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Level 11: Private education

This level can be very hectic; you must get a good foothold in the centre of this map before even considering the overall objective.

Immediately evacuate a Pyro unit from the bunker in the north of your home territory and send it north to capture the central territory: it will be a bonus if you can capture the central territory first as it has an Anti-Tank Gun in it.

Send all of your initial allocation units except Psychos into the central territory. When it is captured, order your Construction Robots to build 3 Anti-Tank Guns in close proximity to the flag as possible; you need to be prepared for a full on assault from the enemy in this territory. Be prepared for your attempt to build the guns to be interrupted by enemy forces- defend your Construction Robots.

Send the squad of Psychos located in the west of your home territory to capture the 2 territories to the west of the home territory. 1 territory has a Radar Station and 1 territory has a Robot Factory; ensure these are captured in your opening moves.

Send the squad of Psychos located in the east of your home territory to capture the 2 territories to the east of the home territory. 1 territory has an Air Hangar and 1 territory has a Shipyard; ensure these are captured in your opening moves.

Set all factories to build. All rally points except on the Robot Factory in the southwest should point to the centre of the map.

When the squad of Psychos in the west have captured the 2 territories there, move them north to capture a further territory- they will probably encounter resistance here so keep an eye out and reinforce the group with robots from the factory in the southwest. Have the rally point set up accordingly.

When the squad of Psychos in the east have captured the 2 territories there, move them north to capture a further territory over the bridge- this territory does not encounter much resistance but it will be snatched by the enemy if left undefended, so leave at least 1 psycho there. Move the rest of the squad west over the bridge and then north, there is a territory northwest of here just outside the enemy base that you can claim, although this may only be a temporary capture due to it's proximity to expanding enemy concentrations.

Keep an eye out for the enemy snatching your territories- you won't have enough units at this stage of the mission to defend all areas so keep an eye on the mini-map for what areas are being captured and have 1 or 2 robots peel off from the main group to go and reclaim.

There is a shipyard in the southeast. Only bother to build this when you have a good foothold in the centre of the map- the gunboats that you can build here will only be useful for a final assault on the coastal sections of the enemy base.

When the central territory is looking relatively secure, move some robots west to claim the adjacent territory there- the sooner you can do this the better, as the enemy will attempt to entrench with Anti-Tank Guns.

If you notice Mortar Tank ordnance being fired into any of your territories, react aggressively and move towards the perpetrator- don't be a sitting duck; order a decisive rush against them. Mortar Tanks are most vulnerable to moving attackers.

Remember to build Attack Helicopters and send them into the central territory, you will be attacked from air also.

When you are comfortably secure in the centre of the map start to move units further north. The enemy Command Centre is located on a plateau behind a ridge- use the ridge in your favour and garrison units in front of it- be careful to stay far enough outside of enemy line of sight otherwise you could be shelled by enemy Mortar Tanks from the safety of their own base. Your aim now is to surround and outnumber the enemy. Bring the Shipyard in the southeast online and you can build Gunboats and attack the enemy base from the coast at the same time as you attack from ground.

The training facility is comprised of a Command Centre, a Vehicle Factory, an Air Hangar, a Shipyard, a Robot Factory and various training paraphernalia such as target practice dummies. The most vulnerable of the target buildings is the Vehicle Factory in the west and Air Hangar in the east, simply because they are at the edges of the base. Choose to attack one of these first and commit most of your forces to it- you will encounter resistance that will need to be countered by superior numbers.

 Reinforce the attacking units as they break into the enemy base. Hold back any gunboats that you may have produced until you are assaulting either the enemy Shipyard or Air Hangar, as these are the only two that are vulnerable to attacks from the sea.

Any training paraphernalia such as climbing frames and targets will be destroyed when the adjacent building is destroyed, so don't bother with these.

When your attacking force has destroyed all buildings at the training facility, you will be privy to a conversation between Lassar and Brad concerning objectives in the next mission. When this conversation is over the mission is complete.

Level 12: No smoke without firing


Try to expand out of the south of the map early on - if the computer is allowed to build up too much on the far side of those bridges it will become difficult to break out.

Remember that the bridges aren't the only way off the south landmass.

Flat land to build on is sparse in many areas of this map - make good use of any areas you find.


The first units you'll encounter will be a couple of Medium Tanks - you may want to move forward with Snipers to try and capture these rather than simply destroying them with your Toughs, as they're powerful tanks that aren't available to build for a few missions yet. There is also a Bunker to watch out for next to the bridge (long-range units can take this out without getting hurt themselves), and a couple of Toughs next to the Command Centre. Once all of these are despatched, you can bring in the Technicians to convert the base. You should still beware of units coming across the bridges, as well as boats firing from the river and the Bunker the far side of the water.

Good moves to make soon after taking over the base are to use your APCs to take the island territory to the west of your base and a few territories on the mainland - there are some unowned factories there for the taking. You should build a suite of factories (there is buildable land around the start area) and start making a move to secure the other side of the bridges early on else the enemy will continually harass your base area. When storming the other side of the bridge, take out the Bunkers as a priority - these will quickly dispose of any lone units wandering across. Take the territory, and start building up a large force to cross the next bridge to the mainland. Use any factories you already have on the mainland to prepare another force to storm the bridge area from behind, taking attention away from the units crossing the bridge.

Once across the bridge, you can secure that area and push across the rest of the mainland. The enemy's base is at the north of the map, so try and circle around that area. There are two bridges onto the island that houses the Interrogation Centre - one joining the north of the island, and one the south. The south bridge leads to an enemy stronghold, beyond which is the Interrogation Centre. You can try and circumvent this by using the north bridge instead, which is closer to the centre entails you passing next to the enemy's main base to get to the bridge. You'll always get some fight put up from both bases, but it's a case of which you want to march through and which you want to hold back. There is a third bridge onto this island, from a small isolated area on the east of the map, just north of your start position. If you can ferry units to here with APCs via the river, then you can march them onto the island from a relatively unprotected direction.

When you have secured the area, capture the Interrogation Centre with a Technician and then run a guy inside. A few seconds later, he'll come running out with Zod in tow behind him, and the centre will blow up. You now have to get Zod safely to the helipad in the northeast territory - the only access to this territory is via a bridge directly adjacent to the enemy base, or via the river using an APC. Once on the helipad, an evac heli comes in. Load Zod aboard and the heli takes off again and Zod is safe.

You also have to take out any enemy factories and the main enemy Command Centre. The main location you'll find these are at the north of the map, but also just south of where you found the Interrogation Centre (if you didn't clear that area on the way to rescue Zod).

Once all factories and the enemy Command Centre have been taken out, and Zod has safely been evacuated, the mission is complete.

Level 13: Molten Wanderers


Spreading you ambush across the canyon will be more effective than just attacking from the one position.

Be careful not to get the POWs killed in the crossfire - take extreme caution when using heavy artillery units.


There is a time element to the first part of this mission, in that you have to ambush an enemy convoy and rescue the POWs that are being escorted to a POW camp. The convoy will be making its way down the map, through the canyon that runs down the middle. This gives you a few minutes to set up your ambush on that route.

It is also important to expand as usual, though; else you will be overrun regardless of whether you successfully break the POWs free or not. Good areas to spread to initially are the territories on the raised ground to the north of your base (a free Vehicle Factory is located here), as well as the territories to the south and west of your base (a free Radar and Robot Factory are up for grabs here). There is a POW camp towards the east of your base - its gate is heavily defended so keep away unless you're positive you want to go for an attack.

Stay towards the back of the canyon, so you can attack the convoy as it passes through the narrowest part. Use the bunker, and consider building a secondary bunker to the side of the existing one and split your units between the two. When you spot the convoy, you'll see a number of Medium Tanks escorting some red Psychos (the POWs). You won't be able to select or give orders to the POWs until you have taken out all of the enemy convoy guarding them. Because the POWs will often be close to or in front of the tanks, it makes sense to use accurate units such as snipers to take out the Medium Tanks - if you use the Toughs you start with then the POWs could easily get hit and killed in the crossfire. The Toughs can still be useful if you keep them back, though, where they can attack any tank that wanders too far forward.

When you have rescued the POWs take a few moments to repair any damage that was inflicted on them during the ambush, and perhaps claim and repair any Medium Tanks that were sniped (you can't build these yet). You may want to put the POWs in an APC for protection. The next major area you'll want to take hold of is the raised land on the east of the canyon. This is directly south of the enemy's base so it will be a lot more hotly contested than the raised land on the west of the canyon. There are two routes onto the raised area from the south, two routes leading up to the north part of the map, and one route from the canyon. Again, decide whether you want to stay clear of the POW camp or storm in to get the territory and safe access to the routes up onto the high ground.

When you have secured the high area, you can make a move on the base. Destroying the base isn't essential - you can try and make a run for the evacuation point in the northeast territory if you want to risk it.

When you get the POWs to the evacuation point, an evac heli will come in, and once you have loaded the POWs onto it, the mission is complete.

Level 14: The Red Mile


Transport Helicopters can be used to move robots around the map in large numbers, as well as being able to lift some of the lighter tanks.

Use sea units to control and secure areas before sending in ground units.


This map is a series of landmasses, some linked with bridges, but many totally isolated. It's island-based nature makes moving around this map slower than other maps. However, it does mean that sea units can be used extremely effectively to secure most of the map, and also lead assaults on enemy landmasses.

The POWs are held in a camp on the central island. This camp is heavily guarded, both inside the perimeter fence and one the rest of the island itself. The island also has a number of Anti-Air Guns and Heavy Gun Towers on the cliffs. There is only one "landing point" on the island for APC access, on the southwest corner, but there are plenty of areas ideal for landing squads of Transport Helicopters loaded with units.

Good opening moves on this map are to gather some units south of your base, ready for the assault on the peninsula. Whilst doing this, use your APCs to grab a few island territories nearby your base - using Construction Robots makes sense, as they can erect defences on the island after grabbing them (seeing as movement is via an APC which can't fire on water anyway, the usual advantages of using something like Psychos are lost).

The first major push you should do is storming the peninsula - there are plenty of enemy factories here, so there will be a number of units roaming around (also watch out for units hidden behind buildings!). You may want to think about stealing these facilities off the enemy using Technicians instead of simply destroying them - there is plenty here worth stealing!

Once safe on the peninsula, get churning out units. If you destroyed the enemy factories, then there is plenty of space to start building your own. Spread across the south of the map (there's more flat land towards the southeast corner) and try and get to a position where you hold a lot of the land surrounding the POW camp island.

Getting onto the island itself takes a lot of coordination. Destroyers are particularly good at attacking things on the top of cliffs, as are helicopters, but both are going to come under heavy fire whilst doing so. Coordinating attacks with both air and sea works best, and attempting to take out all of the Heavy Gun Towers or all of the Anti-Air sites first makes great sense, as then either your sea or air units have an easy time taking out the rest of the defences. Once the major defences are down, you can attempt to make a landing on the island with APCs (there are lots of tanks roaming the island, so hold off landing a Transport Helicopter until you have an area secure) and air units as backup. Move forward slowly, trying not to take too many enemy units on at once. Keep ferrying extra units from your factories onto the island for the push, but at the same time don't leave your territories (especially the frontline ones) unguarded. When the outskirts of the camp are clear (now there are large areas for bringing in lots of units via Transport Helicopter), break through the walls and start taking on the units inside.

The POWs are in a central exercise area within the POW camp, and are rescued as soon as someone breaks down the wall to that area and goes inside. Before you do this, you should make sure you're not being shelled by the enemy - once you have broken the POWs out of the central area they become valid targets for the enemy. Once rescued, you need to get the POWs to the helipad by your base - though the more immediate priority is to get them out of immediate harm (if a POW gets killed, then it's mission over) so get them into an APC or Transport Helicopter and away from the island and any hostility straight away.

You then get told about the security camera footage. This is located in a Comms Tower at the enemy's main base towards the northeast corner of the map, next to the enemy Command Centre. The two best places for getting a foothold where land units can get to the enemy base are in the southeast corner of the map, running up the east edge of the map, and on the island stretching west from the northeast corner, linked to the base area by a bridge. Again, sea units will help get to these areas, and push back any enemy units there allowing a safe landing.

There are territories at the extremities of these areas, which you can capture and give you the ability to erect defences and/or factories. From here, it's a push towards the base. There are many enemy installations here, and pathways are quite restricted.

When you get to the Comms Tower, convert it with a Technician, and run a guy inside. After a few seconds, he'll come running out carrying a videocassette. Get this cassette onto the evac heli with the POWs and the mission is completed.

Level 15: As seen on TV


Knocking out bridges can give you a lot of breathing room if the enemy is on the offensive.

You can bail Lassar out of a tower if it's under attack from the enemy, and start trying again at another tower.


There are five Comms Towers on this map - one towards each corner of the map, and one in the crater in the middle. Each of these installations has a group of tanks guarding, so breaking into one of these installations is not a direct matter.

Good opening steps are to take the territory directly in front of your base (which has lots of build space) and the territory to the northeast of that - these two don't have tower installations.  Get building all the factories you need, and some extra defences around your newly expanded base.

There is a bridge north of your base, which leads over to the territories on the west. It makes sense to take this bridge out, as you may find a lot of enemy units coming across and attacking you. Obviously keep an eye on the bridge, as the enemy will try and repair it!

When in a strong, safe position, you can think about raiding a tower. The two prime candidates are the one on the island to the west of your base (quite difficult to take, as you can only really attack with air units and APCs, but easier to hold once captured), and the one north of your base (a few approach routes, but each quite narrow). Don't leave your base unattended whilst staging an assault, though, as the enemy can turn on you very quickly, calling in lots of units from all around the map.

Once you have cleared an area, capture the Comms Tower with a Technician, and get Lassar to enter inside. Lassar will start transmitting and a countdown will appear showing the time remaining (starting at five minutes). You must guard the tower for this duration, as the enemy will try and knock the tower out.

You didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you? About a minute into the countdown, the enemies' remaining towers on the map will begin transmitting a jamming signal. This will freeze your countdown until the sources have all been neutralised.

The remaining part of the mission involves taking out the enemy towers (either by destroying them or converting them) - each remaining tower will be highlighted on the minimap.  Whilst there's no requirement to hold each area after neutralising the tower, doing so will give you a clear path to bring in reinforcements as you tackle the next tower. Key areas are around the bridges and the open areas between each installation. The thin territories running around the edge of the map also provide valuable extra resources. Remember that you can use APCs to cross the river at any point with a low bank, and attack the enemy from angles that regular ground units can't come from.

All the time to keep an eye on the tower Lassar is inside - the enemy could sneak some units through and start attacking it. Like always, if Lassar is killed, the mission is failed. If you get caught out, you can eject Lassar from the tower and try and get him to another one, where he would have to start the transmission from the beginning. If all the towers get destroyed, the mission is failed (no longer completable).

Once the jamming sources have been taken out, the countdown will resume. You have to protect the tower for the remainder to complete the mission.

Level 16: Peek-a-boo

You need to use a Technician to convert the enemy Intelligence Facility, and then get any 1 of your robots inside; if the Facility is destroyed, you fail the mission so keep an eye out for an unusual building and be careful of what buildings you attack.

A river running east to west divides the map; capture all territories on your side of the river by sending a single robot to each flag.

While this is happening set your Command Centre to continually build Construction Robots and set your Robot Factory to continually build offensive robots of your choosing- throw some Toughs in for air defence.

The majority of your forces should be sent north over the 2 bridges and garrisoned in the middle of the top 4 territories that comprise the northeast corner of the map; this is where you will fight the main battle; the enemy Command Centre and Intelligence Facility is just to the west in the northwest corner of the map. Build Heavy Gun Towers and destroy the bridge that leads from the west- the enemy base is on the other side of this bridge and you should seek to cut the enemy off from this area as much as possible.

There is a territory on the other side of the river, north of your base, that contains a Heavy Gun Tower; the flag is by the riverbank; capture this territory after robots have been assigned to capture territories on you side of the river. If the enemy capture this territory before you, prioritise the destruction of the Heavy Gun Tower then capture the territory.

All of your activity on the enemy side of the river needs to be supported by multiple units including Attack Helicopters and Medium Tanks. You will encounter most resistance there as you are close to the enemy base.

When you have captured all territories on your side of the river you will have a Radar Station, captured in the southwest corner territory, an Air Hangar captured in the southeast corner territory and a Vehicle Factory in the territory adjacent to and north of the Air Hangar; set them all building as soon as they are captured. You need to reinforce the units that you have sent to the northeast area of the map so set the rally points.

The areas where the 2 bridges that connect to your side of the river in the west of the map need to be defended; do this relatively cheaply and quickly by building Heavy Gun Towers to cover the bridge access points; when the Heavy Gun Towers are built use them to take out the bridges. Build an Anti-Air Gun next to the Heavy Gun Towers for insurance against air attacks.

When you have a significant force built up in the northeast of the map, you are ready to encroach on the enemy base; do not use any of the bridges to attempt to access the enemy base- the base is too well defended and the bridges will be blown out as you approach.

You need to build up your forces near to the land ramps that lead to the enemy base; there are 2 ramps at the south of the base and 1 in the north in the gully that surrounds the plateau on which the enemy base is situated.

2 Heavy Gun Towers: 1 on the north bank of the river and 1 on an island in the river guard the 2 ramps south of the base. You need to take out both of these guns. Destroy the Heavy Gun Tower on the island using air power. The Heavy Gun Tower on the bank requires a joint strike force comprising air and ground units as an Anti-Air Gun defends it. Destroy the Anti-Air Gun as well. When this has been taken care of, divide 2 thirds of your forces between the 2 south ramps.

The foot of the ramp, north of the base, is unguarded but any ground units traversing the ramp will come into line of sight of multiple gun emplacements as soon as they enter the base. Build up the final third of your forces here.

Bear in mind that any units leaving the base via the ramps will be illuminating your units as targets for the long-range trajectory of the Heavy Gun Towers. Destroy the 'spotter' units quickly or retreat your forces so that they do not fall into the shared line of sight trap.

Now is a good time to prep a technician and have him waiting on the periphery of the assault- you need him later to convert the Intelligence Facility when all defending units and buildings have been destroyed.

The 3 prong pincer plan that you are preparing at the foot of the 3 ramps will be ready once you have sizeable raiding party of about 15 units at each ramp- send them in simultaneously. Make sure you do not destroy the Intelligence Facility; it is the structure located in the northwest of the base.

Once inside the enemy base destroy Heavy Gun Towers first, Anti-Air Guns second (facilitating any of your air vehicles), Anti-Tank Guns third and then the Command Centre. Mop up the rest- when the base has been wiped clean as a plate, (apart from the Intelligence Facility of course); send in a technician to capture the Facility then order him to enter it. Mission Accomplished.

Level 17: Get Carver!


Watch out for surprise attacks - the enemy can be upon your base very quickly on this map.

There are no Shipyards on this map, so don't worry about naval attacks.


Again, your initial moves should be to capture all of the territories on your part of the map. You'll find an unclaimed Robot Factory on the north edge of the map, but more important is the southwest landmass as that houses an unclaimed Robot Factory as well as an unclaimed Vehicle Factory. It's fairly important to get hold of these quickly, else the enemy will get them which makes that landmass difficult to hold, especially considering the amount of units you start with, and how spread out they'll be.

Seeing as all the landmasses are connected with bridges, you can buy yourself some temporary breathing space at any time. The flipside is that the enemy usually protects his side of these bridges quite well, making bursting through quite tough.

When initiating your attack on the enemy's mainland, you should decide whether you want to use just a single bridge or a pincer movement utilising a pair of neighbouring bridges. Taking the land via the latter stands more chance of success, but has the added difficulty of getting through two bridge defences simultaneously.

Carver should be in the southwest corner of the map, tucked up in the walled hideout. He has the case, so you need to kill him to retrieve it. Carver is guarded by a number of Snipers, however, so it's worth attacking him with infantry as well as vehicles.

Once you have the case, an evac heli will be called in - it's ETA will be shown counting down in the message panel. You need to get the case back to the landing pad and make sure that the area is clear by the time the heli comes in (if the heli gets destroyed, then it's mission over). The landing pad is situated in the middle of the map - you may have already come through this area to get to Carver's hideout. However, the route between the hideout and the landing pad does pass directly outside the enemy base, so if he has any troops left you may find yourself under fire.

Once the case is aboard the heli, it should take off and fly off. Once safely off the map, the mission is complete.

Level 18: Full metal blanket

You need to locate and capture the enemy Tech Centre, then get Lassar inside to kidnap an enemy Technician that you need to get to your Command Centre.

Lassar is located in a walled compound in the territory to the north and adjacent to your home territory. He is guarded by 4 Toughs and is in close proximity to an Anti-Air Gun and a Defence Tower housing 6 Toughs; he is well defended so leave him there until you are ready to send him into the Tech Centre.

The entire map is divided between both sides, with all territories already owned; the south half belongs to you and the north half belongs to the enemy.

There are 2 frontlines, 1 on the east side and 1 on the west side where the 2 halves meet. At both frontlines both sides have concentrations of units set back from the halfway mark- expect action here from the outset. The mini-map will alert you to where the action is so keep an eye on that.

There are 2 rivers running parallel from North to south that intersect in the centre of the map, dividing the map into an eastern bank and a western bank and 2 peninsulas in between. Move your initial allocation of boats in the southeast and southwest into the centre where the rivers intersect to defend against enemy boats. You may wish to use your Cruisers to mine the area. Expect to conduct a naval battle in this area- the winner will be able to provide sea based support to their ground units.

Your main base is situated on a peninsula located in the lower centre of the map; the base is surrounded by water on 3 sides. The peninsula is connected to the main land by 3 bridges, 1 leading east, 1 leading west and 1 leading south. The enemy base is the same, but located in the top half of the map. Both bases are very well defended by the set up of the initial allocation of units at the halfway frontline, so don't worry about your base, keep an eye on the frontline.

You need to breakdown the enemy frontline- first set all your factories to build and update rally points to the nearest frontline.

Upgrade unit firepower, armour and speed to maximum levels at your Research Facility located in the southeast.

On each bank, set back from the frontline you have a Defence Tower housing 6 Toughs each. Further up the map the enemy has the same- getting past these 2 Defence Towers will be the hardest challenge you face until you encounter the enemy base. Keep your units out of range of these towers until all other enemy units have been dealt with- the towers are extremely powerful and you need to conduct a focused and well orchestrated assault to overwhelm them.

When the enemy Defence Towers on both sides of the map are destroyed, capture the territory that they are stationed in but do not move further up the map until your forces have been replenished from your factories.

You need to eventually build up your forces at the 3 bridges that lead to the enemy base. The enemy Command Centre and the Heavy Gun Towers surrounding it need to be destroyed otherwise Lassar could come under fire. This is best done with a combination of air, sea and ground power. This is risky for ground units because of the bridges are likely to be blown out by enemy Heavy Gun Towers with your units on them.

The enemy Shipyard and all Destroyers need to be destroyed otherwise there is the risk of Lassar being shelled whilst he is at the Tech Centre. The enemy Shipyard is located in the northwest of the map in a small enclave and is hard for ground units to reach so either user sea or air units to attack it.

You should eventually have the enemy base surrounded by multiple boats, aircraft and ground units. The Tech Centre is located inside a walled compound to the south of the enemy base on the northern peninsula. Ensure your invading units do not destroy it. The Tech Centre is surrounded by multiple Anti-Air Guns and an Anti-Tank Guns inside the walled compound; do not approach with aircraft until the anti-air threat is neutralised.

The bridge leading from the west bank to the enemy base is the ideal point to take the majority of ground units as the point where the bridge meets the peninsula is not covered by enemy guns- from there move your units south to the south wall of the compound then break through the wall and immediately attack the Anti-Tank Gun and systematically destroy all of the Anti-Air Guns.

Use 'spotter' units to give shared line of sight to Destroyers so they can attack the enemy base.

Sneak APC's loaded with robots up the land ramp south of the enemy base peninsula.

When the enemy base has been raised, except for the Tech Centre, send Lassar in to convert and enter the building; he will immediately exit with an enemy Technician. The Technician will follow him around and if you tell Lassar to return to base he will follow him. You can also convert the technician and control him directly and order him into an APC or Transport Helicopter. If the Technician is killed the mission is failed, so escort him back to your base.

When the enemy Technician is outside your Command Centre the mission is complete.

Level 19: Pass the parcel


Most of the routes across the map are quite contorted - but remember that helicopters can take a direct route.

Secure the high areas - if the enemy controls these you could yourself being shelled heavily in many of the low passes.

The water provides many shortcuts and extra routes for APCs. It also provides a route between your base and the enemies' for ships to utilise.


When you start the mission, one of your robots will be carrying the Omega Device. You have to get this device safely to the extraction point, which is up in the northeast corner of the map. Like any other carry object, it can be dropped and any other guy can pick it up and run with it.

There are many routes around this level, and understanding the ways you can move around this map will help you keep a track on the enemy and find ways to push through his defences. There are four main routes, but these cross each other at different points on the map.

The most major route follows the river around the map - there is a large bank to the side of the water for most of its length. There is a shipyard location at either end of this river so this can be defended quite heavily with boats. The hill that cuts across the middle of the map has a ledge all the way around it (which can be accessed at a point to the west of your base) and leads around to an area looking over the enemy base, as well as leading round to a bridge over to the island on the east of the map, and up to the top of the hill. The route up the east of the map crosses over to the island, and then either joins up with the ledge, or the water can be crossed with APCs to carry on up the east edge of the map. If you can get robots across the water to the southwest corner, then you can also move up the west edge of the map (there are some more free factories here) which joins up with the ledge, but continues past the enemy base right up to the northwest corner of the map.

Start by grabbing all the territories surrounding your base, including those behind you, and those on the far west of the map (you'll need APCs to access these quickly). Also grab the territories in the pass just north of your base, as the enemy will attack from this route a lot. Push forwards up the west edge of the map, taking the Air Hangar that's up for grabs there, and use the free space there to build a Vehicle Factory as well. The major point to defend early on is the main pass north of the base - if the enemy takes this, then your major route will be blocked, and you will be cornered in your base with the only route left open to ground units being the east route.

Your first assault on the enemy should be upon the top of the hill that runs across the middle of the map. If the enemy controls this area, he can shell into the pass below and take out your defences there. Once the hilltop is secure, take out any defences on the ledges surrounding the hilltop. When this has been done, use the units in the pass to push forwards and up the river to a point halfway up the map, taking the territory available there.

Use the next few minutes to consolidate your position, and grab any other territories on your half of the map.

You then have three main ways of getting from this position to the evacuation point. You can clear a path up the west side of the map, and bypass the enemy base, cutting across the north edge to the point. You can cross the bridge to the east landmass and clear a path up there to the point, or you can go straight through the enemy base and take out the Command Centre and factories to kill the enemy outright, making a less fraught passage from there to the evacuation point.

The entrance to the evacuation point is located in the north-centre territory. The evacuation point is guarded itself, and is surrounded by Anti-Air sites that you will need to take out before the evac heli comes in.

When the robot carrying the Omega Device gets to the helipad, the evac heli will come in. Loading the robot onto the heli will complete the mission.

Level 20: Ice spy

You need to locate the enemy Archive Vault, use a Technician to convert it then get Clarke inside. You fail the mission if Clarke is destroyed so keep him safe next to your Command Centre. Do not send him into combat.

The Vault is located in the northeast of the map in a sheltered enclave, accessible only by air or sea. The enemy Command Centre is adjacent to the enclave, but is accessible by your ground units- because of the proximity of the enemy Command Centre to the primary objective building, you will be required to destroy that first, control the area surrounding the enclave then move in.

Immediately capture all territories adjacent to your home territory.

The territory directly south of your home territory has a Robot Factory; set it building Toughs as soon as you claim it. Set the rally point to the southeast corner territory.

The territory to the north contains an Air Hangar situated on top of a plateau. Set this to build as soon as the territory is claimed.

The territory to the northeast of your Command Centre contains a Radar Station; as soon as this is captured your mini-map is activated, showing the locations of Clarke and the Vault in the northeast.

Capture the territory to the east of your Command Centre. Part of your base is located in a recessed enclave in the eastern part of your home territory. Capturing the territory to the east will also capture an Anti-Tank Gun, which guards the approach to this enclave. There is a Vehicle Factory in the enclave- set it to build either light or medium vehicles and set the rally point to the southeast corner. Don't build heavy or advanced vehicles at this point- get a foothold then build the more powerful stuff.

The territory to the north of the southeast corner territory is an approach to the enemy Command Centre; don't send any units along this approach just yet- instead, blockade the route using the units you are garrisoning in the southeast. Bolster the blockade using Construction Robots to build 2 Heavy Gun Towers and an Anti-Air Gun at the point where the terrain narrows the route, creating a choke point. You need to capture the territory just north of the southeast corner territory to be able build here. Be prepared for resistance as you are blockading enemy expansion into the south of the map. Update rally points from your Vehicle and Robot Factory to this choke point. If the blockade is broken down, then garrison units further back and go in again when you have built up more units.

While this happening you need to also limit enemy expansion in the northwest and centre of the map. The northwest corner territory flag is situated on an island in a lake- the lake leads east towards the enclave where the Vault is situated- the enemy has a Shipyard and is patrolling the lake with Cruisers and Destroyers. To capture the lake island territory, put a Construction Robot into a Transport Helicopter and send it over- beware; the Cruisers will destroy the Transport Helicopter whilst airborne and the Destroyers can destroy the Construction Robot when he leaves the helicopter. Be vigilant and escort the Transport with Attack Helicopters and Wasps if necessary. When the Construction Robot gets onto the island, order him to build a Heavy Gun Tower. Otherwise enemy transport vehicles will have easy access to take the territory from you.

Capture the territory directly to the southeast of the island territory- garrison any spare start units you have here. Also, update the rally point from the Air Hangar to this area. Keep the units far enough away from the enemy Heavy Gun Tower and Anti-Air Gun in the small recessed enclave in the adjacent territory or your air vehicles will take shots unnecessarily and any enemy vehicles that approach will lend shared line of sight to the Heavy Gun Tower, attacking your ground vehicles with impunity, as the small enclave can only be reached by air or sea.

If you can hold the territory to the southeast of the island territory and the territory north of the southeast corner territory, you will have controlled the majority of the map. You need to hold this until you have enough units to advance deeper into enemy territory. As you encroach deeper into enemy territory remember to update your rally points to reinforce the incursion.

Remember that you are going to destroy the enemy Command Centre before attacking the main objective; the reason for this is because after the destruction of the enemy Command Centre you can claim that territory and build Heavy Gun Towers in it and utilise their trajectory to destroy the enemy defences around the Vault in the enclave, being very careful not to destroy the Vault itself. You must get shared line of sight before you can fire into the enclave and it is therefore necessary to get air units and APC's into the enclave. The enclave is very well defended, both in terms of emplacements and geography. You need to build up massive forces and orchestrate a simultaneous assault from air vehicles, sea borne APC 's, (remembering that you need to land them before they can open fire), and the Heavy Gun Towers you have built outside of the enclave. The guns should be selected and ordered to fire at the desired targets.

Of particular note is the enemy Anti-Missile Station in the enclave; this will devastate your air force- prioritise it's destruction, and do not approach it with aircraft until you have built up a sizeable force. At this point you should have dominated the entire map and will have the resources available to fund multiple Air Hangars, so build some more and build Wasps.

The Vault is a small building, and you will recognise it as a structure that you have not seen before. You need to convert it with a Technician before Clarke can enter. When the enclave has been cleared of enemy forces, convert the Vault then send Clarke inside; transport them in using either an APC or Transport Helicopter.

When Clarke enters the Vault the mission is complete.

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