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Cadaver Game Guide
Level Three

You enter level 3 In the main passage after being transported from level 2. In this level resides the Spirit of King Wulf. When found, he will ask you to help free his soul, and in return, he will help you to reach the higher levels of the castle, and thereafter, kill Dianos.

To do this, you must find the five ingredients to concoct a brew to do this. The King will tell you more when you get there .....


1) Nothing interesting S (Mind the gap) E.

2) Collect the three stones, Jump and hit your head on the lever. This will part the bars, giving your escape. Get the other three stones. Descend the stairs.

3) Move the barrels, and get the bag of stones. Go up the stairs. W

4) Pull lever. Try to dodge the spiders and get the key and shuriken. S. Use the key in the keyhole. S.

5) Open the chest and get all the contents (Read the book). S.

6) (The king is here) Touch the king (He tells you the first of six orders which you must follow) collect key, collect candle. N,N,N,E,D,N

7) Insert key in keyhole S,U,W,S,S, pull lever on floor, drop through pit.

8) Collect crown, open chest, get orb, insert key into keyhole, return to King.

9) Give crown to king, (King eventually gives second order and key), collect key.

10) N, E, insert key into keyhole, E, E, E, E, W, collect handle, E, N, collect bottle, read book, W, W, open chest, collect key, S, E, E.

11) Insert key in keyhole, wait till platform descends.

12) N, W, drop candle on one of the blood circles (it should now start to flicker), N, W

13) pull lever on west wall twice, S, collect bottle, collect candle, drink bottle with key in it, collect key recover from drunkenness, N

14) open chest, collect two candles, S from lower of two steps, pull lever (either collect gold or exit as soon as possible, E

15) drop remaining 3 candles on remaining 3 circles till they all flicker (this will teleport you to here later), W (in north west corner), N

16) Insert handle into empty lever slot, pull lever, E, kill spider, E, step on four blood circles (transports you to candle room), dispel trap on chest open chest collect all contents. Return to room with 4 blood circles.

17) W (on lower of two steps) press right hand button only, S, E, open casket, get key, press button, get gem, N, S.

18) Get herbs, insert key in keyhole, S, N up low steps, W, W through NW door, N, S through higher step, S, return to King.

19) Drop herbs on font, read message, collect key, N, N, N, E, throw stone at lever, through gap in bars, W, N, insert key in keyhole.

20) W, collect coins, donít die, collect gems, W, throw stone onto ramp until ball falls down hole, cross pits, pull lever, W, open right hand food safe, eat food, eat chicken, S, E.

21) get rock, search barrels till find meat, collect raw meat, W, S, drop raw meat on charcoal, eat cooked meat, collect small key, S, W.

22) Insert rock in hole, line up barrels with hole, pull lever, collect contents of any broken barrels, repeat until all barrels are gone, collect key, collect rock.

23) Open chest, get all contents, E, E. (you should now be back in the room with the spider)

24) Cast massacre spell, W, S, open chest, collect twigs, N, E, use twigs to push key out from inside the bars, collect key.

25) W, S, insert key in keyhole, insert rock in hole, move barrels to find lever, pull lever, move silver bowl to show key, collect key, N, W.

26) Insert key in keyhole, S, open chest, get potions, move chest to south wall, stand on chest, throw spare objects onto shelf in order to make the ball roll round the corner and knock off the barrel. Once this is achieved search barrel, collect real green flask (the one from the barrel).

27) Insert token into slot, return to King, drop flask on font, listen to king, collect key.

28) W, S, insert key in keyhole, W, drink red potion (super fast) jump over spikes, W.

29) Stand on pressure pad, W, jump over spikes, search barrel, collect bag of stones, open chest, get all, E, S.

30) Push strongbox off platform, open chest, collect gem, drop four gems on four holes, E.

31) Wait for rock to fall, collect stones, S.

32) Throw stone at lever on west wall, S.

33) S, stand on platform pull higher lever on west wall, do not fall off, S, S.

34) Climb stairs, open all chests, collect all keys, collect all sacks, drop through South West hole, pull lever, drop off platform.

35) W, drop five stones down small hole, climb on chest to reach keyhole, insert key in keyhole, N.

36) Run through room before timer expires, collect as much money as possible, E, E.

37) Open chest, collect contents, open chest, collect contents, pull lever three times, pull levers on north walls, N.

38) Pull levers in correct order (right to left), W.

39) Pull lever, W, pull lever, insert key in keyhole, N.

40) Climb on platform, avoid dying, E.

41) Pull lever, climb on platform, E, N.

42) Pull lever on floor, drink strength potion, push board up to the hole in the west wall, drink super fast, jump pit, collect key, S, pull lever, open chest, collect key, N, jump pit, insert key in north keyhole, get handle, S, insert handle in empty lever, pull lever, N.

43) Pull lever on north wall, N.

44) collect all, cast dispel trap on chest, open chest get all, pull lever, S, E, insert coin in slot, return to king. Put the sack of white powders onto the font and get the key.


1. From the King go E,S, insert the key in the keyhole.

2. E, get small key, E

3. N, kill spider, climb on barrels and search shield to find small key. Wait till the hole on the wall fires out a rams skull, collect the rams skull. Climb the stairs to room above.

4. Get wand hidden between chest and stone block. Open chest, get spell, get casket, get bottle.

5. Dispel trap on casket you have just collected, open and get large key. Drop red fish casket (red herring). Open casket with Singu Teniel Vitreng written on it, get read magic spell.

6. Cast read magic on unknown spell. Down, S, use large grey key in keyhole, E.

7. Drag chest W onto platform, pull lever, wait till platform returns, pull lever and jump onto platform, you go upstairs.

8. Get wand from under armour, get coins, search pillow to get casket.

9. Cast unlock chest spell onto large chest, get key, get cash and get holy symbol.

10. Drop down through hole, place wand marked Laguna on far right stone block, place wand marked Durrigan on far left stone block, W, S.

11. Drop casket with image of key upon it, open casket, insert heavy brass key, open casket to get large iron key, insert key in keyhole, S.

12. Press button to select first platform, pull lever to set it moving, pull lever again to stop it, position it to form a step leading to the west of the room. Keep pressing button to select next platform and repeat process. The objective is to construct a staircase leading to the room above, when you have done this climb it.

13. Firstly read book, get lever, drop holy symbol onto stone block, get wand, get casket. Open the chest and get the two spells. Go downstairs.

14. Cast read language on black book, get book, read book. N.

15. Cast massacre spell to kill gargoyle, collect small kek, kill other gargoyle (optional), S.

16. Open chest, get giant jump potion, N.

17. Insert handle into far right lever slot, pull lever, N, E.

18. Drop matil wand on centre stone block, casket drops from ceiling, dispel trap on casket, open and get large key, get three wands from stone blocks, W, S, E.

18. Drop a bag of stones, or other large item, drink giant jump potion, jump on object, jump on wooden platform, pull lever, drop down.

19. Use judgement to climb staircase to corridor above.

20. Insert key in keyhole, W.

21. Drop black book down hole by black stone, drop green bottle down hole by green stone, drop red casket, down hole by red stone, drop rams skull down hole by yellow stone, get enchant liquid spell that should have appeared.

22. E, down, W, N, W, unlock door using wand, W, N, W.

23. Cast enchant liquid spell on the font.

You will now be given the key to the guard barracks, this section is heavily populated by monsters and though the puzzles are not too difficult it is very dangerous. In order to serve the finished potion it will be necessary to recover the ancient chalice of the Wulfs. This can be found at the end of this section. With that complete the King should allow you to go on to level 4.

24. Collect the next key. W, insert key in keyhole, W, W.

25. Kill lower goblin with weapon, avoid rocks of upper goblin, N.

26. Kill both gargoyles, get key from behind wooden board, pull lever, S, E.

27. Insert key in keyhole, E, E, N, N, W, S.

28. Climb stairs and kill goblin, avoid rocks from other goblins, get key, insert key in keyhole,W.

29. Get both keys, kill both gargoyles, W.

30. Insert gold keys in correct keyholes, avoid death, kill volcanoes, N.

31. Search pillow, get key, S.

32. Dispel trap on chest, open chest, get orb and wand.

33. Cast poltergeist spell three times, N, E, S.

34. Get key from centre of room, insert key in keyhole, E, S, E, E, E, N, E, E, E, E, E, N, W, W, N.

35. You should now be in the north west corner of the Royal Maze, open the chest (it was moved by the poltergeist spell from the Guards area).

36. Get, chalice, return to King's ghost.

37. Drop chalice on font. Give full chalice to King, get key, N.

38. Drop through pit in centre of room, S, W, insert key in keyhole, W.

39. Climb stairs to Level 4.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 All Levels

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