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Cadaver Game Guide
Level Five

Level 5. The confrontation.

At last you have reached the final level of castle Wulf. Dianos is waiting for you in the final room. The aim of the level is to collect the necessary items for his destruction and to reach that final room. Dianos has left a profusion of traps and puzzles to stop you. You will need all the skills that you have gained in the previous levels to succeed, Good luck.

1) .Great Tower Quickly get the marble gem stone and exit East.

2).North Bridge Get the second marble gem stone and find the pressure pad located close to the south wall. Walk over it to reveal a skull lock. Go and insert the two marble gems into the skull lock and exit East.

3) .Ward Room Jump up on the posts and get the potion bottles (Do this quickly as the power gems are damaging your health). Exit East.

4) .Helmís Bridge Pull the first lever. Go under the wooden block when it raises. Pull the second lever and run to the east door. Stand as close as you can get to it and wait, the two flails that appeared will not harm you. Run back, press the hole and get the flask that appears. Finally, pull the third lever, wait for a few seconds until the door unlocks then exit East.

5) .Helmís View Get the Emerald gem then exit East.

6) .Great Chamber Open the chest (Reading the book for clues) and get the dispel trap scroll and cure poison flask. Go down the stairs.

7a).Cellar Stair Open the chest and collect the mind blast orb and green gems (the gems you collect are powering up your mind blast spell in readiness for the final conflict). Exit East then South.

7b).Main Cellar Open chest, collect bless potion spell and urn, return to Cellar Stair. Place the urn under the steam hammer and pull the lever. The urn will smash and you should collect an emerald.

For a bit of fun in this room, try putting any garbage items under the hammer and pulling the lever! Exit East then East.

7c) .Great Cellar Open the chest and you collect the magic missile spells, but they are a bit of a red herring and almost useless. Exit South.

8) .East Cellar Open the chest and pick up the two red potions. As the note says, you can only pick up one of the black potions. They are both stamina, one has a single dose of 200 and the other 10 doses of 20. Get the 10 of 20 stamina potion and cast the bless potion spell on it this provides you with more stamina than casting it on the other potion.

Stand on the skull carving and throw the blood flask at the pentangle on the wall.

9) .Great Chamber You have now been teleported back to the Great chamber. You must quickly jump for the posts that have the caskets resting on them, getting the caskets as you go. Open the green casket and get all the gems. Open the red casket and get the dispel trap spell then exit South.

10) .East Passage STOP! You must now get all the gems, but beware of the floor, there are four pressure pads that transport you to one of the confrontations with Dianos ... Iíll leave you to discover which tiles are the bad ones! Exit South.

11) .The Seperator Avoid touching the black spheres as these will explode and harm you. Collect the key, pull the lever and use the key in the keyhole. Return to the Great Chamber. Use strength to pull back the wooden block from the door. Exit East.

12).Oubliette Search the skull, collect the token and the tigers eye gem, read the book. Return to The Seperator. Exit South.

13).High Passage Pull the middle lever. Climb the wooden ladder, trigger the wooden block by standing in the corner. You must avoid the flail, collect all the green gems and finally the key. Exit South.

14).Axelís leap Collect the money bag and the red orb. As soon as you go round the far side of the pit you will trigger the flails. Jump to avoid them. Exit South.

15).Sea Watch Dispel the trap on the wooden chest, open it and collect the extra strong spider poison and the money sack. Insert the Key in the keyhole and exit West.

16).Axelís Fall Time the moving of the wooden block, and insert the two emeralds into the eyes of the skull lock. Jump across the central block of the wooden floor and exit West.

17).Broksons Hall Open the wooden chest and collect the piece of lead and all the coins. Pull the upper lever and get onto the elevator. Drop the poison on the floor and the spider should drink it, after a few seconds the spider should die leaving behind a key. Pull the upper lever and go down to collect the key. Pull the lower lever to make the bars disappear. Pull the lower lever on the west wall and climb onto the elevator and go to the upper level. Use the key in the keyhole and return to the lower floor. Exit West.

18).The Void You cannot collect the flask or money sacks just yet. The exits to this room located about halfway along the North wall, and at either end of the West wall. Exit North.

19) Dispel trap on the strong box and open it to collect the coins. Collect the magic shield potion, stand on the strongbox to press the secret panel, collect the ruby that falls from it. Return to the Void and then exit using the lower of the West wall doors.

20).The Lordís View Touch the numbered panels until they are set to 7 4 1, this should unlock the door to the south. Exit South then South again.

21).Lords Watch Press the two secret panels to collect a red casket (be sure to read the note) and the two keys. Exit North

22).Side Room Open the chest, and collect what money you can. Return to the Void and Exit through the upper of the West doors.

23).Great Bridge Insert the two rubies into the first skull lock, then insert the key into the lock and insert the token into the slot. Exit West.

24).West Ward Collect the amethyst and the green casket. Open the green casket and collect all the gems. Now drink your strength potion and slide the wooden block so that you can reach the door and the lever. Pull the lever and exit North.

25).Magnuss Watch Avoid the steel shots and insert the amethysts into the appropriate skull lock. You can now open the red casket and collect the lead. Exit North.

26).High Parapet Pull the lever and climb onto the elevator, jump over the wooden platform with the book on it. Open the chest and collect the stamina potion. Return to Lords Watch via the Void.

27).The Void Collect the two money sacks and the turquoise water potion.

28).Lords Watch Drop the two lead pieces and Ragnarís bottle into the bowl. The bowl should bubble for a while and then reveal two pieces of gold. Return to Magnusís Watch.

29).Magnusís Watch Insert the two pieces of gold into the skull lock. Exit North and then North again.

30).Inner Watch Collect the key and open the chest. Collect all the green gems, the two jades , the red casket and the flask of blood. Exit East.

31).Calibanís View Drop the red casket and return to the Inner Watch.

32).Inner Watch Open the green casket and insert one of the jades, return to Calibanís View and open the red casket but do not collect the Bloodstone. Return to the Inner watch and repeat the process with the second jade.

33).Calibans View There should now be two bloodstones on the floor. Collect the Ďbloodí key and return to the Inner Watch, pull the lever and exit South to the High Parapet, throw yourself down the pit.

34).South Cellar Pull the lever and face the consequences. Exit North to the Main Cellar, unlock the door using the blood key and exit West.

35).Calibans Cellar Collect the piece of jet, open the secret panel and collect the banish scroll (this is to defeat Dianos). Stand on the carved skull and throw the flask of blood at the pentangle. You will be transported to Calibans View. Collect the two bloodstones and exit East.

36).Inner Ward Collect the petrify spell, cast this on the turquoise water potion and collect the turquoise gem that results. Exit North onto the Open Bridge.

37).Open Bridge Pull lever and exit North then West then descend revealed stairs.

38) You should now be down stairs. Collect the dispel magic spell. Open the red casket and collect the second piece of jet. Open the strong box and collect all the green gems. Return to the Ward Room.

39).Ward Room Cast the dispel magic on either of the power gems. This should provide you with the final piece of turquoise. Return to the Inner Ward and exit East.

40).Axelís Stand Collect the Orb, open the secret panel and collect all the green gems. Return to the inner ward and descend the stairs.

41).Cellar Stair Place the two red orbs under the hammer (one at a time) and pull the lever. You should now be able to collect two opals and return to Axelís Stand.

42).Axelís Stand Insert the two opals into the skull lock. Exit East.

43).Last Watch Drop the immortal potion, drink it while it is on the floor and run across the wooden spikes to the South door. Exit South.

44).Last Bridge The three skull locks accept the following gems: from left to right , turquoise, tigers eye, jet. Insert all six of these gems and exit South.

45).Guard Post Touch the skull lock and let your energy drain until it stops, you may then insert the two blood stones. Exit West.

46).Inner Chamber Open the strong box and insert the banish spell and the orb of Kamul. Drink the Stamina Potion to return all your lost energy from the previous room. Exit North and Exit West.

47).Dianosís Lair This is the main chamber where you will confront Dianos, remember it well. Exit through the middle of the West doors.

48).Great Cellar Collect all the green gems and return via the cellar stairs to the Last Watch.

49).Last Watch Collect the immortal potion, drink one dose and run across the spikes to return to the inner chamber.

50).Inner Watch Insert the immortal potion into the grey strong box and return to Dianosís lair.

51).Dianosís Lair Open the grey chest and collect all its contents (banish spell, immortal potion and mind blast orb). Wait till Dianos appears, cast the mind blast spell. Drink the immortal potion, approach Dianos and cast the banish spell on him repeatedly until he blows up. Collect his head and exit through the middle door.

In the last room your status will be displayed. You have now finished Cadaver!

This whole series of solutions has outlined the simple ways through the game. There are several hidden bonuses that can be achieved in all the levels, including a special way of killing Dianos. These bonuses will considerably boost your score.

Don't forget ... Another 4 levels of Adventuring can be had by playing 'Cadaver ... The Pay Off'.

Steve Kelly, The Bitmap Brothers


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 All Levels

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