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General Tips

Fair Share: Always endeavour to make it your opening move to grab your share of the territories. If you do not capture at least 50% of the map, you will always be in danger of losing as the enemy has the cash to build more than you. Set up a frontline to protect the area where your 50% hits the opponents 50%, then make your incursions from there.

Focused fire: when attacking multiple enemy units, order all your attacking units to focus fire on one enemy unit at a time, all units attacking at the same time, so that you quickly reduce the amount of return fire.

Selling up: if you find you are not producing enough units to cope with attacks and you are in need of a cash injection, consider flogging any utility buildings such as Radar Stations and Teleporters, and any secondary or tertiary structures such as Stores, Research Facilities and any excess factories. Put the cash into constructing offensive units and maintaining defences. When your position is more secure you can rebuild what you sold.

Achilles Heal: Keep your Command Centre protected at all times; 9 times out of 10, its' destruction will cost you the mission, and destroying it will be the central objective of the enemy campaign against you. Strike a balance between spending your credits defending this structure and the cost of waging your campaign at the frontline- usually the best defence is to go on the offensive and cut the enemies credit flow, reducing the amount of units he can throw at you.

Gun Emplacements: Your ability to deal efficiently with gun emplacements will be critical to your success. Destroy gun emplacements efficiently by sending in something that the gun can't attack i.e. aircraft versus ground attack only gun emplacements or ground units versus air attack only gun emplacements. Where this option isn't available, or air and ground attack gun emplacements are in mutually defensive range of each other, send in your attacking units simultaneously and from opposing angles: the gun emplacement can only shoot at one unit at a time giving at least one of your attacking units the time to making an unchallenged attack. The more powerful gun emplacements or concentrations of gun emplacements should either be avoided if possible or you should hold off attacking them until you have enough units to overwhelm them.

Level 01: Trigger happy


There is an unowned Robot Factory you can grab in the territory to the west of your base.


The best start move is to take the two groups of psychos and use one to capture the territory on the east of the map, and the other to take the territory adjacent to your base in the middle of the map. Use the single Psycho to grab the territory to the west of your base and gain control of the Robot Factory within. Use your Construction Robots to build another Robot Factory on the flat ground immediately to the west of your base. Have both factories build Psychos and set rally points in the canyon floor.

From this position, get your psychos to take the other two territories on the canyon floor. If you're feeling brave, you can get the Psychos guarding the east flag to try and take the northeast territory, taking out the enemies' Robot Factory on the way.

When you find Brad, keep him out of the way of the enemy - if he dies it is Mission Over. Send him straight back to your Command Centre. You then get the follow-up objective to take out the enemies' Command Centre. Once you have a number of Psychos ready in the centre, run them up the hill and storm the blue base. You may want to target enemy Psychos and Robot Factories first to clear the area so your guys can attack the Command Centre unharmed.

Level 02: Site for sore eyes

You are required to destroy a specific Radar Station, identified by a mini-map ping, visible when you have a Radar Station online. Before you even consider the main objective, you need gain a foothold in the map.

Immediately send units to grab all adjacent territories. Make it your highest priority to capture the territory east of your home territory; this has a Robot Factory and a Radar Station in it waiting to be claimed.

Whilst units are en route to capture territories, set your Command Centre to build 5 Construction Robots. You do not need many Construction robots in this level. The extra that you build here will be sent in with attacking squads of Psychos to make on the spot repairs to any damaged units.

When a territory without a factory and sufficient build space has been captured, order one of your Construction Robots to build a further robot factory in it. This should bring your Robot Factory tally to 3, including the one in your home territory and the one in the territory east of your Command Centre.

Make it your immediate objective to have 3 Robot Factories constantly outputting Psychos. Only when you have 3 Robot Factories online, should you consider the overall mission objective.

Set all of your robot factories to repeat build. Place rally points about half way up the map at either side. Bear in mind that the units leaving the factories will be alone, so do not send them so far up the map that they are vulnerable to the running battle coming down the map. Ideally, 'safe' rally points should be placed at points where friendly unit concentrations already exist.

You need to ensure that you use Psychos to blockade the 2 main routes that the enemy will use to come down the map and access your home territories. If you find your self overwhelmed at any point, or you are losing ground rather than gaining it, consider using stealth tactics- send lone Psycho units to the edge of the map and sneak them in for territory grabs, the territories they grab won't remain in your possession for long, but any extra income can keep you in the battle. Consider selling your Radar or 1 of your factories for an income boost to your remaining Robot Factories.

When a sufficient force has built up at the halfway point of the map, it is time to encroach on the enemy territories. When you capture territories further up the map, update the rally points from your factories to the new positions. Fresh units following the rally points should look after any enemy units that make it past your frontline, although you may have to send a squad of Psychos back down the map to evict any of the more forceful incursions.

When you have about 20 Psychos in good health in the top half of the map, you can consider attacking the main objective: Destroy Transglobal Radar Station.

There are 13 enemy Psychos defending the Radar Station, located on a raised area in the centre of the map. This is accessed in the north of the map via a ramped area leading to a bridge running south. When the ramped area has been secured update all of your rally points to this ramped area. When you have enough units to overwhelm the enemy Psychos guarding the Transglobal Radar Station, send them across the bridge to destroy the guards, then the Radar. Mission Accomplished.

Level 03: Plane & simple

Immediately grab all adjacent territories to your home territory. Also grab the bottom right territory and the large central territory.

Set the robot factory to repeatedly build a Psycho then a Pyro. Set the rally point to the gully in the central territory. Immediately set any captured factories to build- remember to evenly disperse units across.

Seek to limit enemy movement across the map by controlling 3 choke points, one located in the gully in the central territory, one just north of the Vehicle Factory in the territory adjacent to and north of the home territory, and one to the east of the map, south of the main bug wreck.

The way to limit enemy movement through choke points is by using Construction Robots to build and maintain Anti-Tank Guns and setting rally points from Robot and Vehicle Factories to the areas described above. At the start of the game, after ensuring you have sent robots to grab your share of neutral territories, divide your initial allocation of offensive units between the choke points described above. Divide your attention between these 3 areas, ensuring that attacking units to not break through.

You do not need to take all territories, or destroy the enemy Command Centre. Concentrate on breaking into the areas that contain the crash wreckage. You do not need to secure any territories beyond the choke points described above, as this mission can be played in a 'smash and grab' way; when you have plenty of units built up at the 3 choke points send them into to quickly destroy wreckage before they are picked off by enemy units. If the incursion is unsuccessful then you need to use more units.

Bug wreckage on the mini-map is highlighted by a 'ping'; when you capture the territory to the east of your Command Centre you will also claim the Radar Station in that territory, activating your mini-map which will show the location of each piece of wreckage that needs destroying.

The black box is located at the main crash site adjacent to the largest piece of bug wreckage; use a Psycho (the fastest available robot on this level), to grab the black box, while other units attract enemy fire away from the box holder. When the Psycho has grabbed the black box, (it will now appear over the head of the unit that has it), select it and get it to safety quickly- either to the south or go west through the gully, whichever seems best at the time.

Reselect the black box holder then hold the cursor over your Command Centre; it will become the 'enter' cursor. When it does, left click and the unit will be ordered to enter the Command Centre with the black box. When the black box is inside the Command Centre and all wreckage has been destroyed the mission is complete.

Level 04: Name that Dune

Lassar must be kept alive; ensure he is kept out of the way of any battles or prying enemy scouts; consider hiding him in a bunker.

Set your Command Centre to continually build Construction Robots- they are needed to quickly build Anti-Tank Guns at key locations on this map.

Your Command Centre is in the top most northwestern territory. Capture the 2 adjacent territories: the 1 to the south with a Radar Station is already yours so capture the 2 to the east, 1 with a Robot Factory and 1 with a Vehicle Factory.  Set the factories building offensive units straight away.

Capture the central territory and build 2 Anti-Tank Guns in good positions where they can repel any resistance from the south. The central territory is one of 2 key territories that you must hold to be victorious on this map. Get a foothold quickly and defend it well.

Be prepared to go on a back footing and eject any enemy units from your back line territories- keep an eye on the mini-map for any territories changing hands and reclaim them before the enemy can entrench with Anti-Tank Guns.

Capture the top right territory; there are 6 empty Jeeps and an APC in a walled compound; claim them at will. Defend the compound by placing some robots inside the Bunker just outside the wall. You may wish to risk dispensing with Lassar's bodyguards and sending them to the compound to man the vehicles and use them at the frontline.

The walled compound is quite a good place to send Lassar if you decide it is worth defending. You could keep him in the Bunker or the APC. Remember that the APC needs a driver before any units can be transported.

The territory southeast of the walled compound contains an Anti-tank Gun and a Vehicle Factory- it is also adjacent to and north of the enemy Command Centre and is therefore one of the first territories to fall into enemy hands. The Anti-tank Gun in this territory is situated in the north of this territory and is problematic to territory access in the area and you should make it a priority target, once you have enough units in the area to deal with it. Once the Gun is destroyed, capture the territory and build an Anti-Tank Gun of your own in its' place. Also build either a further Robot or Vehicle factory in this territory. The newly constructed factory should be set to producing units immediately, but leave them in this territory. Control of this territory and the central territory are crucial to victory in this map. All resources should be divided evenly between defending these 2 territories. Remember to also capture any territories behind the 2 main territories. All rally points should be updated to these key areas; be prepared for resistance.

When these 2 areas are secured and a big enough force has been established, start to garrison units at the bridge that leads to the Comms Tower in the most southwestern territory. This bypasses destroying the enemy Command Centre, which, as in the previous 2 missions, does not need to be destroyed. A full on assault is too costly in terms of time and money, so evade it instead.

When a decent sized raiding party has been established at the bridge leading to the Comms Tower, send them over the bridge, targeting the Anti-Tank Gun on the other side, then the bunker, then the second Anti-tank Gun. Be quick to get units over the bridge in case it is destroyed by enemy fire. Be sure not to destroy the Comms Tower or the mission will end in failure.

Now that the Comms Tower vicinity is secured we need to get Lassar in. Either transport him over the river to the south of your Command Centre, using the APC from the walled compound, or escort him in on foot ensuring he is well defended on the way. When he gets to the Comms Tower order him to convert it and then send him in. Mission Accomplished.

Level 05: Cactus if you can


Once the Command Centre has detonated, your Stores are the only buildings that can hold credits so keep an eye on them.
The bridges across the river act as choke points, so it makes sense to defend these areas. Remember that the enemy will be defending the other side of them.


The river crossing this map makes a strong divide, and it makes sense to capture and hold your side of the map as soon as possible.

Good first moves to make are to use your Psychos and Pyros to grab the territory to the east of your base, as well as the one around the front of your base and to the west (where there is a free Vehicle Factory waiting). The small group of units in the southwest corner of the map can take the corner territory and defend the bridge. Keep Zod and Lassar away from any potential encounters, as if either of these die then its Mission Over.

The bridge in front of your base is used a lot by the enemy, so destroy it or build an anti-tank gun right in front of it. Use the space in the southeast territory and build a robot factory.

You can start pushing into the rest of the map when your base has detonated, or if you feel you have sufficient forces. If pushing forwards early, remember not to leave your base unguarded, as the enemy may still make a capture attempt.

When making your way to the landing pad, you should avoid the enemies' home territory altogether, preferring to get to the area via either the route around the edge of the map, or the access ramp on the west of the outcrop. Reinforce your position as you progress across the map, or risk losing any advances you make. When you control the territory with the landing pad, the troopship will come in. Board Zod and Lassar onto the troopship to finish the level.

Level 06: The Hills are alive...


When storming the outpost, prioritise your targets and take out the most damaging first.

Remember that you can blow up bridges to close off access routes, and form a defensive position.


You start this level with a small team landing in the Troopship - therefore your first priority is to get set up with a base where you can start manufacturing Construction Robots, who in turn can build factories to supply your army and erect defences. There is an outpost directly south of your start position, which you can take over with the Technicians you have to start with. First you need to storm the base and take out all the defences, allowing safe passage for the Technicians. The most effective way is to split your offensive units into two groups, and storm the base from both entrances at the same time. Take out the enemy units or defences that are causing you most grief first - that would be the Anti-Tank Gun and the Toughs - then clean up the rest. When clear, bring in the Technicians and convert the base and all surrounding buildings.

Once you've captured the base, you need to start setting up a base and quickly. Start building Construction Robots immediately, whilst using any units you have remaining to expand out. Grab the flag at the other side of the map (there is a free Robot Factory here) and the flag in the canyon. You'll also find a bunch of unowned tanks in the canyon for you to grab - use any robots that are low on health for this. When your Construction Robots are built, build a Vehicle Factory alongside your base and an anti-tank gun covering the bridge and the entrance to your base.

If the enemy has not taken it already, try and cross the southern bridge and grab the territory to the east of your base (there is a free Air Hangar here). You'll find some enemy units on the other side trying to prevent you from getting a foothold on that side of the chasm, but you can distract them with some units whilst getting other robots to make a dash for the flag.

Once you have a foothold of the other side of the bridges, the central territory is your main goal. This territory covers most of the route between the two sides of the map, and also has a lot of build space. Once you've captured it, you need to secure it - either with anti-tank guns or bunkers filled with heavy robots like Toughs.

Once safe in this position, you can slowly take territory and ready your assault on the enemy base in the northeast corner of the map. It is heavily defended at the entrances, the west entrance (along the north edge of the map) is quite narrow and therefore easy to have your units get picked off if you don't make a strong enough effort. The south entrance is more open, but also heavier guarded (you can attack the south entrance from two sides if you send offensive-packed APCs across the lake).

Once inside the base, neutralise all defences and bring in a Technician to convert the Air Hangar to complete the mission.

Level 07: Pasture Eyes


An APC is a lot more mobile than other robots or vehicles on this map, as the water provides many extra routes

Protect the Manufacturing Installation once you've captured it - the enemy will try to destroy it if it falls into your hands.


Good start steps are to grab all the territories around your base (use an APC to get the one on the east edge of the map). There is a free Vehicle Factory is the far territory to the west of your base. There are two ground-based routes from the north to the south halves of the map, one on each side of the middle territories but one of these is over a bridge so you can knock this one out if you need to. The other two north/south routes are in the outer territories, but both of these are across water and hence need APCs.

It's pretty important to keep hold of the territory in front of your base - not only is it a major defensive point for you, its one of the few safe areas you can set up extra factories. You'll need to be forceful to break into the compound where the installation is situated, as it is heavily guarded. Blowing up several sections of wall is a good idea here - else all your units will try and attack through the same hole, allowing the enemy a better chance at picking them off one by one. When it's safe to do so, bring in the technicians to convert one (any) of the sections of the installation.

Once captured, you need to destroy the enemy Command Centre. It makes sense to grab and hold any other territories towards the northeast of the map first, and to take out any factories within them to avoid being attacked from behind as you move towards his base. From his position, you can move in on his base from several different angles, improving your chances of successfully reaching and destroying the Command Centre.

Level 08: Heidi seek

You are required to use a Technician to capture the enemy Research Facility located on an island in the centre of the map. If the Facility is destroyed you will fail the mission.
Capture all territories adjacent to your home territory.

The territory over the river to the north west of your Command Centre should be made a priority; it contains an Anti-Tank Gun and an Anti-Air Gun and it will be harder to take if the enemy capture it first. Throw some robots including a Construction Robot into an APC and send them over the river to capture this territory. When the APC arrives, capture the territory and build an Anti-Tank Gun- the enemy will be channelling lots of units into this territory so be prepared for a fight. Keep the defences maintained by feeding fresh units into the area and keeping the guns in good repair. Also capture the territories to the south and to the west of this one. The one to the west needs to be defended with units, as the rough terrain does not allow any building.

Capture the territory to the southeast of your Command Centre; it contains a Radar Station. Also capture the territory to the northeast with the Vehicle Factory. Grab the territory to east of this; it contains an Air Hangar.

Whilst robots are in transit to grab territories, set your Command Centre to build Construction Robots and your Robot Factories to build a selection of robots, not forgetting to include infantry with anti-air capability as you can expect to encounter enemy Scout Helicopter patrols.

Capture all territories on your side of the river- grab the ones in the north; one has a Robot Factory. The bridges leading to the enemy base in the north are out so you have a head start on grabbing these territories.

You need to blockade all access to your side of the river and also keep hold of the territories to the south on the opposite side of the river- divide all units between the 2 bridges in the far north and the territories over the river in the southwest.          

 When you have around 15 offensive units built up in the east over the river, send the units north and grab the next territory- it should have at least one enemy Anti-Tank Gun defending along with ground units; destroy the gun then focus on the units.

Whilst you are moving north along the west bank, move around 15 or more units over the bridge running north in the northeast of the map, prioritising the destruction of any Anti-Tank Guns encountered. Quickly capture the territory and send in Construction Robots to get your Anti-Tank Guns online- be prepared to encounter a lot of countering enemy force on the eastern and western fronts simultaneously so throw everything you have into the battle; be warned this assault will get very messy and will be non-linear. Don't panic, keep your units together so they can defend each other and pack a bigger punch- any units that are on their own will be easy pickings for the enemy.

The enemy will attempt counter attacks so keep an eye on the mini-map for any territories that fall into enemy hands- recapture them immediately with any units in the vicinity.

If the assault is successful you should have a foothold in 2 areas deep inside enemy territory. Update all rally points and ensure that you entrench yourself as thoroughly as possible in these 2 areas. When your forces have been replenished equally on either side of the enemy base, you will be ready to orchestrate a pincer move on the enemy Command Centre; this building lies between you and the only bridge leading to the island with the Research Facility.

 When you feel you have sufficient units to perform the pincer, do so but bear in mind that any enemy guns and offensive units need to be dealt with first. When they are cleared out destroy the Command Centre then continue south along the bridge to the island.

While this happening you need to prep a technician and APC, ready to access the ramped southern area of the island.

Scout Helicopters, Anti-Air and Anti-Tank Guns are defending the Research Facility, so you need to take care of these before sending the technician in. When the Research Facility has been converted the mission is complete.

Level 09: Trees company


Zod starts out with only a few units for support - consider getting reinforcements over to him from your main base, or meet halfway.

There are a number of bunkers dotted around the map - make use of them to protect Zod from the patrols.

APCs can cross the lake in the middle of the map - an efficient short cut for many long routes.


The rat run area in the southwest part of the map has many patrols running around, and Zod and his small gang have to get safely across this area first. It makes sense to head towards your base first, as it is on the way to the extraction point as well as being a relatively safe area. If your guys move together they will have a better chance, so move in short steps rather than long paths where the units will separate - use the bunkers effectively, and use the other units to protect Zod.

You have several choices here as there are also flags to grab along the way, so you can split off a unit or two from this group to guard any territory flags you capture, or you can leave them unattended (usually they will be taken back fairly quickly). Whichever way, it helps a lot to bring some guys in from your base in the northwest to meet up with Zod and crew, though try not to leave your base unattended.

Get building some extra facilities at your base early on, as if you leave it until you get Zod back then the enemy may well have a head start on you. There isn't much in the way of free factories lying around, so you'll need to build at least a Vehicle Factory and an Air Hangar (there is plenty of space in your home territory for both of these).

The extraction point is in the northeast territory (it's highlighted on the minimap). The safest route to it from the base is to traverse the ridge along the north edge of the map. Try and capture the territory covering the area to the east of your base, as the enemy will reinforce there, cutting off access to that safe, quick route.

When you get Zod and the case (you did remember to pick the case up, didn't you?) to the evacuation point, you'll be told that the evacuation helicopter is on order not to come in until "all surrounding map grids are hostile free". You therefore need to capture and hold each of the neighbouring territories (and the territory with the landing pad in) and clear them of all enemy units and buildings. It's best to work your way down the east of the map, and use the ledges to attack some units below. You'll find heavy resistance when getting close to the border of the southeast territory, as that is the enemy's home territory.

Once the area has been hostile free for a period of time, you'll be told that the area is secure and that the evac heli is on it's way in. When it touches down at the landing pad, get Zod and the case aboard, and it will take off and the mission will be completed.

Level 10: Officer's a mess


The river crossing the map provides many good defensive locations at crossing points.

Don't rely exclusively on these locations for defence, though - they can easily be bypassed with APCs or air units.


The map is divided fairly equally in two by the water, with the front line depicted by territory lines staggered at an angle across the map. A good first step is to grab all of the territories on your side of the water, as well as the island flag to the west of your base (you'll need one of the APCs for this). You'll get some free factories, and plenty of build space for extra things you may want to build.

The enemy territory two squares to the north of your base is an important one to capture - its high ground provides a strong position to oversee and keep back the enemy from. If left too long the enemy can build quite a defence on the top of the mound, so use air units to check what you're up against first.

Another fairly important route is up the west of the map. The enemy will usually defend the territory above the river quite heavily, and churn lots of robots out of the factory there. If you ignore this, you could find them coming down the side and along the bottom of the map, straight towards your Command Centre without much warning. Taking out the enemy Refinery that can be found on the west side of the map also hinders the enemy a fair amount.

Once in a strong position it's just a case of clearing a way through the enemy's home territory to the rendezvous point in the northwest territory (it's highlighted on the minimap). You can consider trying to rush Zod there in an APC, but there are some defences to watch out for behind the Command Centre guarding the entrance to the rendezvous point, so only do it with a healthy APC, or with lots of units to draw fire.

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