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The Chaos Engine Game Guide
World One

World 1 Level 1 - The Beginning

As the name suggests, this level provides a gentle introduction to the game.

Shoot the first node that you come across to reveal the set of Silver Keys at 1.

Collect these keys to open a gap in the trees immediately to the east.

Collect the Gold Keys 1 to open the small, secret room immediately beneath you.

World 1 Level 2 - Mud Rivers

Shoot the first node that you come across to reveal the set of Silver Keys at 1.

Collect these keys to create a bridge across the mud immediately beneath you.

If you collect the Gold Keys at 1, a pair of bridges will appear allowing access to the small island with Gold Keys 2 on it.  Note that the monster that patrols these keys can be shot from the safety of the main island.  If you collect this set of keys, Gold Keys 3 will appear, these in turn will create a bridge immediately to the east of them, allowing you to enter the hidden area.

Pick up Silver Keys 2 to reveal the bridge to the west and allow access to the rest of the level.

You are then faced with a choice by the narrow bridge which leads out to Gold Keys 4.  If you venture down here and collect the keys, you must then retrace your steps and head north, having elected to take the top route up the narrow isthmus, surrounded by small islands.  This is more the hazardous of the two choices. If, however, you ignore Gold Keys 4 and continue around them to the south and east, by the time you have shot the node, the keys will have disappeared and you will have to take the bottom route to the final island.

The only way to the exit the level is to shoot the last node which is down a pit at the end.  This node may be activated by throwing an appropriate special weapon into the pit (like the Bomb) or collecting Gold Keys 5 which will complete the set of steps and thus allow the node to be shot.

World 1 Level 3 - Rings

After coming down the steps from the start position you are immediately presented with a choice of routes. You may either continue due east in relative safety past the trees, or head south to follow a parallel route past the rock face.  The latter route leads you past Gold Keys 1.  These create a set of steps at point 3 which allow access to the top of the western side of the central ring.

As you approach the stick of dynamite at point 2 you will be surrounded by beetles, collect the dynamite to kill them all off and to reveal a circle of gold rings.

Gold Keys 3, on the western side of the central ring, open a set of steps which lead up to the eastern half.

If you shoot the rock-pillar with a face on it, it will blow up, and thus allow you to collect Silver Keys 1, which open the central ring.

Once through the ring, Gold Keys 4 will shut down the monster generator which they are directly outside and save you bother of having to shoot all the Lizardmen.

To get out of the next section you must collect Silver Keys 3.  These open the room which contained Silver Keys 2 but by the time you get there, the latter have disappeared.  There is no way to get this set of keys.  If, however, you shoot the node in this room, Silver Keys 4 will appear in the ring of stones outside the door.  This set of keys will open the way forward.  They also reveal Gold Keys 5.

Gold Keys 5 open access to the secret area immediately to their west.  Go all the way to the bottom of this area and collect Gold Keys 6.

To leave the next section you must obtain Silver Keys 5.  To do this, simply collect the gold ring which is to their north and west. This will cause them to disappear from the top of the wall and reappear within reach.

To reach exit A, you must first activate the node at point 6.  This will reveal a coin, slightly behind you, to the east.  Collect this coin and another will appear, again slightly to the east.  After following this chain of coins, you will discover that the way to Silver Keys 6 is open; these create a set of steps up to the ledge and the exits.

World 1 Level 4 - The Rockies

There are two start points to this level (A & B), which is used depends on which exit you took from the previous level.

Collect Silver Keys 2 to remove the rock pillar which blocks access to the main section at point 1.

Collect Silver Keys 3 which reveals Silver Keys 4.  The latter set of keys create the stairs at point 3 which allow access up to the central column.  If you stand on the very top of this column you can shoot the node on the rock pillar to the east and this causes Silver Keys 5 to appear.  These keys create at set of steps at point 4.

As you continue along the rock ledge a number of beetles will attack you, collect the Bomb to shut down their generators.

When you pick up Silver Keys 6 another set of keys will appear just to the north.  As you collect these, another set will appear and so on until you are led to the final set, Silver Keys 7, which create a set up steps immediately to their north.

The node at the bottom of the pit can be activated by firing an appropriate special weapon deep into the pit.  If, however, you do not have such a weapon, you can collect the node activation token at point 5.  This will , as expected, attack the node but will also create a large number of Thumpers all of which will fire at that point. Having activated this final node, you may now progress down, round the corner to the east towards the exit.

Just before the final section, the way is blocked by two large rocks.  You may shoot and destroy either of them but not both (unless you are very quick).  There is a Gold Key (number 4) under the one to the east which reveals a set of steps down to the secret room to the south, immediately below you.


General World 1 World 2 World 3 World 4 All Worlds Maps

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