears to be an excellent defensive position, but to win this mission, you will have to use this against the enemy by exploiting the limited routes off the island to prevent the enemy from accessing valuable territories elsewhere.

As soon as you have captured at least half of the available territories, build an airfield and set it to build Scout and Attack Helicopters- only when you have built up a force of 10 helicopters should you consider throwing in some of the more expensive units. Don't forget to set all of the factory rally points to the half way point of the map, you need to set up a frontline and get some heavy turrets built to defend your position.

Securing the map at 50% is not enough to guarantee safety; you need to build up units and when a layer of turrets have been built at the half way point, push further north and capture the row of territories directly adjacent to your frontline- this is no easy fight, and you can expect plenty of resistance- capturing these territories will effectively result in cutting the enemy base off from the rest of the map- you need to identify the bottle necks into the base and defend these with everything; erecting turrets here will be very difficult so you need to defend construction robots from land sea and air attacks.

The enemy base peninsula is connected to the rest of the map in the west by land and in the east by 2 bridges; most enemy ground units will be using the land route- so you need to overwhelm these units with superior numbers as they attempt to access the rest of the map.

Keep an eye on all of your territories- if they turn blue, rush to retake them and this time defend them. This won't be a straight forward fight so expect some territories to be squabbled over and change hands a number of times before you can get some defences established in there. Be vigilant for any weak points and persist in plugging the gaps in your defences with well-spaced turrets.

When you have got a foothold in the north half of the map, send some helicopters over to your naval fleet and begin to encroach north along the east coast. Your destroyers will be less effective or useless without the shared line of sight offered by the helicopters. You should aim to get your fleet into the stretch of water north of the enemy base. You should ensure that they destroy all enemy coastal gun emplacements along the way; this may only be possible with the helicopters offering line of sight.

You need to build up a sizeable ground force to attack the enemy base peninsula- any aircraft that approach will destroyed by the powerful anti-missile station situated next to the enemy command centre, so do not utilise air vehicles until this is destroyed.

Take care not to destroy the Viper HQ or Zod will not be able to get inside to confront the Viper and the mission will fail.

It may take several attempts to break through into the base- be aware that your destroyers stationed off the north coast of the enemy base will fire upon the enemy targets as you get line of sight upon entering the enemy base and they may accidentally attack your units with friendly fire from splash damage. Prioritise destruction of the anti-missile station then send your air vehicles into the melee.

Be on guard for any counter attacks and keep all defences maintained.

The Viper HQ is surrounded by a battalion of Tough guards- be careful to pick these off without attacking the Viper HQ.

When the base has been razed, convert the Viper HQ using a Technician and then send Zod in. Be cautious of sending Zod into the area by Transport Helicopter, as there may still be enemy anti-air guns in the vicinity.

When Zod enters the Viper HQ the mission is complete.

Level 26: A to Zed


The bridges provide the only vehicular access onto the island, but also the only vehicular access off the island for the enemy.

Water again provides extra routes, as well as one of the quickest and safest ways off the island in an emergency.

The location of some territory flags makes them very easy to defend. Identify these territories and try and capture them and make them secure before the enemy does.


This map has two main areas - the island and the landmass that reaches up the west edge and along the south of the map. Either end of this landmass has a connection to the island, but the southern part is very low and open to attacks from water.

The island is pretty self-contained. The enemy's base is situated on it, and there are only two land accesses and just the one area where APCs can land. There are three major access points to the research complex area, two to the west and one down to the shoreline area on the east. There is also a small access area to a ridge that runs around the south edge of the island.

Start by grabbing as much territory as you can, both up the west edge and along the south. There is an unclaimed Refinery in both of the corner territories you're working your way towards, make sure that you claim at least one of them. The enemy has a preference for coming along the south of the map towards your base (although that's not to say that he'll ignore the west route).

You'll find plenty of large flat areas around to build extra factories on. Given the nature of the mission, Air Hangars and Teleporters are both good ideas, as well as more Vehicle and Robot Factories so long as your credit input allows for them. Heavy artillery makes good blockades to halt enemy progression into your areas, especially when accompanied by a number of lighter units to cover the pauses between the heavier units' shots. Also make sure you cover against air attacks - Heavy Tanks and Missile Launchers are devastating against enemy advances, but can be taken out by a single Scout Helicopter with no chance for recourse.

A pair of Gun Towers protects the bridges on the northwest of the island - their inability to attack things close to them makes them especially vulnerable to things teleported right next to them. The bridge on the other end of the island isn't quite so well protected, but does lead to a tight passage, which makes your troops move vulnerable.

Water domination is essential - if the enemy has control of the waterways, then you'll find any facilities you build (especially on the south edge of the map) will come under constant fire from ships. You'll also find it very difficult to make it across any of the bridges, as you will be subject to a load of ordnance, which will often end up in the bridge being blown up itself.

As soon as you step foot inside the research complex, you'll set of an automated alarm. This starts a five-minute self-destruct countdown, giving you a time limit to get to the Intelligence Facility, convert it, get inside and retrieve the disk, and get off the island. Therefore it makes sense to prepare yourself before tripping this alarm, ensuring you have plenty of units to provide back-up, as well as some Technicians on stand-by (you may want to change the stance of any units waiting near the area to stop them running into the complex on their own accord).

Stealth Bomber and Fighter attacks against the research complex are very tricky to pull off - the high sides around the complex make it very difficult for them to deliver their payload into the complex without impacting into one of the cliff faces first.

Getting the drive back to your Command Centre completes the mission.

Level 27: Bomb Voyage

This level is very tricky and the enemy can quickly get the upper hand, even if you manage to grab most of the map and it looks like you are winning. This is due to the fact that you are attacking manufacturing installations and there are large concentrations of enemy units being produced that the enemy will use to counter attack. On the plus side, the manufacturing plants themselves are incredibly weak and volatile. When one section is destroyed, a chain reaction will demolish the entire installation. The mission gets easier as you destroy each manufacturing facility as the enemy supply line gets cut off.

Immediately grab all territories adjacent to your home territory. The map is divided along the centre into two landmasses by a river running north to south. You must be prepared to grab territories and do battle in multiple areas on either side of the map. If you neglect any of the territories you capture, you will lose them.

You start with an outpost territory north of your main base. This territory contains a teleporter and some robots. 1 of them is a construction robot; order it to build a gun platform in this territory. The rest are toughs; use them to make a dash east over the bridge, to grab territories; notably the territory containing the defence tower- when they get there, throw them in the tower. Set the robot factory, in the territory north of your command centre to repeat build toughs and set the rally point to the vicinity of the defence tower. When any toughs arrive there, put them in the defence tower also- this should keep the territory in your hands for a while.

You need to also grab all territories south of the defence tower where you are garrisoning the toughs- you are not attempting to dominate the entire map here, as the enemy is too strong. You just need to grab enough to build a sufficient force to make a hit and run raid on the manufacturing installations. Aim to grab any of the territories that don't contain ether a manufacturing installation or the enemy command centre, as these bases are where the enemy is strongest.

Identify the manufacturing installation territories by looking at the mini-map (after you have captured the territory northeast of your command centre containing the radar station); the manufacturing installations are identified by 'pings'.

Make sure all of your factories are repeatedly building units. Set your command centre to repeatedly build construction robots. Use them to build turrets in the territories that you capture. Make sure that they are escorted en route and during constructing of turrets. Also ensure that you are building turrets that can attack air and ground so that you aren't caught out.

Build a combination of boats, mostly destroyers but also cruisers to defend against air attacks. Don't build the battlecruiser as it's limited barrel elevation means it is redundant against elevated gun emplacements. You may wish to build a missile boat later on to attack the manufacturing installations from long range.

Build a research facility and research everything then sell it- you need all the advantages you can get.

Build an air hangar- you can use scout helicopters to attack the weak manufacturing structures or you can use the stealth and missile boat to attack from afar. If you decide to build scouts, amass sufficient amounts so that at least one gets through defences to trigger the chain reactions.

When you start running out of cash sell the stores that you captured in the territory north of your command centre. Also, sell the teleporter if you aren't using it.

Recapture any territories which fall into enemy hands- make opportunistic incursions with single robots if you can get away with it then attempt to establish defences when the resources, construction robots and offensive units are available.

All manufacturing installations are defended to the hilt, but they all have an Achilles heal in the form of the weak industrial structures that comprise each installation- when one structure is destroyed the whole installation goes up in a chain reaction.

It doesn't matter which installation you attack first as they are all equally well defended. Just don't leave it too long before you attack one of them- the territory that you can take over when an installation has been cleared out of it will be necessary to your survival.

When you build up enough scout helicopters send them in and ignore the defences; target the industrial structures. Alternatively, you may have decided to use the missile boat or stealth bomber; if so get line of sight by sending in some units. This is a suicide mission for any of your units that enter the installations but with the destruction of each installation, the enemy is weakened and the likelihood of your victory becomes more certain.

Ignore the enemy command centre- just attack the installations. When all installations are destroyed the mission is completed.

Level 28: Double bubble


Take on just one of the bases at a time, and blow bridges to the other base to hold them back.


The Airbase is on the island in the northwest, and the Naval Facilities are on the small island in the east. The enemy's base is up in the northeast corner. The landmass you start on is separated from all of them by waterways with very few landing positions, so it can be a strong defensive position if so desired.

Even though there are many water routes, water isn't so important on this map - you can complete the mission without ever building a ship of any kind.

Your first task should be to grab all of the territories that make up your initial landmass. There aren't many free buildings to claim, just a Refinery in the territory at the northeast tip on the landmass, and a few defences scattered about.

The enemy has a tendency to come across the bridge in the south and attack your base, so it can make sense to move that way first and meet them head on. This south route also has an unclaimed Research Facility on the way. Depending on how many units you take with you, you may get knocked back occasionally, so you may want to build some defences near the bridge so you can blow it in an emergency. The limited movement available on the small landmass means it's better to push over the small crossing onto the main landmass and strengthening your position there. The enemy also has a Robot Factory near that area, so if you extend just a little, you can take out what may become a nuisance.

The Naval Facility island is well defended. It will probably also be surrounded by Destroyers and the like, so you could find them firing at you when you venture near. You may want to take out the boats first, as venturing onto the island guarantees them shared line of sight. Take both of the Shipyards out to complete the objective.

The Airbase has a number of manufacturing facilities within it, so be prepared for a large force to be defending. The walls do provide you with some cover, but when you blast a hole in it, make a wide hole or else you'll be channelled through a single point, which makes any on-target Heavy Gun shots against you even more devastating. You need to destroy all three of the Air Hangars to complete this objective.

The enemy base is in the northeast corner of the map. It's protected by a number of Gun Towers and an Anti Missile Station, so a concerted effort will be needed to take it out.

Once the base, the Naval Facility and the Airbase are all destroyed, the mission is complete.

Level 29: Home improvements

This mission is divided into 3 phases- locate the allied base, defend the allied base whilst waiting for reinforcements to arrive and then using those reinforcements to destroy the enemy command centre.

You need to locate the allied base using a team of light tanks that are dropped off via the bug on the northwest coast- if they die the mission will fail. Don't hold any tanks back- they will be stronger in numbers. The more of these tanks you can keep alive, the stronger you will be in the next phase of this mission.

You also need to bear in mind that the allied base is about to be targeted by the Omega Virus and an enemy strike force will make a timed assault to coincide with the virus attack. The Omega Virus will send all of the base turrets haywire, rendering them useless and the command centre will not be able to build construction robots- there is no way to deter the virus attack, all you can do is get to the base as fast as you can with as many intact units as possible to defend against the timed physical attack. There is a timer in the message window telling you when the virus will hit.

Hit pause and do some reconnaissance. Look for the red territory boundary; that's your destination.

Move the initial allocation of light tanks south, where they will encounter a heavy tank, order them to attack simultaneously to quickly destroy the heavy tank and minimise casualties. There are other routes to the enemy base but this is the easiest one. The units you evade initially will still be encountered in the next phase of the mission.

When the units get parallel with the red territory, move them east into the base. When they get within visual range of the base, the first objective is complete; locate the garrison base.

Immediately set all factories to build units and capture all surrounding territories.

The territory where the light tanks were dropped off by the bug contains a valuable refinery waiting to be claimed- grab the territory but make sure the robots you send are escorted.

Sell any turrets before the countdown hits zero, as the Omega Virus will soon render them useless and the sell function will be disabled, so convert them into something useful.

The construction robots that are at the base need to be protected, as the Omega Virus will render you incapable of producing any more.

Order your construction robots to build an air hangar and set it building attack helicopters- these will be the lynchpin of your defences in the absence of turrets, plus they are nimble and can be reassigned to different areas of the base if necessary. The helicopters are your first line of defence until you can build some well-placed defence towers to house toughs. In the absence of turrets, bunkers and defence towers will have to suffice.

The enemy has a main base in the north of the map and 2 outpost territories, 1 southeast of the allied base and 1 to the southwest- avoid these outposts as they are well defended. Expect attacks from all sides, so don't over stretch your forces, or they will be easy pickings. The aim of this phase of the mission is to survive until 2 bugs can drop off large reinforcements. The bugs are 20 minutes away, so your aim is to keep the surrounding area of the base clear until the reinforcements arrive.

Keep an eye on the mini-map for any territories that the enemy isn't picking up; send lone robots out for an opportunistic land grab. Keep the majority of your forces in defensive positions in the territories surrounding the allied base and look to establish bunkers or defence towers for your robots to man.

When the reinforcements arrive, you need to push north and attack the enemy command centre from one side only- it is exceptionally well defended with turrets and multiple shield generators. If the shields are activated retreat you forces until the charge is depleted. Prioritise the destruction of any enemy turrets or units that attack your units, especially the heavy guns. Keep the shockwave and disruptor that you picked up in the reinforcements, at the back of the group and use with caution or you will destroy your own units.

When the command centre is destroyed the mission is complete.

Level 30: War and Pieces


Secure at least one of the two corners adjacent to your start position.

Keep your bearings - there are a few places on this map that can be confused for each other.

The central island is an important hub for the level - but it isn't as major a route as it appears to be.


Being the final mission, this map is large and sprawling, and has opportunities for land, sea and air battles.

The general map layout is symmetrical: your base is in one corner, and the Senate and the enemy base reside in the opposite corner. The remaining two corners hold free Vehicle Factories, with adjacent territories to each having Shipyard foundations

As always, initial moves should be to grab as many of your surrounding territories as possible. Unclaimed buildings around your base are a Radar Station on the mound to your south, a Vehicle Factory to your east, and an Anti-Missile Station and Robot Factory to your west. There is also a Refinery on the east edge of the map even further south.

The corner areas are very important on this map, and you should grab one of these early on. Push as far forward around the corner as you can, and erect defences at your front line. Make sure you don't leave the other corner unguarded, at least defend the area where the corner territories lead onto you base area.

The central island will see a lot of action - make a decision on whether you want to attack through this area or not. If you want to use this route, get the island and try and hold one of the landing areas on the other side of the island very quickly (pushing across bridges when there are numbers of enemy units and defences on the other side is very difficult, and often ends up in the bridge being destroyed with your units on it). If you don't want to use this route, then you should get onto the island with a bunch of units and take all the bridges out, and erect a number of Gun Towers near the bridge ends to keep the enemy at bay.

There are no other tricks to this map - it's a straightforward battle to the enemy Senate.

The Senate itself is on top of the large mountain, and is protected by a pair of force generators, so you may often find that your attacks stop suddenly - you'll have to use enough units to keep them alive until the generators run out. There are also a number of defences guarding the Senate on the mountaintop, both air and ground. The routes up to the mountaintop both lead past the enemy base, so you may only want to try using vehicles and robots once you've taken his base out. Otherwise, air attacks work fine - the usual approach of prioritising the Anti-Missile Stations and Anti-Air Guns is needed here.

Once the Senate is destroyed the mission, and the game, is complete.

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