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The Chaos Engine Game Guide
World Four

World 4 Level 1 - Sewers

The first large room you come across in this level has lots of Revolving Domes bouncing backwards and forwards across the room.  These are invincible and thus cannot be shot; if you do shoot them you will just push them about and its not a good idea to shove them all to one end of the room, so its best  just to avoid them.  Collecting Gold Keys 1 and Gold Keys 2 will reduce the number of Domes in the room.

At point 1 you can either carry on up the narrow corridor to the north or shoot the lever on the wall. As the lever drops, the water will drain out of the pit beneath you, you can then get up to the room on the ledge above which contains Gold Keys 3.  When you collect these keys the narrow corridor will be blocked and you will be able to cross to the room marked as point 2.  This room contains nothing but a open manhole which if you walk into will teleport you to point 3.

As you approach the sewer pipes at point 4, monsters begin to generate in the eastern most of the two pits to the south of the corridor and start moving into the room below. Water flows from the pipe outlet, filling the pit to the west.  To progress, you must shoot at the cracked pipe at point 4,  which will blow up and allow water to flow into the eastern pit thereby cutting the supply to the pipe outlet.  This will simultaneously drain the water from the west pit allowing you to carry on into the level and fill the east pit, drowning the monster generator. The sooner you do this, the less monsters you will have to fight when you enter the room to the south.

If, however, you choose to follow the corridor to the north, at point 1, you must activate both nodes at the top of the map and then carry on down the corridor at point 5, which is full of Revolving Domes.  These are, again, invincible but in this case you cannot simply dodge them as they move too quickly.  You can push them down the corridor by firing at them and if you can get to point 5 you will be able to collect a shield token and thus progress safely.

In the next room, the way forward is blocked by a pulsating force field at point 6.  You must shoot the node in the north-eastern corner of the room so that the force field will drop and you can continue.

The route to the exit is blocked by a water-filled pit at point 8.  You must shoot the wheel at point 7 so that it turns twice, thereby cutting the water supply and draining the pit.

World 4 Level 2 - Pump Room

There are two start points to this level (A & B), which is used depends on which exit you took from the previous level.

If you begin at Start B, you must collect Silver Keys 1 to exit from the first room.  You then adventure along the corridor, to find an extra life at the eastern end.  This route then rejoins the main one at point 8.

If you begin at Start A, you must shoot the first node you come across, on the small island just outside the start room.  When this node is activated, Gold Keys 1 will appear.  If you go back into the start room and collect these keys, the manhole cover at point 1 will be removed, revealing the shaft below.  If you step onto this opening you will be teleported into the secret area to the north, which you must leave by walking into the large pipe at point 2.

You must shoot the lever at point 3 in order to progress.  This lever starts in the horizontal position; if you shoot while it is like this it will drop the western pipe will close, stopping the water flow and draining the pit at point 4.  If, however, you spend too long in the room, shooting monsters and the like, the lever will flip up.  If you shoot it at this stage the lever will drop, but this time the eastern pipe will close and the water will drain out of the pit at point 5.

If you can cross the pit at point 4 this leads into the short cut area next to Start B, however this time there will be no extra-life token at the end of the corridor.

The pit at point 5 gives access to the main route onwards into the level.

When you reach point 7, the way forward is blocked by the water filled pit to the south.  You must shoot and destroy all of the pipe outlets which feed the pool at point 6, in order to drain the water out the pit and allow you to continue.  Start by shooting the one on the left, then the middle one and finally the right-hand one.

Once in the pit below point 7, you have a choice of routes.  If you take the western ramp out of the pit you will enter a large room which contains some treasure.  You must then collect Silver Keys 2 to exit this room and rejoin the main route.

In the next large room, at point 9, there are three switches on the wall.  You must shoot the middle one, which is up, in order to flip it down. This flips the left-hand switch up. When you shoot this one, a set of step appears, immediately to the west and the right-hand switch flips up.  You must flip this final switch to drain the final water filled pit and allow you to enter the final pump-room itself.  However you must activate the two nodes on the ledge above the switches before you can open the final exit, so go up the steps and clear out this area before leaving the room.

The node marked at point (1)0 on the map, is only present if you began the level at Start B.

You must collect Silver Keys 3 to open the door at point (1)0 and allow you to get to the exit.

World 4 Level 3 - The Hall of Machines

This level is, basically, a long corridor leading to the single exit at the north.  You are stopped from progressing along the corridor by pairs of activated nodes which project a barrier between them.  These barriers are lethal and will kill any character who walks into them; you have been warned!

You must enter each room, before each barrier and solve the puzzle in that room to shut down the next set of nodes and open their barrier.

Room 1 contains a circle of small pits.  You must collect the Gold Keys in the centre of the circle to start a number of small rocks appearing in the pits around you.  You must then shoot any of the rocks until you destroy one.  As soon as one blows up all the pits will disappear and the puzzle is solved.

At this point you should note that the light on the north wall of the room has stopped flashing and that a number 1 has appeared.  This a clue for later.  As a bonus, if you shoot this digit, it changes into a 4, which is another clue to a later puzzle in room 3.

Room 2 contains a spinning wheel.  As it passes a contact on its frame it sparks.  To solve this puzzle you must simply shoot the wheel, at which point it stops spinning. If however, you manage to stop it at exactly the point when the contacts are touching, the wall to the east of the wheel will crack.  If you walk into this section of wall if will disappear and you will have opened a shortcut to room 4.

Room 3 contains a number of monster generators which produce extremely tough Half-tracks.  You must destroy all these and blow up the generators before you can activate the puzzle.  At this point a set of numbers will appear on the north wall.  It is here that you use the clues you obtained in room 1.  Shoot 1 to deactivate the nodes and open the barrier.  If you have been given the extra clue in room 1 you may now shoot 4 to open a short cut into room 5.

Room 4 contains a number of small dials, all of which have cracked except one.  There is a small button next to this active dial.  You must fire at this button to move the needle within the dial.  When you have killed all the monsters that are generated to protect the dial and moved the needle within, one complete revolution, this dial will crack as well and the puzzle will be solved.

Room 5 contains three animating pistons.  When you enter the room vicious Half-tracks are generated to protect the pistons. As you kill off these guardians, the pistons stop animating and, finally, when all of them have stopped the puzzle has been solved and you may continue to the final section of the level.

The final section of The Hall of Machines provides you with an overview of what do in the next level. The map of this section is representation of the map of the last level of the game.

You must first activate all the nodes in the four small rooms that surround the Generator at point 6.

When the node counter drops to 0 you are informed that the exit is open but on inspection you will find that the door is still shut.  However a power cable joins the Generator to this door and if you shoot the base of the Generator it will blow up, the cable will dissolve and the door will open.

World 4 Level 4 - Time for Chaos

The last level.

The Chaos Engine is in the centre of the level and is protected by a force field, generated by four activated nodes.  Before you can attack the Engine you must disable this force field.

Although the node counter says that there are four nodes to activate in this level, there are no normal nodes;  instead there are four electrical Generators, like the one at the end of the previous level.  The position of these Generators are marked as nodes on the map.

You must destroy each of these Generators, by shooting them in the base, in order to cut the power supply to the level and shut down the force field.

The control room at point 1 monitors your progress, as each Generator powers its own set of pistons as marked on the north wall of this room.  When you shut down a Generator, its set of pistons will cease to move, its dial will be destroyed and the force field surrounding the Engine will be weakened. You are also rewarded with a Players Saved token, which is placed in Room 1, for every one that you shut down. You may come back to this room at any time to bring a character back to life or just to check how you are doing.

When you have succeeded in destroying all four generators, you will be informed that the exit is open, the force field surrounding The Chaos Engine will disappear and a pulsing ring will appear at point 2.  You must step into this ring so that  you are teleported to the final conflict with the Chaos Engine.

The Engine itself has two stages.  At first it has a protective shell around it and you must hurt it sufficiently so that part of this shell dissolves away.  Whilst it is in this phase it cannot use the full force of it weaponry; however once its innards are exposed it will do everything it can to protect itself. All you have to do is destroy it to win the game and rid the land of Chaos.

Simple innit?


General World 1 World 2 World 3 World 4 All Worlds Maps

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