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Gods Game Guide
Level 2

World 1

The World Key to exit world one is located in the GEM ROOM. It is situated on top of a platform, some distance above ground level. The key is much too high to reach by normal means.

The block that the key rests on may be lowered by bringing three gems to this room. You must bring the gems in the correct order. Ice, fire then water.

When lowered, collect key and exit World 1 through the door by lever 4.

Hidden Puzzles

1. To get to the treasure room.

When you first start Level 2, walk to the right and press hidden switch 1. This will open a trap door below.

Walk left and kill the two centurions. If you have more than one life they will reveal a gold treasure chest key. Collecting this key will also trigger traps throughout this world.

Climb down into the chamber below the one you started in and walk right until a thief appears. Leave the thief to jump up and steal the shield potion sifting behind the traps on the platform above. Now use the gold key to lure him back down and kill him to get the shield. Climb up past the traps. Pull lever 1 to reveal a treasure key and a thief to collect it for you. Make sure your shield has run out before pulling the lever or it will kill the thief.

The treasure room is entered through the door to the right of lever 5.

1. Experiment with lever

2. To enter the bonus room

3. Make sure you have enough energy before entering.

World 2

The most direct route through the pits is as follows.

Climb down the ladder to the platform where the narrow arc rests. It is usually better to ignore the narrow arc token if you already have a standard arc.

Walk to the right hand edge of the platform and jump onto the ladder to your right.

Jump onto the platform by lever 1.

Press lever 1 to blow up the trap below.

Climb back down and land on the platform below.

Go down the ladder to the right. Get off at the first opening on your left. This is pit 1.

Blow up the traps by pulling lever 2.

Get the room key

Return to the ladder and climb back up to the top, exiting to your right.

Keep walking along this platform to the right and drop off the edge.

You are now in pit 2. Walk right and up the ladder.

Walk right and jump over the gap.

Go right and down the next ladder and collect the teleport key.

Go to lever 6 and pull it. This closes the first trap door in pit 3.

Drop down.

Pull levers 7, 8 and 9 to close each new trap door in turn, allowing you to progress to the bottom of pit 3.

Open the two side doors to your right and go through the door facing you between levers 11 & 12. This will teleport you to the top of pit 4.

Enter the door to the right of lever IS and collect the world key from the ship room.

To exit the world, climb down to the bottom of pit three and open the left hand door. The World exit door is along the corridor to your left.

Hidden Puzzles

To get to the treasure room.

There are three chalices lying around the pits. Take them to the ship room to receive a treasure room key. The treasure room is entered through the door to the left of lever 3.

The Shop

Buy spears and Power Potions.

World 3

World 3 is split into two halves. The mosaic puzzle and the candle puzzle.

The Mosaic Puzzle.

You start in the Mosaic Room. There are four pieces of mosaic which you must find and bring here.

Pick up the first piece from the right hand side of the room and walk left to replace the first piece of mosaic.

Pull lever I.

Kill the two centurions revealed and collect the trap key.

Reset lever 1 to reveal a moving block.

Jump onto the moving block and pick up the door key.

Pull lever 2 to reveal the hidden door.

Pull lever 3 to move block 1.

Reset lever 2 to open the door.

Along this corridor are four rooms. These are the Crypt, the Apothecary, the Wizards Study and the Armoury.

In these rooms are several objects. The Globe, the Skull, and the Jar of Herbs

To find the missing three pieces of the mosaic, take the Skull to the Crypt, take the Globe to the Wizards Study and take the Jar of Herbs to the Apothecary.

The quickest route is, Armoury, Crypt, Apothecary, Wizards study.

Return all three pieces of mosaic to the Mosaic room and a teleport stone will appear.

The telepod stone will take you to the second pad of World 3.

The Candle Puzzle.

Walk left killing all monsters until a trap key is revealed.

Return to lever 15. Pull lever 15 and moving block 2 will rise from the floor.

Jump onto the moving block and go up the ladder.

Climb up the ladder and kill the wall monster to reveal a spear token.

Pick up the trap key and climb back down the ladder.

Walk left to lever 17 and pull it.

Climb down the ladder. Walk right. Jump over the trap and pull lever 18. This closes the trap door underneath lever 19. Climb back up and jump onto the trapdoor underneath lever 19.

Use levers 19 and 20 to close trap doors and make your way up. Collect the trap key on The left.

Jump onto moving block 3 and ride it towards the right.

Jump up onto the ledge and retrieve the candle.

Go to lever 22 and pull it to move block 4 and climb down through the opening revealed.

Make your way to the Study. The candle reveals the door key here.

Go to lever 26 and pull it to gain entrance to the Dragons Lair.

Hidden Puzzles

1.To get the gold cross.

Reset levers 19, 20 and 21. This will destroy the traps which prevent you from reaching the gold cross. The gold cross is very useful if taken to the right place.

The Dragon

Alternately duck and shoot to kill the Dragon. Don't force him too far over to the right or, when he dies, the treasure revealed will drop off the bottom of the screen and be lost.

The Shop

During the first world of Level 3 you will almost certainly have to pick up a mace which will cancel your spears. Sell the spears now by buying one throwing star. Spend you money on fireballs and save the rest to spend in the next shop.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 All Levels FAQ Maps

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