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Gods Game Guide
Level 1

World 1

The first world of the game is used to enable the player to get used to the control method and to solve some simple puzzles.

The first key the player will need is the treasure key to open the treasure room.

The world key is in the treasure room and opens the door to the end of the world.

Hidden Puzzles

1. Short cut.

Reset the levers I & 2 to move block I. This will reveal a water Crystal and power-up and telepod the player to A.

2. Special bonus.

The second puzzle is progressive, in the sense that the by finding one hidden puzzle the player will then be able to find the next. There are four pads to the puzzle.

1. Blow up the trap with lever 4 and then pull lever 3 to reveal a iron treasure chest.
2. Reset lever 4 and pull lever 5 to get a fire Crystal.
3. Pull lever 7 within 2 mins. from game start to make platform 2 move.
4. Press hidden switch 1 to get fire Crystal.
5. Finding these four puzzles will mean that you can find the final pad of the puzzle in W2.

World 2

Get the trap door key on the left of the screen to open the trap door on the right.

Make sure that you go over the top platforms as the bottom route is more difficult but will give you bonus crystals.

Collect the vase and take it to the stores at the bottom of the map, making sure that you collect the room key on the way. Get the world key from stores to exit on the right

Hidden Puzzles

To get to the treasure room.

1.Kill the monsters on the ledge to the right of lever 3 to receive a trap door key. This will let you close the trap door above lever 9 by pulling lever 4. You will then be able to jump down and open the treasure room door.

2.Push all 4 hidden switches to open the 4 trap doors which form the base of the treasure room. All treasure will then fall through onto the floor beneath the room.

The Shop

Buy shurikans and normal arc.

World 3

Pull switch 2 to close the trap doors and blow up the spike in the pit.
Get the giant jump jump up the trap doors.

Alternatively you can wait for 2 minutes and a teleport Crystal will appear to move you up, although you will not get the special bonus.
Get the trapdoor key on the top left platform to open the trap door to the right.

Go up the ladder which lead to the towers.
Go up the ladders to the bridge and jump across the platforms to the left to collect the trap door key.

Go right and collect the teleport key.
Open the door by pulling lever Ii and this will teleport you to the platform on the far left of the map.

Collect the door key.

Go right and pull lever 7 and drop down through the trap door.

Pull lever 8 to teleport you to the top door on the right.
Pull lever 9 to enter the treasure room and collect the lightening bolt.

Pulling lever 10 will open the door and take you back.

Collect the world key and go down the ladder and when you reach the bottom platform you will receive a trap door key.

Pull lever 12 and go down to defeat the centurion protecting the temple
Go up the ladder to the temple and enter the door to exit the level

Hidden Puzzles

1.To enter the treasure room.

Kill the wave of monsters which appear to the left of lever 3. They will give you a trap key. Reset lever 3 and which will then give you a shield when you pull lever 4 to protect you when you drop through the trap door to the treasure room.

2.To move block 1.

You have to get to this point with more than 2 lives, and more than 80,000 points and within 140 secs. from the start of this world.

3.Special bonus.

Kill the centurion without collecting the lightning bolt to receive a gold treasure chest.

Boss Guy

The Centurion is the easiest of the bosses. Watch the Centurion as he throws out fireballs and note the point where they bounce the highest. This is the place you should stand to kill the Boss without getting hit.

Move backwards and forwards at the same time as the Centurion, keeping the same relative position in order to avoid being hit.

The Shop

In the shop you should buy the Magic Eye and spend the rest of your money on Power Potions


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 All Levels FAQ Maps

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