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Gods - FAQ

Q1: I'm using a Yamaha OPL Sound card and I get no sound effects when playing Gods.

A1: Updating your Yamaha OPL Drivers should correct the problem.

Q2: I changed the install path in the Gods Configure option and now i get no sound.

A2: Chnage the path back to C:\GODS

Q3: When I run the game, it appears to get stuck on Start game, Enter Password or Exit to Dos Screens.

A3: Download Gods Patch.

Q4: I am experiencing key configuration problems.

A4: To correct the key configuration problem in Gods, download this patch and unzip it to the Gods directory, which is usually the following:

C:\Program Files\The Bitmap Brothers\Gods

Confirm the process of overwriting the existing file and the problem will be corrected.

Q5: Will Gods run on Windows NT 4.0?

A5: Yes Gods Will run under NT but some configuration changes will have to be made.

Note: If you are prompted to install Direct X drivers by the game you should NOT install them. It is also advised that you should have Service Pack 3 or above installed on your System.

NT4.0 Will always attempt to run DOS applications in a window rather than full screen. Gods however needs to run in full screen mode. There are to ways to correct this.

1. Enter into a DOS prompt and switch to full screen mode.

Then Type

CD ..





Modify the properties of the shortcut icon (Profiles\All Users\Programs\The Bitmap Brothers\Gods) to run the program full screen rather than in a window.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 All Levels FAQ Maps

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