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Cadaver Game Guide
Level One

The Caves lie beneath the castle and contain several distinct areas: the mines, the mortuary, the gaol, the crypts, the chapel and the Kings tomb. A secret opening onto the marsh has allowed Karadoc to gain access unobserved. Karadoc starts in the old mine workings and is seeking the route up to the next level in the castle.

Note: the symbol N means go north, E go east etc.

1. First room: collect the pickaxe, coin and diary, N.

2. Pull lever (unlocks north door), N.

3. Collect sack of stones (weapon), W.

4. Kill creature, collect charm, S.

5. Collect runic stone, kill spider, N.

6. N, N.

7. Move sacks to reveal concealed green gem, collect green gem, kill worm, S.

8. E, E, S into main chamber.

9. Collect rope, kill worm, E, E.

10. Collect key, return to start room.

11. From start room E, pull lever (unlocks main chamber south door), open chest for clue about the gem behind the sacks (in case this was missed earlier).

12. Return to main chamber, kill/avoid worm, S.

13. Throw pickaxe at wall until it is low enough to jump or demolished, S.

14. Search skeleton for clue book, E.

15. Buttons unlock door to Dragon room, combination: 1 4 3 2, left hand button equals 1. Players can discover this combination later. Even though they may gain access to the dragon room now they will not have the power to destroy it, E.

16. Now at point A, N, W into the well.

17. Take key hidden under bones, beware of the sea monster, E.

18. W into store, open chest, collect coin, chicken and bread, W, N into gaol.

19. Collect coin on table, use key in keyhole in wall to raise pit cover in Cadaver store, read book, providing clue about gems and the pit, N into cadaver store.

20. E into cell 3, E.

21. E into cell 4, collect key, W.

22. Return to point A, E.

23. Collect green gem, press button in wall to raise pit cover in cadaver store, read book providing clue about gems and the pit, N into cadaver store.

24. Drop rope down hole, walk across hole to fall into pit.

25. Open rat to reveal key for east door, collect other key on floor and open chest, collect urn , E.

26. E into small room, collect green gems (you should now have 6 green gems in your rucksack), return to main pit room.

27. Throw all six gems into the large pool, you should be teleported. If you don’t have all six gems, return to the connected passages through the east door, make a stack of stones or other useless objects and jump up to reach the chain hanging from the ceiling.

28. If you threw all six gems into the pool you will have been transported to point B. Either means of leaving the pit will eventually return you to point F. E into the embalming room.

29. Search the skeleton, collect the key, touching the corpse will disturb a monster, N into the balm store.

30. There are several potions upon a stone ledge: Cure poison, shot shield, stamina, poison (acrid). Consume and collect any of these you want. The key on the floor is for the keyhole in the west wall. It reveals 3 spiders but is not necessary. Return to embalming room and E into the purifactory.

31. Collect learn potion spell and giant jump potion (frogskin), return to embalming room.

32. The offal store (south) contains nothing of great value.

33. Return to the corridor with the row of buttons (W, W, W, W).

34. From the corridor with the row of buttons S, kill the hopping brain with stones. Insert key (skeleton) in the keyhole and S.

35. W, W into the mourning room, kill the hopping brain (it’s asleep so it should be fairly easy unless it wakes up), collect the holy water flasks, collect the charm and S.

36. Kill the brain (this one’s not asleep so it’s tougher), collect the key left by the dead brain, W, do not collect the crown as this is a fake.

37. N into the royal armoury, collect the bronze armour, the sword, red striped shield and bronze helmet, (this was the king’s personal armour), S, W into the ante room.

38. Press the button on the wall (without the Kings armour this would not work), this will transport you to the kings secret treasury, collect the crown, coins and charm and when finished pull lever.

39. You will now be back in the ante room, S, open the chest (key from brain), collect the joint of meat and coin.

40. Return to the mourning room and E into the passage, E, S. You should now be in the first room of the chapel, 2 bugs will be wandering around. These bite if you touch them and they spit shots. Kill/avoid the bugs, put out the flames in the bowls by jumping on them, this unlocks the east door, E into the ‘way of death’.

41. E, E into the common crypt. Collect the key on the altar (revealed when the urn smashes), push the four stones off the altar to reveal a cure potion, collect the potion, push the two remaining urns off the slab to reveal a dispel trap spell and a canister of experience (open to get the experience), E into the shrine.

42. Collect the money and the other bag of stones, return to common crypt.

43. S into gluttons shrine, throw/drop the joint of meat onto the shrine to be rewarded with a super fast potion, collect potion, return to common crypt, W into passage.

44. N into lesser crypt, under heap of stones is runic stone (spell), S and N again to enter the priests crypt, search the large urn to reveal a charm and a worm, collect the charm, S, S into the warriors crypt.

45. Drop gold funerary coin onto the tomb of Kazah, collect potion (fire shield, save this for the dragon), N.

46. W, S, collect key, N, N into the lords crypt, N (you have already seen these two rooms if you came out of the pit using the gems), cast a dispel trap spell on the chest, open chest, collect charm, collect urn.

47. Return to the first room of the chapel, S into the next part of the chapel, kill or avoid bug, drop the urn of Lord Carolus onto the altar of Lord Carolus, collect spell (unknown and unusable until known, then massacre - save for dragon), S via inner sanctum.

48. From the inner sanctum W into the crematorium, place the urn of Ragnar the Chief alchemist onto the appropriate slab, collect flask of blood, return to inner sanctum.

49. Drop flask of blood on the high altar, collect the key and spell (read magic), use the key in the keyhole in the west wall, W.

50. Cast dispel trap spell onto chest, open chest and collect the runic stone (read language), N into the library, collect the spell (map), return to the inner sanctum.

51. Drop the unknown spell that you find earlier and cast read magic upon it, this will allow you to use it to kill the dragon, S, W into the purificatory.

52. Drop a flask of holy water into the bowl, drink the bowl, this will teleport you into a hidden treasure chamber, pull the lever, collect the reward, pull the lever, this will return you to the room adjacent to the purificatory, repeat as many times as you have flasks of holy water (max 3).

53. Having got the massacre spell and the fire shield potion, and the Kings crown you are fully equipped to face the dragon, return to the passage with the four buttons in a row, if you’ve not pressed them press them in the order 1, 4, 3, 2, W, N into the dragon room.

54. Drink the fire shield potion to protect you from the fireballs, hold the massacre spell and press fire to cast it, the dragon will blow up, press the button on the wall, N and pull the lever, this will take you to level 2.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 All Levels

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