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Cadaver: The Payoff Game Guide
Level Four

In this level, collect all ‘rubbish’ in the early rooms.

Get the orb (Mind Blast), the daggers, the three poles, the cash, the two urns and the large skull.->N.

MAIN TUNNEL: Get the two rocks. ->E.

DEATH CAVERN: In here, you must jump onto the stone platform, and move it around by moving your man. You must avoid the spinning spike blocks and make your way to the raised platform. When you have done this, get the casket, leave the flask (Suicide), read the book and get back on the platform and make your way back.->W.->S.

ENTRANCE HALL: Go to the hole and search it. Pay up EVERY time it asks you. Get the two flasks (Alcohol and Unknown) and the snake gem. Throw one of the rocks at the urn. Get the orb (Dispel Magic) and the chest key.->N->W.

WEST CAVE: Hold the dispel magic spell. Walk on the three tiles with depressions (Until three evil gems drop) As soon as all three are revealed, cast the dispel magic. Walk on the depression in the south west corner. Get the key and the boulder. ->N.

BARRED HALL: Go and eat the mushrooms until you find a flask (Stamina). Drop one of the poles between the second and third posts from the North, pull the lever and when the sinning blocks are on their south path, push the post to stop their movement. ->E.

LOCKING ROOM: The idea of this room is that the door you are facing locks, and the one behind you unlocks. So, face the east door and drink the alcohol potion. ->E.

LIFT ROOM: Get on the barrels and throw the boulder onto the platform on the north wall. When it starts moving, jump on the platform on the west wall and pull the lever. Open the casket and get the orb (Banish). Now drop you other casket and open it. Get the wand (Unlock door) and magic stone. Get the two caskets. ->N.

PIT CHAMBER: Throw three rubbish objects (Not the sticks or the caskets) at the plank suspended on the two posts. Press the button. Use the planks to get to the key. Go and press the button again and cast the unlock door on the west door. ->W.

CENTRE TUNNEL: Drop the gold key, the unlock door spell, the mind blast, the cure poison potion, alcohol,. Now drop the two caskets and put the silver key in one and the banish spell in the other. ->W.

HOLY SHRINE: Drop the caskets and open them. Drop the banish on the stone block. Get the new orb (Confusion). Insert the silver key in the key hole. ->N.

ROCK ROOM: Throw two rubbish objects to the east and south of the post to stop the revolving blocks. Pull both the levers. ->E->S. Get all the objects you dropped. ->N->E.

SMALL CAVERN: Search the skull and pull the hidden switch. Get the cash, potion (Unknown) , black potion (Strength). Press the button then open the chest. Quickly get the scroll (Dispel Trap) and ->N.

SMALL CAVERN: Search the shield and get it. Search the hole and get the bomb.->E.

SMALL CAVERN: Insert the strength potion in the urn. ->S.

SMALL CAVERN: Eat the mushrooms. ->E.

TWIN LIFTS: Here, you must put the shield under the moving platform so it goes over to the east gates. Then, drop one of the small sticks you have onto the platform, so it touches the casket. Put the shield under the platform again. The platform should go over again to the west, and the stick should push the casket off. Cast dispel trap on the casket and open it. Get the two keys. ->W. Cast dispel trap on the chest and get the orb (Reveal). ->E. Insert the gold key in the keyhole. ->N.

EAST CHAMBER: Cast the confusion spell. search the urn and get the strength potion. Go to the north wall and cast the reveal spell. Pull the lever. ->W.

EAST TUNNEL: Go up the stairs and push the barrel onto the lower barrel. Drink the strength potion and pull the barrel under the door on the north wall (In the air). ->E->N.

THE ROOM WITH NO NAME(Sorry!): Pull the lever. ->W.

FRED ROOM: Search the two bags of green stones and get the small green gem. Open the chest and get the magic stones. Jump on the platform and ->S. You should land on the barrels. Push the button and get the green gem. ->E->N. Insert the two gems in the skull lock. ->N.

INNER ROOM: Get the cash and scroll (Unlock chest). Cast this spell on the casket. Get the cash and key. Open the chest and get the cash and potion (Stamina). Search the fireplace. Insert the serpent gem into the fireplace. Pull the lever. ->N.

SECRET ROOM: Get the orb (Activate) and the glass orb ->S (Hurry, you are loosing energy!). Cast the activate spell. Wait until the fireplace has totally descended and pull the lever. Get the key. ->S->E.

NO NAME ROOM: Drop the glass orb down the pit. Get the bombs and drop down the pit.

SMALL PIT : Get the gold key. ->S

MIDDLE PIT : Avoid the monsters. -> S.

LARGE PIT : Save the game !!! This is tough. The button to the left of the door makes the platform with the orb on disappear, and the button to the right makes the other platform disappear. The idea is to make the 1st platform disappear so the orb drops onto the second platform, and then make that one disappear, dropping the orb on the floor. I can’t really write how to do this, it’s a matter of trial and error. Get the orb and cast it to escape the room. Return to FRED ROOM.

FRED ROOM: Jump on the platform. Cast UNLOCK DOOR on door. -> N.-> W.

NO NAME ROOM: Position yourself near the potion. Throw a magic stone. The stone should move towards you, bringing the potion with it. Get the potion (Immortal). Drink the potion and jump over the spikes to the other side. Get the chest and go back over the spikes. Cast a dispel trap on the casket and open it. Get the key. Unlock the keyhole and go back over the spikes. You should have enough time to do all of this.-> N.

NO NAME ROOM: Cast a Mind blast to kill the bat. Jump on the stones as they move until you get to the other side. Pull the lever, get the potion and cast another mind blast to kill the monster. Follow the stones back. Exit the room. Cast the Unlock door on the door. ->W.

GEM CAVERN: In this room, you have to flip 6 switches in order whilst gems are dropping. The idea is to push the gems into the pit to stop them damaging you. A tip is to stand near the pit, let a gem drop, push it in the pit and run and press a button. The order of the buttons is 325146 (button 1 = the far left button) and you have the immortal potion to help you. You also need to get the bomb. When you have done this, -> S.

NO NAME ROOM: Drop and press each of the bombs you have to blow up all of the boulders in the way. -> S. If you are careful, you won’t fall off the ledge. You can go back North to get bonus cash and a spell. You can even return to the Room where you used the magic stone to get a lot of bonus stamina, but remember the Gem cavern will could still have dropped gems.

WEST CHAMBER: Drop down . -> S.

HOLY CHAMBER: Here, you must press the button to align the platforms to make an even route for the boulder to roll down and hit the spike. When you have aligned the platforms, pull the lever to set the boulder off. Get the key that is revealed. ->N->W.

WEST TUNNEL: Off this room are four cells. Use the key to get into all the cells and get the skulls in each cell. Search the dead rat in cell 1 and get the orb in another cell. In cell 2, you must kill the man (Use the daggers) to get the last skull. When you have all the skulls, save the game -> N.

THE EXIT: Use the turn monster spell to dispel the monsters. Go and touch the key, it will be teleported. Do this four times. Finally, the key will be in the middle of the room where you can get it. Go and unlock the door and -> W.

THE FINAL: Well, that’s it really except to play around in that room.


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