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Gods Game Guide
Level 3

World I

In this world you have to find the mace, power-up and weapon arc to get the world key from the large treasure room.

Go right and down the ladder.

Go up the next ladder and down into the pit to the right.

Kill the monster to get the time-bomb.

Go up and right and pull lever 2 to move block 1.

Go down and pull lever 3 to open the trap door above.

Throw the bomb down twice to kill the bee hive.

Drop down and pull lever 4.

Go right and pull lever 5 to get the maces and door key.

Go to lever 8 pulling lever 7 on the way, through door and up to the three trap doors.

Pull lever 12 to teleport to get the gold bowl.

Go to lever 15 collect the teleport key and pull lever 15.

Go through the door and collect the power-up and treasure key.

Go to lever 20, pull to open the door and reveal the wide arc.

Stay near the door so that your weapons will break the blocks in the ceiling to make the zap, energy and gold key drop.

Hidden Puzzles

1.To find The shortcut.

There is a shod cut to jump the world which can be reached in two ways.

Go down to just beyond lever 1 and then return to the start.

Collect the trap key.

Go to below block 2. The trap key will make this move.

Go up and walk along to the right.

Pull lever 23 and collect the maces, treasure key and wide arc.

Go the final room and you will receive a power-up.

The second method to move block 2 is related to doing things the hard way.

You must not pull lever 1 and reach block 2 in a shod time.

2.To find hidden treasure.

Look to the ceiling of the final room.

The Shop

Buy power-up.

World 2

You have to collect the fire, ice, and water gems to illuminate the lights in the central room.

The fire gem will be stolen by the thief at the top of the second ladder.

Go to lever 7 and enter the door.

Pull lever 8 to open the trap doors above.

Kill the thief and take the gem.

Exit through the door by lever 9.

Go back to the light room and up to lever 13.

Enter the room and pull lever 14 to open the door.

Pull lever 16 and walk left to collect the shield.

Pull lever 15 to move block 3. (This will allow you to go to the treasure room)

Reset lever 14 to open the trap door on the left and collect the ice gem.

Go left and down the first ladder.

Pull lever 20 to move block 4 up and 21 to open the trap door.

Down the ladder on the right.

Pull lever 19 and reset to blow up the trap.

Collect water gem.

Return to the light room to exit.

Hidden Puzzles

To find the massive treasure chest.

By lever 17 there is a hidden switch, press this and find the other two in W3 for massive bonus.

To stop The thief.

The thief which steals the fire gem can be stopped with a freeze alien potion purchased from the shop or zapped by pulling lever 1.

World 3

The first pad of the puzzle is to find and collect two vessels and take them to the final door. Do not pull any of the levers that you are not told to.

Go right and down the first ladder.

Collect the flask and go up to lever 11.

Up the ladder and across to collect the ceramic pot.

Down and along to lever 8.

Pull to get trap key.

Pull lever 9 and jump up to collect the world key.

Back down and reset lever 8 to exit.

Hidden Puzzles

1.To find extra potions.

Pull levers 1 and 2 to see what happens when you pull levers 5 and 6 and then try resetting them. Be careful of spikes appearing beneath you.

2.To get an extra life.

Pull lever 1, go right quickly and pull lever 4.

Boss Guy

The Minotaur is fairly straightforward being rather similar to the Centurion in L1. The added complication is that the Minotaur can jump on your head if you're not careful.

When the Minotaur jumps, run underneath and behind him towards the right, then repeat when he jumps back to the right.

To time the jump, watch for the minotaur stepping backwards. When he does this, he will then step forward, shoot and jump.

The Shop

Buy maces, fireballs, hunters and Power Potions.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 All Levels FAQ Maps

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