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Cadaver Game Guide
Level Four

The fourth level of the Castle Wulf was the residential floor of the King. There are bedrooms, kitchens and libraries. Much of it has become very bizarre since the fall of the king and a host of demons have taken up residence here at Dianos's bidding. The aim of the level is to get 4 gold keys which will allow you to reach level 5.
The first section involves the old bedrooms of King Wulf and the secret chambers his wife used while carrying on an affair with Lord Carolus. The objective of this section is simply to get past it. In the next section, the old Kitchens, the task is to break open a stone ball, this is done using a combination of objects and puzzles and will reward you with your first Gold key.

Section 3 is a strange collection of mental puzzles and gambling. This is where Wulf and Dianos would be found relaxing. One of the Gold keys is easily attained here, however there are a number of diversionary quests that should keep you occupied for some time. The final section is the old Libraries of the Court. The main task is to rebuild the Planetarium, to do this you must find 5 planets.

A final note on the demons. These ungodly creatures must firstly be made vulnerable to attack. If there is a red circle in front of them you must drop a candle within it. If there is no red circle cast a dispel evil spell.

Lets go!

1).Northeast Solar Open the chest, collect the super fast potion and the read language spell. Walk over the pressure pads, clockwise from the top of the screen. Collect the unlock door wand which should appear near the chest. Exit W.

2).Kings Passage Use the unlock door spell, to exit W.

3).Royal Chamber Open the chest and collect dispel evil orb. Exit S.

4).Store Room Open the chest and collect the key. Exit N, W.

5).Nameless Corridor Use key in the keyhole. Exit N.

6).Kings Bedroom Search the pillow, collect casket, pull lever. Exit W.

7).Queens Bedroom Search the first bush, collect the small brass key, open the chest and collect the unlock chest spell, collect one bottle of wine. Search the right hand tapestry and press the button. Return to the Store Room (4)

8).Store Room Exit W.

9).Secret Store Collect the water potion, collect the Rams Skull, open the chest and collect all four bombs. Drop one bomb and press it, when it blows up it should reveal a secret door. Exit W.

10).Pit Room Walk carefully around the edge of the pit. Exit S.

11).Queens Shrine Cast unlock chest upon the chest, collect bless potion spell, the giant jump potion and collect the dispel trap spell. Return to the Nameless Corridor and exit W.

12).Nameless Corridor (ii) Drink giant jump potion and super fast potion and jump across the pit and spikes. Exit W. (using the unlock door spell)

13).Guards Search pillow and collect shirikan, open square block on the wall and collect key. Exit N.

14).Guard Post Drop water potion onto the small chest key to wash away the poison. Cast dispel trap on the chest, open it, collect the book and the strength potion. Return to the Kings Bedroom (6)

15). Kings Bedroom Use large key on the keyhole. Exit E.

16).Kings Chapel Drop the skull on the altar and read the book which begins "At tanume tue vendum....". Open the casket, collect the chest key and open the grey chest. Collect the two orbs. Drop Finvars Casket of Recharging, insert Finvars Potion Booster spell, open the casket and collect the recharged spell. Cast the potion booster spell on the weak strength potion. Collect the strength potion. Press the triangular button on the south side of the altar and collect the two candles. Return to the Queens Shrine.

17).Queens Shrine Collect candles, drink strength potion, and pull the altar back to reveal a hidden button, press the button and return the altar to its original position. Return to the pit room

18).Pit Room Use a bomb to blow away the hidden door. Exit W.

19).Trophy Room Search the trophy's mouth, this provides you with a small note, press the button in the trophy's mouth. Return to the Queens Shrine

20).Queens Shrine Drop bottle of wine on the altar, open the casket that falls from the ceiling, collect the key. Return to the Trophy Room

21).Trophy Room Insert the key into the lock when the light on the clock is at the top. Return to the Secret store, search the trophy and press the button, return to the Trophy Room and press the button in the trophy again, this will reveal the blocks covering a door. Exit W.

22).North Passage Pull lever, walk through the bars, collect the money bags, do not collect the one painted with magical runes, collect the key and pull the lever to reveal a door to the West. Exit W.

23).Bedroom Open the grey chest, collect the magic missile wand, oil flask and cure poison potion. Search the light and press the secret button that you find. Search the pillow and collect the small chest key. Cast dispel trap on the wooden chest and open it, collect the money and shirikan. If you have any bombs left drop them near where the tapestry was raised. This should reveal a secret door. Exit W.

24).Secret Room In order to kill the demon cast dispel evil. Then use the magic missile wands on the demon to kill it, drink super fast and jump across the pit to collect the bag of holding. Return to the Guards.

25).Guards Pull right lever and then left lever. Exit N.

26).Guard Post Unlock West door. Exit W.

27).Northwest Solar Drop any candle into the circle on the floor, this makes the demon vulnerable, use a magic missile or shirikan to kill the demon. This is quite difficult so you would be best advised to save the game just before fighting it. Exit S.

28).Little Passage Exit S.

29).Royal Gaol Pull lever until you can reach the iron chest, drag the chest free of the bars. Exit S.

30).Cistern Room Exit S.

31).West Hall Exit E.

32).Upper Kitchen Search the grey jars to find a small chest key and collect the copper bowl Exit E.

33).West Passage Read book and collect the unlock chest spell. Return to the Royal Gaol.

34).Royal Gaol Cast unlock chest spell on the chest, collect the stones and the dispel trap spell. return to the West Hall

35).West Hall Exit S.

36).Wulf's View Use the unlock door spell to exit N. Exit N.

37).Pump Room Cast dispel trap on the wooden chest and collect all its contents and eat the cheeses. Place the copper bowl below the pumps spout, pump the handle until water appears in the bowl. Take the bowl and return to the Cistern Room.

38).Cistern Room Unlock the door to the East. Drop the bowl of water onto the cistern, water should now flow along the pipe. Exit E.

39).Oil Store Place the oil flask below the tap on the barrel, when the barrel is full, turn the tap and collect the oil flask when it is full. Return to the Upper Kitchen.

40).Upper Kitchen Drop the full oil flask on the flame. The resulting fireball destroys part of the shelf allowing the ball to drop and smash. Inside is a key, collect the key. Return to Wulf's View.

41).Wulf's View Unlock the door to the South using the spell. Exit S

42).Carvers Hall Throw the stones through the bars so the ball pushes the potion through the bars. Collect the giant jump potion. Return to Wulf's View and use the potion to recover the key from the platform. Return to the Carbers hall and use the key in the lock. Exit S.

43).Southwest Hall Drop a candle in the small red circle and then kill the demon. Exit S.

44).Small Store Use a combination of unlock chest and dispel trap spells to open the nested chests, collect all the contents and, Exit N and then E.

45).Little Passage Unlock the South door using the grey key.

46).Box Room Pull the lever and then return it to the up position. Exit E.

47).Halbs Delight Slide around the large boxes until a gap is made in front of the door, one or two of the blocks cannot be moved and the one in front of the door has a life of its own. Exit N.

48).Inner Passage Use the giant jump potion to reach the wooden shelf, collect the immortal potion and casket, open the casket and collect the four tokens. Pull the lever and exit E.

49).South Passage Drink your immortal potion and jump over the spikes pull the lever to blow them up. Exit S.

50).South Chamber Open the chest, collect the gold key. Slide around the tiles that spell DIANOS so that they read the same along the other track. Exit N.

51).Wardens Room Search the thief, he needs an alkali potion to make him feel well enough to talk to you. Exit S and E by casting unlock door spell.

52).Helms Doom Collect the bottle that restores alkali balance and return to the Wardens Room. Give the bottle to the thief, he will eventually give you the combination to escape, 1432. He will then ask you to bring him a poison. Exit S. then E. then N

53).Gamblers Den Use the three tokens to gamble on the rotundas. The extreme right hand one is a low risk low return machine that provides extra tokens. The middle rotunda is higher risk higher return that also provides green tokens. The left hand rotunda gambles tokens for potions, money, or an occasional key. Use the right and middle rotunda to generate as many tokens as possible then use them in the left hand machine to get potions and a grey key. There is a magic missile spell hidden behind the stairs. When you are satisfied or broke exit E.

54).Malladins Pits The four pits lead to four different challenges:

West Pit, The Resting Chamber - use the fertiliser to grow a shoot so that you can reach the lever, pull it and collect the chest key. Open the chest and collect all items except the books. Drink the 'sweat potion' (strength) and push the metal bars aside. Wait until the clock has gone around four times and then unlock the door. Exit N. and collect the 'fizzy' potion (poison). Follow 'Exit' sequence. Give the poison to the thief. Return to Malladins Pits.

North Pit, Great Pit - collect the gold and follow the 'Exit' sequence.

South Pit, Outer Pit - keep collecting the money sacks, if roots start to grow in front of the door, leave (the door only unlocks after a certain amount of time). The roots will eventually block off your exit so be careful. Collect the dispel trap spell. Exit S. and then S. then follow the 'Exit' sequence. The door only unlocks after a certain amount of time.

East Pit, Fire Pit - withstand the fire balls until part of the metal flooring disappears, drop through and exit S. Collect the three spells and follow the 'Exit' sequence.

'Exit' sequence - from the Great Pit go E - S - S - S - you will now be in the Inner Passage, retrace your steps back to Malladins Pits. From Malladins Pits exit E. then E.

55).Southeast Hall. Cast dispel evil and kill the two demons. Use unlock door spell to exit N.

56).Learned Hall. Pull the lever and exit W.

57).Symbolists Hall Remember the order of the shaped blocks on the posts. Exit E. then E.

58).Symbolists Hall (ii) Pull the levers in this order (L = left, R = right) L R R L. A button should now have appeared on the wall. Press it (the aim of the puzzle is to arrange the shaped blocks in the same order as those in the other room. Exit E.

59).Book Store Read the books and note their contents for clues. Read books several times to see if there is more than one message. Exit W. then W.

60).Symbolists Hall Press the button then exit W.

61).Sealed Chamber Open the chest and collect the planet (Earth) without pressing any of the buttons, then exit E. then E.

60).Learned Hall Exit N.

61).Learned Hall (ii) Exit E.

62).Quadratica (this is later referred to as the room with square walls) Do not bother opening the chest. Read all the books, and collect the 'dry sandy' planet (Chaos). Exit W. then N.

62).Learned Hall (iii) Exit E.

63).Dianos's Library Read all books, keep reading the book on marriage and funeral customs of the Southlands until a spell appears. Collect the spell. Search the tapestry and collect the small key that emerges. Exit W. then W.

64).Side Chamber Do not bother with the puzzle in this room unless you feel like it. It is not essential to completing the game. Exit W.

65.)Nameless Room Open the chest and collect all the contents. Cast the read magic spell on the unknown spell. Return to the Quadratica.

66).Quadratica position the chest along the north wall, fifth tile from the left, jump onto it and then jump up, your head should hit a secret panel and a small white planet should fall out. Collect the planet (this is called the Moon). Return to the Learned Hall (ii)

67).Learned Hall (ii) You have to set the 4 levers to 4 numbers in any order. You do this by setting a lever to either +, - or neutral. For example the number 29 is made by adding 27, subtracting 3 and adding 1. Thus the levers will be in the following positions 27 - up, 9 - mid, 3 - down and 1 - up. Use this principal to create the numbers 29, 32, 16 and 7. Once you have done this the door to the West will unlock. Exit W.

68).Queens Library Cast unlock chest on the chest, collect the planet (Sun). Exit W.

69).Wisdoms Hall Collect the planet (Red planet) and return to the nameless room (65) and exit S. to the Upper room.

70).Upper Room You should now have 5 planets in your rucksack (Earth, Sun, Moon, Red and Chaos), these will be dropped through the holes in the floor to land on spikes in the Planetarium (North of the Queens Library). They should be dropped through the following holes:

Top - Sun, Left - Red, Right - Moon ,Bottom - Earth

Now return to the Queens Library and exit N. into the Planetarium.

71).Planetarium Because you got the planets in the correct positions, the globe in the centre has stopped spinning (honestly it was spinning before). Search the globe, press the hidden switch, collect the two keys and return to the upper room.

72).Upper Room Drop the 'Chaos' planet through any of the holes and return to the Planetarium.

73).Planetarium Press the button on the black globe and collect the grey key. Return to Wisdoms Hall.

74).Wisdoms Hall. Collect all the wooden planks and Exit W.

75).East Passage. This is the final approach to the last room. Use the grey key you collected from the Planetarium in the keyhole then use the planks to cross the floor without touching it (it is electrocuted). Exit W.

76).Central Hall In here are three demons. Firstly cast a dispel evil spell. Then give them everything you've got. Once they are dead insert the four gold keys into the four keyholes in the order given to you by the thief. 1 is the extreme left hand keyhole and 4 is the right hand one. Once this is done walk to the centre of the room and go to level 5.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 All Levels

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