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Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe Play Guide

General Advice
This advice is applicable to League, Cup and Knockout matches.

Star Players
In division 2, buy the best Star Forward and concentrate on getting the ball to him. Make sure he has a high speed rating. Then buy the best Mid-fielder and Goalie.

Buy the following attributes in the following categories...

Attack, Power, Speed. Then Defence, Stamina, Aggression and Intelligence.

Defenders: throwing and attack
Mid-Field: Throwing, Defence and Attack
Attack: Defence, Stamina, Speed and Intelligence

Individual Players
Goalie: Intelligence, Attack, Defence, Throwing.
Centre Forward: Intelligence, Speed, Stamina (As the centre forward will always get into a lot of tackles.)


This is very difficult and only for the seasoned player. Money is crucial as you may be up against
Division one teams by the third round and will have to get your statistics somewhere near theirs to have a chance of winning

League Gam
It is not only whether you beat the teams in division two or one, but how many goals you beat them by as points in the league tables and ultimately your position in the League, is defined by how many points you score during the match.

Money is crucial, therefore collect as much as possible each match, as you will have to increase your attributes to the level of your opponents. Their attributes increase by about ten points overall, from team to team

A very different game to the normal match. Although the same as normal league match, the attributes to buy for your team are very different. Intelligence is very important, then Attack and Power. Star Players are not necessary in Division two, although crucial to getting to the top of the division. It is better to be drawn against the top teams in the first couple of weeks of Division two. Save your money against these teams as spending it is a waste of time, as they will probably injure most of your players. Then spend it all when you are up against the weaker teams.

Playing the Match

Go For Score Multiplier
This will multiply the points awarded for scoring goals, injuring players, and any bonus points which you score. Be careful when playing against teams of high intelligence as they will take the ball from you and use the multiplier themselves.

Go for Lethal Bounce
Again, as above, be careful as they will tackle and use the ball against you. Is most effective when playfield
is multiplied, as it will travel through more players.

Go for Stars
When on the way towards the goal, go for stars. When a match is drawn with little time left go for stars as they are easier than scoring goals but will still win you the match.

Go for Money
It is really important in all matches to collect all money which appears on the pitch. There is only
a certain amount which appears each match so be aware of when it stops.

Go for Bounce Domes
As with the stars, in a draw situation, go for these.

When under computer control the goalie will always block the ball, therefore don't move the goalie until
he is the nearest man to the ball.

Use swerve shots against the opponents goalie as this confuses them.

The best tokens to go for are:

Freeze Team
Transport Ball
Boost Stats

Don't go for the manic token unless you are very good and in possession of the ball. When the ball is electrified and the opposition has it, go for the Grab ball token, if available.

If you have any support queries that are not covered in this section please e-mail us at and will we try and help you.

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