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Here are some details from a user if you are having problems with running Gods on WindowsXP. Please note, we have not tested this.

Here is a quick rundown on getting Gods to work under Windows XP Home:

Gods works perfectly, after a little bit of tweeking, under Window XP Home. I have Gods on a "Crucial Entertainment" CD-ROM and I installed it using the Crucial install program. As installed the game will not run. You must make a few changes to the Windows Preferences for the program.

1.   Right click on the Gods icon and select preferences from the dropdown menu.
2.   Click on the "Memory" tag and set both expanded and extended memory to "Auto". All of the selections should be set to "Auto".
3.   Click on the Program tag and make sure that the "Close on Exit" box is checked.
4.   Click on General and make sure that the "Full Screen" box is checked.
5.   Click on OK when you are finished. The game should now run without sound.

6.   Before you try to run the "Configure" program to setup sound and keyboard controls, download the program from the Bitmap Brothers website. If you can't find the program or get it to download, please contact the webmaster, and he can send you the fix. The Configure Program will disable all keyboard control unless it is patched with Godsfix! You will be unable to play the game without reinstalling the game or running the Godsfix patch to correct the configure problem. Once Configure is patched you can run it to set the "Fire/Action" button to whatever you want. You can also now select the internal speaker for sound output. The internal speaker is probably the only way to get reasonable sound with the game. I have been able to get my Soundblaster Audigy card to play the intro "Into the Wonderful", but it fails completely to produce any other sounds. Soundblaster is too haughty to support such things as DOS games anymore.

7.   If you would like to experiment with sound from a soundblaster card, adlib card, or MIDI output, here is how:

Do a search for Autoexec.nt. It is probably in C:\Windows\System32. This should also be the location of Config.nt. These are the two files that Windows uses to emulate Autoexec.bat and Config.sys. Copy, do not move, these two files to the Gods directory wherever it is located. Windows allows you to make copies of these files and rename them to anything that you wish. I renamed these to Auto-god.nt and conf-god.nt. (Notice the 8 letter point 3 letter naming limit of MS-DOS). You can now use a text editor such as Notepad or the DOS "Edit" command to open these files and look at them. No changes are necessary for the conf-god.nt program, but you can use the Auto-god.nt file to set up soundblaster emulation. The file itself has all of the instructions you need to set up soundblaster 2.0 emulation. Save the files with any changes you have made.

Now right click on the Gods icon and select preferences. Select the Program tag and then select "Advanced". You should see the path to both the autoexec.nt and config.nt files. Change the path for both files so that it points to your new files and new names in the Gods directory. For instance: D:\The Bitmap Brothers\Gods\Auto-god.nt. Windows will now use the two modified configuration files for the game Gods.

Finally, run the Gods configuration program and experiment with the sound output devices. You can tinker with the auto-god.nt file and the Gods configuration program and see if you can get anything else to work. Good luck.

Hope this at least helps get you started.

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