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Cadaver: The Payoff Game Guide
Level Three

ANTE ROOM: Nothing here->N.

NORTH PASSAGE: Jump onto the altar and push the glass orb onto the floor. Get the broken glass that results. ->N.

PRIESTS ROOM: Get the cash. Open the chest and get the goblet and wand (Fireball).->S->S->S.

SOUTH PASSAGE: Drop the goblet under the barrel with the tap. Touch the barrel and ‘switch’ it (The goblet should fill with wine). Insert the broken glass into the goblet. Return to the priests room and give the goblet to the priest. When he dies, search him and get the key. Unlock the door.->W.

PRIESTS ROOM (2): Jump on the stool and search the wall. Press the secret button. Press it twice more to get a bonus potion (stamina). Get the key and potion. Open the chest. Get the orb and the black book in the strange language.->S.

SMALL STORE: Open the chest. Get the key and talisman. Close the chest, then open it again. Get the orb (Teleport) and cast it.

QUIZ ROOM: (Bonus room) I’ll let you work this room out for yourself! But when finished, cast the teleport spell again. Return to the south passage. Insert the key in the keyhole. ->S.

NOVICES ROOM: Go to the south wall of this room, and, keeping off the three tiles with the symbols on, get the cash and the scroll (Dispel trap).->W.

NOVICES HALL (1): Get the flask, urn and bowl that are on the blood circle. (Note that this opens the door).->W.

NOVICES HALL(2): Pull the 1st lever and drop down. Get the cash, potion (Unknown) wand (Unlock door). Quickly drink the unknown potion (It is a Giant Jump) and jump out of the pit. Hold the fireball spell and shoot the brain as he jumps out of his pit. When done, drop down and get the orb (Mind Blast). Drink another Unknown potion to get out, and drop down the 3rd pit .... Trust me!.

DEEP CELLAR: Drop off the platform and get the goblet. Now, just avoid the brains for about 20 seconds, you will be transported out into the novices room again. When this happened, pull the second lever to close the pits off. Cast the unlock door spell on the west door. ->W.

SPIRITS HALL: ->W through the door furthest north door.

HIDIONS CELL: Get the casket, jump on the stone block and pull the lever twice ... but very, very quickly and then jump off it again. Get the orb (Turn Monster) and key. ->E Insert the key in the keyhole and ->W through the other west door.

LOWER STORE: Get the cash, Potion (Strength) and orb (Activate). Jump on the barrel, and you will find a chest key under the top barrel. Get it. Return to the NOVICES ROOM and insert the goblet into the barrel. Get the goblet.->W. Cast the activate spell to switch the lever and make the casket fall. ->W->W->N.

KALINS CELL: Get the silver orb and jump on the chest. Insert this orb into the hole. Cast the dispel trap on the chest and open it. Get the scroll (Translate) and the talisman.->S->E (Furthest north door).

NOVICES STORE: Open the chest, get the talisman, key and scroll (Bless potion). Get the talisman under the stairs. (Blocks will fall down). Drop the strength potion and cast the Bless Potion spell on it. Now you have the strength to pull the block out of the way of the door. -> E.

VESTRY: Walk around the spikes to the keyhole, insert the key into the keyhole and walk back. Ignore ALL the potions ... they are useless!->N.

INNER SHRINE: Insert the talisman on death into the shrine of death and read the ‘ode to shrines’ book. Note, this book must be in the strange language for the puzzle to be complete. Get the potion that came from the talisman of life. ->E.

OUTER SHRINE: Insert the last remaining talismans into the appropriate shrines and read the book to get the two potions. Get the orb. Search the altar and press the button. ->W->W.

HOLIEST WAY: Pull the lever when the key can drop onto the moving platform. the overhang will knock it off. Get the key.->E->N.

GATHERING HALL: Drop the bowl, urn and ‘foul smelling liquid’ onto the blood circle (ie: the three item you took off the blood circle to unlock a door earlier) This unbars the way West. ->N.

PURIFICATORY: Open the chest on the west wall. Get the brown and yellow potions (Super fast and oil). Get the two demi-johns and two flasks of water. Jump on the second chest and search the left hand panel on the wall. Press it. Search and press the second secret panel. Get the orb. Return to the OUTER SHRINE. ->S.

VARIOS TOMB: Cast dispel trap on the chest. Drop the small grey casket you have had for a while, cast Dispel Trap on it and open it. Get the chest key AND the open casket (You need it later). Open the brown chest. Get the cash and locked casket. Drink the strength potion and pull the altar away from a hidden pit. Drop down the pit.

LOST CRYPT: Get the cash and the chest key. Open the casket and get the casket and scroll (Unlock chest). Cast this spell on the chest with no keyhole (Tells you by searching the chests). Get the spell from this chest (Dispel Trap). Ignore the other chest, there is nothing of any interest in there! Drop the last casket that remains unopened and open it. Get the orb (Teleport) and casket. Cast the teleport spell. Return to the PURIFICATORY. Cast dispel trap on the chest and get the three potions (all unknown, but good).->S. Insert the key in the keyhole ->W.

VANYARS PASSAGE: The blocks should disappear. ->W.

ORACLES HALL: Do not walk on any of the tiles with a swirl in this room. When the mouths have finished their yapping, go to the furthest north mouth. Give him the two demi-johns, the two water flasks and the goblet with the water in. ->N->E.

DORMITORY: Give the mouth your fireball spell. Open the chest and get the key and wand (Unlock door). ->W.

NORTH PASSAGE: This next part takes experimentation, so I would save the game. What you must do is drink the superfast potion and jump to the gap that appears in the wall, and over to the west door. ->W.

GALINS CHAMBER: Nothing here. ->W.

LIBRARY: Again, this needs practice. But use the blocks to make your way to the south door. Insert the key in the keyhole.->S->S.

WEST PASSAGE: Pull both the levers and cast the unlock door spell on the north door. ->N.

REFECTORY: A pit should have appeared. Go down into it.

RELICARY: Open the chest. Get the key, book and gold orb. Stand in the south east corner of the room and cat the activate spell. ->S. Insert the key into the keyhole. ->S.

SACRED STORE: Walk under the platform, you will find a wand (Fireball). Go up the stair and look behind the barrels, you’ll find a lever. Pull it. ->E.

SOLARIS SHRINE: Get the orb (teleport spell) and get the book. Drop the gold orb on the altar. Read the book. ->S.

SECRET STORE: Open the chest and get the green potion (Unknown) the potion (Fire shield) and the glass orb. ->E.

LOWER STORE: Get the cash and pull the lever. Return to KALINS CELL and insert the glass orb into the hole.->W.

SECRET WAY: Insert the oil potion into the lever and pull the lever. Do not go north yet, but return to the VESTRY and drop down the pit.

MONSTER PIT: Run to the east exit. ->E.

THE LUNA PATH: Get the silver orb. Cast the teleport spell.

THE LUNA SHRINE: Drop the three glass orbs into the three depressions on the floor and the silver orb into the blood circle. Get the four orbs that appear (Mind blast). ->W.

ORBIS SHRINE: Pull the lever twice (Ignore the south exit). ->W.

REFECTORY: Insert the four mind blast spell into the chest and get the mind blast spell that comes out on the fifth time you open the chest. Return to the SECRET WAY via the LOWER STORE. Before you continue, cast the bless potion spell on the fire shield potion ->N.

HOLIEST WAY: In here, drop the three caskets you should have. In the first one, insert the mind blast spell (The 150 power one), in the second one insert the fireball wand and in the third, insert the fire shield potion. Drink any stamina you have left.->W.

GREAT SHRINE: Go and search the HUGE! guardian and get the gem. ->E. Get the three caskets, the one with the fire shield you must pick up last! Give the gem to the mouth.->W (And mind the pit that appeared!). Quickly now ... go to the South east corner, drop the 1st casket and open it. This should be the fire shield. Drink it. Drop the other two caskets and get their contents. Cast the mind blast spell then get in front of the guardian. Hold the fireball spell and shoot ALL the charges at him. Every shot MUST HIT, so only shoot when the fireball’s he cast are floating in the air, if your shots hit these, you won’t be able to complete the level. Anyhow, eventually, he should die and allow you to go West, onward to the final level.


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