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Gods Game Guide
Level 4

World 1

Make your way to the top of the room and destroy the block that the door key is resting on.

Collect the key and pull lever 2. Go through the door.

Drop down through the opening above the trap. A moving block will appear and save you from falling on the spike.

Go through the door on the right, jump across onto the ladder and climb down.

Destroy the blocks to your left then pull lever 4. Use the zap to kill the monsters then climb back up the ladder to get the room key.

Go down to lever 5 and pull it to enter the trap room.

Quickly jump up to your left and pull lever 6. This stops the moving block from knocking the world key into the traps. If it does you will need to get use the trap key to get The bomb to destroy them.

Exit the room and then make your way up to the world end by lever 11.

Hidden Puzzles

1.To find a gold treasure chest.

Use the trap key from the trap room to move block 2 and go down into the pit.

There is a gold treasure chest here. You will be also find another trap key to move block 3.

The Shop

Buy maces, fireballs, hunters and power potions.

World 2

In world 2 you must collect the three alchemical implements and return them to the alchemists room.

Go right, down the stairs and jump onto the breakable blocks.

Walk right and be careful not to release the trapped monsters.

Down the ladder and collect the gold bowl.

Enter the room by lever 7.

Go lever 9 to blow up the trap collect the alien attract potion on the way.

Pull lever 8 to trigger the thief who will be carrying the pestle and mortar.

Go to lever 10 drop the potion to attract the thief.

Kill thief and take the mortar.

Pull lever 6, go left and pull lever 11 and drop down.

Go to the bottom of the map and collect the door key from behind the breakable blocks.

Back to lever 12, pull, enter room and collect the lamp.

Pull lever 13 to reveal a trap key to move block 2.

Enter the Alchemists room collect the world key and exit the door to the right.

Hidden Puzzles

1.To enter the bonus section.

There is a bonus section which can be entered by collecting the room key from the section above the first door and pulling lever 1 once collected.

2.To find a free familiar

Collect the oil lamp from the bonus section and pull lever 4 to get a familiar.

World 3

In this world you simply need to find and collect the world key.

Go left and kill the dog which appears at the bottom of the first ladder to reveal a spear. You will need to be carrying this when you pull lever 1 to move block

Reset lever 1 and go through the door to the left.

Go right and down the ladder.

Pull lever 2 then 3 and through the door to the right.

Go to lever 7 and pull it.

Return to lever 4 and go back through the door.

Collect the world key and go up the ladder.

This takes you back to the left of lever 2.

Make your way to lever 8, pull it to enter the final guardians room.

Hidden Puzzles

1.To get the treasure key.

When you get to lever 1, don't kill the thief and he will bring you the treasure room key. You will find the treasure room by dropping down the trap door by lever 7 and going through the door at the bottom of the pit.

2.To get The axes.

To move block 2 and get the axes you need to do the following.

You need to get the thief to get the mace from above levers 5, 6 and 7.

Pull lever 7 to open the trap door.

Pull lever 6 to move block 3 to knock the trap key into the pit below.

Reset lever 7 to close the trap door.

Pull lever 5 to open the trap door by the thief.

Wait for thief to collect the mace and come down to you.

Kill thief, collect mace.

Pull lever 7 to open trap door and collect the trap key.

You will now be able to move block 2 and use the mace to break the blocks to allow the axes to be dropped. This will make it far easier to kill the final guardian.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 All Levels FAQ Maps

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