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Magic Pockets Level Warps

As with most Bitmap Brothers games, there are no cheat modes whatsoever in Magic Pockets, there is also no password system.

However, there are hidden ways to skip from level to level very quickly once you have learned the basics for the game.


You have to enter the 1st secret room via the transport helmet (easy, as there is a silver and gold star halfway into the section). Then you must produce another transporter helmet (get one silver, then a gold star).  Before you enter this secret room you must do one of two things.

Makesure your kill count is at zero (i.e. the next nasty you trap and burst will produce a silver star or a sweetie worth 100 points).

Produce and collect one silver star.

When you done either of the above, enter the secret room by picking up the transporter helmet.

In this secret room there is a gold star, a cup, a 500 point fruit and a bat.  If you collected a silver star before entering this secret room (by point (b) above), simply collect the gold star to produce a transporter helmet and pick the helmet up.

Otherwise, trap the bat (he takes three large shots), burst him to reveal a silver star, collect the silver star and then the gold star to give you the transporter helmet.


Again, you need to get the second secret room by means of the transporter helemts.

In here, there is a sweetie machine, a silver star and a Venus fly trap. DO NOT KILL THE VENUS FLY TRAP as he is the key to the warp.

First produce five sweeties and jump over the flytrap as he comes towards you. Go and get the silver star.  You will notice the flytrap eats the sweeties instead of attacking you. The idea is to allow the Venus flytrap to eat ten or more sweeties. (Keep producing them with the sweetie machine and letting him eat them). Then trapping and bursting him to produce a gold star. Collect the the star, then the transporter helmet.


Nice and easy... Simply make your way along until you get the diving helmet and return towards the start of this section. Along the way, go into all the water.  The first 'pool' you will receive a 5000 point bonus. The second 'pool' holds a 10000 & 15000 point bonus. In the last cavern a chalice and transporter helmet.  Collect the chalice, then pickup the helmut and away you go!

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