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Cadaver: The Payoff Game Guide
Level One

Take the diary and insert it into the slot on the wall. This unlocks the door. ->W.

Pick you diary up again (It’s on top of the small wooden table). Search the corpse (Pile of bones) and get the diary that is revealed. ->E and insert this diary in the slot. ->W->W.

->N though the 1st door.

Move the pillow on the bed to reveal a dagger, get it. Open the cabinet and get the flask (Super Fast) and the holy symbol. ->S and ->N through the second door.

Open the cabinet and get the key and cash. Look behind the barrel for a book that explains some of the story.->S and hold the dagger ready for action.->W.

As soon as you enter, start shooting at the slime that is making it’s way towards you. Do not bother shooting the second slime, he is invincible! Insert the key in the keyhole to unlock the north door. ->N.

Search the corpse and get the diary. Leave the chest for later, it is trapped. Return to the secret passage and insert the diary you have just picked up into the slot. (This has unlocked a door north of the Guests Entrance. ->W->N.

Get the orb from the altar (a teleport spell) and now you can play with the levers! Pulling the middle lever down and casting the teleport spell will transport you to the room you want to go to, and is the only one you need to do. However, you can set only the third lever and cast the teleport spell to take you to the MONEY PIT for bonus cash. However, you are then transported to the CATCHER ROOM, where you have to catch 5 falling gems before they hit the floor to escape. Anyway, just set the middle lever down and cast the teleport spell for now.

Search the corpse in this room and get the diary. Also, get the chicken and the two chicken legs. Open the cabinet and get the scroll (Dispel Trap) and pull the lever to unlock the exit. ->N. (You are back in the guests passage). Return to the secret passage and insert the new diary into the slot . Go to the Magic Chamber.

Open the chest to get the cash (Opened by inserting the diary in the slot). Now go to the Guests room 1 and cast the Dispel Trap spell on the chest. Get the dagger, the green casket and the orb (Turn Monster) and return to the guests entrance. Insert the two daggers into the altar, search the altar and recover the two daggers. Search the skull on the wall, get the key and open the chest in this room. Get the holy symbol and the orb (Massacre) ->W->W.Pull the lever (avoiding the monster) and ->W.

Listen to the spiel by the undertaker, then give him the chicken. Take the flask on the table (Stamina) and the red casket he has just given you. ->S.

Now, jump on the bar so you are to the north of the barman. You are about to be tested by a drinking challenge. Listen to the barman, and when he drops the six tankards of ale, start drinking them in this order : The tankard on the bar, the tankard in front of the barman, the tankard by the chair, the tankard by the low stool and the two tankards by the east exit. Now, recover you breath and pick up the cash bag and wait! Jump on the bar and get the coins and the lodestone. Now, drop down and pick up the slime! ->E.

Hold the turn monster spell. The idea in this room is to use the turn monster spell to force the slime’s under the hammer, killing all three and revealing a key for your exit. When you have done this, insert the key in the keyhole, get the green casket, jump on the platform, pull the lever and ->E back to the kitchen. ->E.

(Notice the key fall into the barrel). Pull the lever twice (Helps later), get the green casket. Open the strong box and insert the casket you have just picked up into the strong box (Search the strongbox if you want to know why you do this). Insert your two holy symbols into your other two green caskets and insert both of these into the strongbox. Open the strongbox and get the scroll (Dispel Trap).->S.

Avoid the rotating flails and ->E.

A COLD ROOM: Now, drop the lodestone (Magnet) as near to the teleporter stone as you can. This will attract the key to the teleporter stone and transport the key to your side of the magic field. Get the key and open the chest. Get the bomb and grey key. Insert the key into the keyhole to dispel the magic field. Get the scroll (Unlock Chest) and the flask (Stamina). Open the strongbox and get the scroll (Dispel Magic). Return to the cask room. Insert the bomb into the barrel the key dropped into, and wait till it explodes. Get the key, inserting it into the keyhole. ->E.

Open the chest and get the two black flasks (Unknown). Get the green flask (Giant Jump) and the red flask (Immortal) and one of the dipsticks. Return to the cold room. Touch the teleporter, drink the immortal potion and cast the Dispel Magic spell quickly on the teleporter. Get the cash and key, open the small red casket and get the flask (Stamina). ->W.

Hold the dipstick and throw it towards the flails so they get trapped together in the middle of the room. Now, drink the Giant Jump and Super Fast, jump over the flails, pull the lever and jump back.->W.

Run to the lever and pull it, stopping the darts (Note, this only works if you pulled the lever twice in the Cask room). Get the small key, open the chest in the south-west corner of the room and get the cash. Dispel trap on the other chest and open it with the Unlock Chest spell. Dispel trap on the strongbox revealed and open it. Finally, Dispel Trap on the two grey caskets and open them, getting the orb (Activate) and scroll (Learn Potion).->E, jump over the flails again and ->S.

Drop one of the black unknown potions and cast the learn potion spell on it. If this potion is poison, leave it and drink the other black potion, otherwise, it will be a strength potion, the one you should drink. After drinking, push the board out of the way and pull the lever (Make sure you don’t move the board too far so it blocks the door). Get the orb (Reveal).->W.

Get the two chicken legs. Hold the Reveal spell, stand by the east door and cast the spell. The idea now is to build your own staircase by standing on the block you have just revealed and casting the spell again. You will have to cast it 8 times before it is high enough to exit. ->W when you are able to.

Drop your slime creature. He will go and get all the silver coins for you. Pick up slime when he comes back to you. Cast the activate spell to send the platform to the other side of the fireballs. Now, using the daggers or the massacre spell, kill the slime with the chain attached to it to make the barrel fall onto the platform. Cast the activate spell again. Hold the activate spell, and, using the barrel as a shield, cast the spell and get to the west of the room. ->W.

Press the button 4 times, then press the revealed button once, and finally, press the first button three more time. The door will unlock. ->W.

Go to the North East corner of the room and drop a chicken leg. When the slime comes towards it, jump over, hold a chicken leg and throw it as near to the North West corner of the room. Then, throw a chicken leg to the South West corner of the room, and drop one near the South east corner. The slime will hopefully clear a path so you can get the key, put it in the keyhole and ->N.

Just -> E->E. Pull the lever and ->E.

Pull the lever, and get the charm. Open the chest, get the cash and key. ->W.

Drink the last strength potion, and drag the block out of the way of the door.->W.

Go and search the slot. A token will fall. Don’t go and get it yourself, drop the slime and let him go and get it. When he returns, pick him up and search him. The token will fall. Pick up the token and insert it into the slot. Drop your slime monster, letting him fight the creature for you. Both the creatures will die, and stop any fire balls that are produced. Leave the teleporter that was revealed and ->E. Pull the lever twice ->E.

Get the cash, wand (Unlock Door) and teleporter (Teleporter to be picked up last). Hold the unlock door spell and cast it on the door north. ->N. Insert the gold key into the keyhole and ->W.

Level Two

VILLAGE SQUARE (1) : Search all the barrels in this room until you find a loaf of bread. ->W.

VILLAGE SQUARE (2): Pull the stick from between the wooden posts, and place it at the entrance of the enclosure made by the posts. Jump over and get the sack of stones. The creature revealed will come towards you and should be blocked from it’s advance by the stick you so carefully positioned. Kill the slime with the stones.->E->N.

VILLAGE SQUARE (3) : As soon as you enter, drop the loaf and hold your stones. Shoot at the slimes until you kill them both (One will reveal a key). Get the key ->N.

PRIESTS PASSAGE: Get the silver coins. ->N. PRIESTS SQUARE: Run quickly to the east exit and enter the door. Hold the stones and ->W. Try to shoot the eyes. A hint; when the eyes turn to attack you, you can exit the room and re-enter. This scares the eyes and makes them retreat, giving you breathing space to shoot. Kill both the eyes.->E.

SMITHS LODGE: Get the red casket and the gauntlet. Get on the barrel and throw the gauntlet at the breast plate high on the north wall (The plate should fall onto the bed). Search the breast plate and get the key. Open the iron box (The one furthest east) and get the shurikans and the potion (Cure). Leave the other iron box, you’ll get a spell for it later. ->W.

PRIESTS SQUARE: Insert the key from the slimes in the gold keyhole. ->N.

CARTERS LODGE: Open chest and get the coins and bag of stones. Open the cabinet and get the orb (Activate spell). Return to the VILLAGE SQUARE (2). ->S.

EAST LANE: Use the shurikans to kill the brain monsters. ->S.

HEALERS LANE: Cast the Activate spell (Activates the lever on the other side of the posts, destroying them)->E.

HEALERS LODGE: Get the green potion (Stamina), open the chest and get the 2nd green potion (Super Fast). Ignore the three potion bottles, they are useless! ->N.

HEALERS ROOM: Open the chest. Get the red potion (Spider poison), the orb (Massacre spell) the scroll (Translate) and the brown potion (Cure poison). The cabinet holds a book that gives a clue for later on, that becomes clearer with the translate spell. Return to the VILLAGE SQUARE (2) and hold the massacre spell. ->N

VILLAGE SQUARE (4) As soon as you enter the room, cast the spell, killing the slimes. Get the two bags of cash and drink the potion (Immortal). Note, you cannot pick this potion up! ->W.

HIGH STREET: When in, jump on the brain (The immortal protects you). Now, this is tricky but you must try to get the brain to stay near the raised platform. When the brain jumps, you must jump from the brain onto the platform and pull the lever. When this is done, ->S.

VILLAGE STORE (1): Pull the lever six times and press the button (As the book said). Read the book and get the scroll that comes out of the book (Dispel curse). Search the barrels and one of them reveals an orb (Turn Monster). Leave the chest until you have a Dispel trap spell. ->S.

STORE LODGE: Search the pillow, get the key, pull the lever and get the stone bag. ->W.

SOUTH LANE (1): Cast the Dispel Curse spell on the North lever and pull it to unlock the door.->W.

FOOD STORE: In here, you must push both the sticks so they are under the goodies on the platform behind the metal posts, and then pull the lever to make them fall onto the sticks so you can recover them by pulling the sticks out! So, do that and get the two cash bags and the casket. Ignore the red potion, it’s a suicide. Get the black potion (Giant Jump). ->E->N

SOUTH LANE (2): Make sure you are topped up with stamina for the next part, and hold the bag of stones. ->W (The south door).

UNDERTAKERS: 1st, shoot the 4 spiders (Use the method of going out & in the room to make the spiders retreat) then, use a shurikan to kill the undertaker. There is no way of avoiding the magic he casts. Open the chest and get the shurikan. ->W.

STORE: Get the cast, and search the corpse, but as soon as you do, run to the other side of the descending bars. Pull the lever to raise the bars and return to get the key. Return to the SOUTH LANE (2). Insert the gold key in the keyhole. ->W (The north door).

MORGUE: Search the man and (Quickly!) get the evil gem. ->E->S->S->S.

SOUTH SQUARE: Kill the two eyes with the stones. ->N->N->N.

HIGH SQUARE: Jump on the barrel and wait until four spiders have come out of the barrel. Cast the turn monster and go to the spider barrel. Insert the Spider Poison potion into the barrel. Search the barrel. Get the orb (Massacre) and cast this to kill the spiders. Get the key. Pull the lever on the north wall.->N.

VILLAGE STORE (2): In here, drop the evil gem and GET OUT OF THERE !! (To the HIGH SQUARE. Now, return to the PRIESTS SQUARE. Insert the large silver key into the keyhole. ->W.

PRIESTS HOUSE: Press the right hand button 1st, the left button twice, then the right button twice, then the left button once to unlock the door. ->W, don’t stop and ->S.

BACK ALLEY (1,2,3) ->W->W Pull the lever. ->S.and quickly get the evil gem.->N->E->E->E.

PRIVATE CHAPEL: Drop the evil gem on the altar. Kill the slime (Tricky!). Get the chest key when he is dead and open the chest. Get the Scroll (Dispel trap) and the wand (Magic Missile). Return to the SMITHS LODGE, cast the dispel trap on the chest and get the scroll (Talk with Dead). Go to the VILLAGE STORE (1) and cast the dispel trap on the chest. Open and get the orb (Freeze) and cash. Do not kill the spider, leave him & see! Go to the SOUTH SQUARE and ->W.

SOUTH PASSAGE (1) : Cast the freeze spell, and pull the lever many times until the posts have raised enough for you to jump over the slimes. But drink the SuperFast potion before you attempt to jump ->S.

SOUTH PASSAGE (2): Run and get the two stones and the board. ->W->N avoiding the eye.

GOLD STREET: Get the two stones and hold a bag of stone. ->S.

COUNCIL SQUARE: Kill the eye and get the stone. ->N->N.

PAUPERS SQUARE: Drop the board on the slime, and get on the board. Use the fact that the slime moves towards you to get to the North West rock. Pick up the rock and pull the lever. Get back on the slime and go to the North East rock. Get the wand (Magic Missile) two rocks and pull the lever. Get the scroll when the slime dies (Bless Magic). Cast the Bless magic on the Magic Missile wand. Hold the wand ready for action.->W.

DEAD END: Kill the eye with the magic (Nothing else can hurt it!) Open the chest, get the gold key and the potion (Stamina). Go back to GOLD STREET and insert the key in the keyhole. ->W.

JEWEL LODGE: Get the small chest key. Open the iron box and open the red casket. (The key only enables you to open one casket, so ignore the green one, it’s contents are useless!). Get the ruby and put the ruby in the gold and red casket that is ‘designed to hold a small gem’ (A clue if ever there was one!). ->E. Cast an unlock door spell on the East door. ->E.

BANKERS LODGE: Kill the slime. Get the cash. Cast Dispel trap on the chest and open it. Get the cash and the scroll (Unlock Chest). Look around the back of the altar, you’ll find a piece of jade. Get it. Return to the COUNCIL SQUARE, insert all the rocks you have collected into the barrel and search the barrel. Open the casket that come out and get the Tiger Eye gem. ->N->N->E and from there, return to HIGH SQUARE. ->W.

HIGH STREET (2) : Kill the two brains. Cast the Talk With Dead spell on each of the skulls on the north wall, they will tell you which gems to insert into which skull (Remember, your Ruby Gem is in the casket). So, do all of this and drink the Giant Jump potion and you have good stamina before you then ->W. Note: the Talk With Dead spell can be used on ALL the corpses in this level for a bit of light relief!

HIGH STREET (3): Jump onto the wooden block, drop down and jump onto the next block. Drop down and pull the lever. This kills the creature and stops the health loss to you. Go back and get the key, and ->W.

HIGH STREET (4). Nothing here yet. ->S->E.

ARMOURY: Get the cash, and the red potion (Stamina). Open the iron box and get the shurikans. Get the bag of rocks and open the chest. Searching the chest gives the clue of how to get out of here. So, close, open and close the chest to reveal a keyhole. Insert the gold key in the keyhole. ->W.

MILITIA LODGE: Get a plate, or some other rubbish and throw it toward the potion until a metal post descends and a slime appears. Kill the slime with stones then pull the lever. Get the orb dropped by the slime (Activate), the green flask (Stamina) and press the far left button (Clue given by a book in the preceding room).->W.

HANGER LANE: Get the stone. Hold the bag of stones ready for action. ->S.

HANGERS END: Kill the slime. Cast the activate spell (To pull both levers at the same time).->W.

WIZARDS LANE (1): Kill the brain and get the key. Insert the key in the left keyhole (The key doesn't disappear), then insert it in the right keyhole. Enter the left door!

WINE LODGE: You can now get the rams skull, if you had entered this room through the door you unlocked last, the rams skull would be on the other side of the bars.->S->S.

WIZARDS LANE (2): Kill the eye with the bag of stones.->E.

GREAT LODGE: Nothing in here.->E.

MAYORS ROOM: Go and touch the chest and remember what happened! Get the charm from the bed. ->S.

COURT YARD: Insert the sandstone into the hole. Turn to face the key and drop the talk with dead scroll onto the spikes (Or any rubbish item). Go to the button and press it. Keep pressing it until the small stones shot from the hole push the spell & key off the spikes. Go and get the items.->E.

COUNCIL HALL: Get the orb (Freeze) and the scroll (Unlock Chest). Cast the unlock chest on the wooden chest. Get the scroll (Dispel Trap). Drop the red casket (‘property of the Wulfheim bankers lodge) and cast a dispel trap on it ... hold on ... the casket is double trapped, cast your other dispel trap on the casket, then cast the unlock chest on it. Open the green casket revealed, and get all the keys. Use the gold key to unlock the west door, and return to WIZARDS LANE (2). Insert the key marked ‘EARTH’ into the key hole. Hold the freeze spell ->S.

WIZARDS STORE: As soon as you enter this room, cast the spell. This will stop the platform raising and freeing the slime. Insert the key marked ‘VENUS’ into the keyhole on the north wall (Marked ‘SECOND’). Use the barrel to let you insert the remaining key into the keyhole on the west wall. Pull the lever.->S.

WIZARDS LODGE: Get the cash. Go and stand in the south west corner of the room and throw the rams skull onto the altar. Get the key from the altar and open the chest. Get the key, the potion (Strength) and the two orbs (Turn Monster and Reveal). Return to the MAYORS ROOM. Cast the reveal spell (To reveal the chest that disappeared when you touched it). Open the chest and get the loot. Now, go all the way back to HIGH STREET (4).

HIGH STREET (5): Quickly cast a turn monster spell, run to the orb on the block, get the orb (Mind blast) and cast this spell. ->W.

HIGH CLOSE: Get the cash. Insert the key in the keyhole. ->W.

VILLAGE SAFE (1): Drink a strength potion and pull the two stacked barrels under the block suspended in mid air. Pull the lever (the barrels should stop the block covering the door). ->S.

VILLAGE SAFE (2): Open both the chests. Get the cash, the two orbs (Turn monster and Freeze) the key, the crown and the potion (Super Fast). Return to HIGH STREET (4). ->N.

TEMPLE LANE: Pull the lever and don’t move. Wait till the blocks have descended and drink the Giant Jump potion. Jump onto the top of the first block and carry on over the top of the blocks. Now, I suggest you save the game and prepare for action; Hold the freeze spell.->N.

TEMPLE SQUARE: Cast the freeze spell. Hold a shurikan. Get close to one of the eyes and shoot at it until it dies. When the freeze wears off, cast a turn monster and keep shooting at the eyes. Cast your last Turn Monster and keep shooting. When the last spell wears off, get out of the room even if the eyes are not all dead. ->E.

FLETCHERS HALL (1): Leave the cash ‘till later (Or get it now and see what happens!). ->N.

FLETCHERS HALL (2): Pull both the levers to raise the block, but pull them both again (So both are in the ‘up’ position). ->W.

BOW STORE: Quickly, run to the left hand lever (The one marked ‘up’) and pull it. wait a couple of seconds and pull it again. The eye should now be above your head, and cannot hurt you. You must now use the up and down levers to get the eye at the correct height as to push the key off the metal pole. When done, get the key, the potion (Immortal) and the wand (Unlock door). Cast the unlock door at the exit.->E. Cast and unlock door spell on the south door. ->S. Now you can get the cash.->W. If you haven't already killed the eyes, forget them and drink the immortal potion, and with a bit of speed, insert the two keys in the two keyholes and ->W. Otherwise, you can take your time and get the charm before doing the keys and exiting.

That is the end of level 2. The most physically tough level ever in the annuls of Karadoc. You are more than half way finding your patrons.

Level Three

ANTE ROOM: Nothing here->N.

NORTH PASSAGE: Jump onto the altar and push the glass orb onto the floor. Get the broken glass that results. ->N.

PRIESTS ROOM: Get the cash. Open the chest and get the goblet and wand (Fireball).->S->S->S.

SOUTH PASSAGE: Drop the goblet under the barrel with the tap. Touch the barrel and ‘switch’ it (The goblet should fill with wine). Insert the broken glass into the goblet. Return to the priests room and give the goblet to the priest. When he dies, search him and get the key. Unlock the door.->W.

PRIESTS ROOM (2): Jump on the stool and search the wall. Press the secret button. Press it twice more to get a bonus potion (stamina). Get the key and potion. Open the chest. Get the orb and the black book in the strange language.->S.

SMALL STORE: Open the chest. Get the key and talisman. Close the chest, then open it again. Get the orb (Teleport) and cast it.

QUIZ ROOM: (Bonus room) I’ll let you work this room out for yourself! But when finished, cast the teleport spell again. Return to the south passage. Insert the key in the keyhole. ->S.

NOVICES ROOM: Go to the south wall of this room, and, keeping off the three tiles with the symbols on, get the cash and the scroll (Dispel trap).->W.

NOVICES HALL (1): Get the flask, urn and bowl that are on the blood circle. (Note that this opens the door).->W.

NOVICES HALL(2): Pull the 1st lever and drop down. Get the cash, potion (Unknown) wand (Unlock door). Quickly drink the unknown potion (It is a Giant Jump) and jump out of the pit. Hold the fireball spell and shoot the brain as he jumps out of his pit. When done, drop down and get the orb (Mind Blast). Drink another Unknown potion to get out, and drop down the 3rd pit .... Trust me!.

DEEP CELLAR: Drop off the platform and get the goblet. Now, just avoid the brains for about 20 seconds, you will be transported out into the novices room again. When this happened, pull the second lever to close the pits off. Cast the unlock door spell on the west door. ->W.

SPIRITS HALL: ->W through the door furthest north door.

HIDIONS CELL: Get the casket, jump on the stone block and pull the lever twice ... but very, very quickly and then jump off it again. Get the orb (Turn Monster) and key. ->E Insert the key in the keyhole and ->W through the other west door.

LOWER STORE: Get the cash, Potion (Strength) and orb (Activate). Jump on the barrel, and you will find a chest key under the top barrel. Get it. Return to the NOVICES ROOM and insert the goblet into the barrel. Get the goblet.->W. Cast the activate spell to switch the lever and make the casket fall. ->W->W->N.

KALINS CELL: Get the silver orb and jump on the chest. Insert this orb into the hole. Cast the dispel trap on the chest and open it. Get the scroll (Translate) and the talisman.->S->E (Furthest north door).

NOVICES STORE: Open the chest, get the talisman, key and scroll (Bless potion). Get the talisman under the stairs. (Blocks will fall down). Drop the strength potion and cast the Bless Potion spell on it. Now you have the strength to pull the block out of the way of the door. -> E.

VESTRY: Walk around the spikes to the keyhole, insert the key into the keyhole and walk back. Ignore ALL the potions ... they are useless!->N.

INNER SHRINE: Insert the talisman on death into the shrine of death and read the ‘ode to shrines’ book. Note, this book must be in the strange language for the puzzle to be complete. Get the potion that came from the talisman of life. ->E.

OUTER SHRINE: Insert the last remaining talismans into the appropriate shrines and read the book to get the two potions. Get the orb. Search the altar and press the button. ->W->W.

HOLIEST WAY: Pull the lever when the key can drop onto the moving platform. the overhang will knock it off. Get the key.->E->N.

GATHERING HALL: Drop the bowl, urn and ‘foul smelling liquid’ onto the blood circle (ie: the three item you took off the blood circle to unlock a door earlier) This unbars the way West. ->N.

PURIFICATORY: Open the chest on the west wall. Get the brown and yellow potions (Super fast and oil). Get the two demi-johns and two flasks of water. Jump on the second chest and search the left hand panel on the wall. Press it. Search and press the second secret panel. Get the orb. Return to the OUTER SHRINE. ->S.

VARIOS TOMB: Cast dispel trap on the chest. Drop the small grey casket you have had for a while, cast Dispel Trap on it and open it. Get the chest key AND the open casket (You need it later). Open the brown chest. Get the cash and locked casket. Drink the strength potion and pull the altar away from a hidden pit. Drop down the pit.

LOST CRYPT: Get the cash and the chest key. Open the casket and get the casket and scroll (Unlock chest). Cast this spell on the chest with no keyhole (Tells you by searching the chests). Get the spell from this chest (Dispel Trap). Ignore the other chest, there is nothing of any interest in there! Drop the last casket that remains unopened and open it. Get the orb (Teleport) and casket. Cast the teleport spell. Return to the PURIFICATORY. Cast dispel trap on the chest and get the three potions (all unknown, but good).->S. Insert the key in the keyhole ->W.

VANYARS PASSAGE: The blocks should disappear. ->W.

ORACLES HALL: Do not walk on any of the tiles with a swirl in this room. When the mouths have finished their yapping, go to the furthest north mouth. Give him the two demi-johns, the two water flasks and the goblet with the water in. ->N->E.

DORMITORY: Give the mouth your fireball spell. Open the chest and get the key and wand (Unlock door). ->W.

NORTH PASSAGE: This next part takes experimentation, so I would save the game. What you must do is drink the superfast potion and jump to the gap that appears in the wall, and over to the west door. ->W.

GALINS CHAMBER: Nothing here. ->W.

LIBRARY: Again, this needs practice. But use the blocks to make your way to the south door. Insert the key in the keyhole.->S->S.

WEST PASSAGE: Pull both the levers and cast the unlock door spell on the north door. ->N.

REFECTORY: A pit should have appeared. Go down into it.

RELICARY: Open the chest. Get the key, book and gold orb. Stand in the south east corner of the room and cat the activate spell. ->S. Insert the key into the keyhole. ->S.

SACRED STORE: Walk under the platform, you will find a wand (Fireball). Go up the stair and look behind the barrels, you’ll find a lever. Pull it. ->E.

SOLARIS SHRINE: Get the orb (teleport spell) and get the book. Drop the gold orb on the altar. Read the book. ->S.

SECRET STORE: Open the chest and get the green potion (Unknown) the potion (Fire shield) and the glass orb. ->E.

LOWER STORE: Get the cash and pull the lever. Return to KALINS CELL and insert the glass orb into the hole.->W.

SECRET WAY: Insert the oil potion into the lever and pull the lever. Do not go north yet, but return to the VESTRY and drop down the pit.

MONSTER PIT: Run to the east exit. ->E.

THE LUNA PATH: Get the silver orb. Cast the teleport spell.

THE LUNA SHRINE: Drop the three glass orbs into the three depressions on the floor and the silver orb into the blood circle. Get the four orbs that appear (Mind blast). ->W.

ORBIS SHRINE: Pull the lever twice (Ignore the south exit). ->W.

REFECTORY: Insert the four mind blast spell into the chest and get the mind blast spell that comes out on the fifth time you open the chest. Return to the SECRET WAY via the LOWER STORE. Before you continue, cast the bless potion spell on the fire shield potion ->N.

HOLIEST WAY: In here, drop the three caskets you should have. In the first one, insert the mind blast spell (The 150 power one), in the second one insert the fireball wand and in the third, insert the fire shield potion. Drink any stamina you have left.->W.

GREAT SHRINE: Go and search the HUGE! guardian and get the gem. ->E. Get the three caskets, the one with the fire shield you must pick up last! Give the gem to the mouth.->W (And mind the pit that appeared!). Quickly now ... go to the South east corner, drop the 1st casket and open it. This should be the fire shield. Drink it. Drop the other two caskets and get their contents. Cast the mind blast spell then get in front of the guardian. Hold the fireball spell and shoot ALL the charges at him. Every shot MUST HIT, so only shoot when the fireball’s he cast are floating in the air, if your shots hit these, you won’t be able to complete the level. Anyhow, eventually, he should die and allow you to go West, onward to the final level.

Level Four

In this level, collect all ‘rubbish’ in the early rooms.

Get the orb (Mind Blast), the daggers, the three poles, the cash, the two urns and the large skull.->N.

MAIN TUNNEL: Get the two rocks. ->E.

DEATH CAVERN: In here, you must jump onto the stone platform, and move it around by moving your man. You must avoid the spinning spike blocks and make your way to the raised platform. When you have done this, get the casket, leave the flask (Suicide), read the book and get back on the platform and make your way back.->W.->S.

ENTRANCE HALL: Go to the hole and search it. Pay up EVERY time it asks you. Get the two flasks (Alcohol and Unknown) and the snake gem. Throw one of the rocks at the urn. Get the orb (Dispel Magic) and the chest key.->N->W.

WEST CAVE: Hold the dispel magic spell. Walk on the three tiles with depressions (Until three evil gems drop) As soon as all three are revealed, cast the dispel magic. Walk on the depression in the south west corner. Get the key and the boulder. ->N.

BARRED HALL: Go and eat the mushrooms until you find a flask (Stamina). Drop one of the poles between the second and third posts from the North, pull the lever and when the sinning blocks are on their south path, push the post to stop their movement. ->E.

LOCKING ROOM: The idea of this room is that the door you are facing locks, and the one behind you unlocks. So, face the east door and drink the alcohol potion. ->E.

LIFT ROOM: Get on the barrels and throw the boulder onto the platform on the north wall. When it starts moving, jump on the platform on the west wall and pull the lever. Open the casket and get the orb (Banish). Now drop you other casket and open it. Get the wand (Unlock door) and magic stone. Get the two caskets. ->N.

PIT CHAMBER: Throw three rubbish objects (Not the sticks or the caskets) at the plank suspended on the two posts. Press the button. Use the planks to get to the key. Go and press the button again and cast the unlock door on the west door. ->W.

CENTRE TUNNEL: Drop the gold key, the unlock door spell, the mind blast, the cure poison potion, alcohol,. Now drop the two caskets and put the silver key in one and the banish spell in the other. ->W.

HOLY SHRINE: Drop the caskets and open them. Drop the banish on the stone block. Get the new orb (Confusion). Insert the silver key in the key hole. ->N.

ROCK ROOM: Throw two rubbish objects to the east and south of the post to stop the revolving blocks. Pull both the levers. ->E->S. Get all the objects you dropped. ->N->E.

SMALL CAVERN: Search the skull and pull the hidden switch. Get the cash, potion (Unknown) , black potion (Strength). Press the button then open the chest. Quickly get the scroll (Dispel Trap) and ->N.

SMALL CAVERN: Search the shield and get it. Search the hole and get the bomb.->E.

SMALL CAVERN: Insert the strength potion in the urn. ->S.

SMALL CAVERN: Eat the mushrooms. ->E.

TWIN LIFTS: Here, you must put the shield under the moving platform so it goes over to the east gates. Then, drop one of the small sticks you have onto the platform, so it touches the casket. Put the shield under the platform again. The platform should go over again to the west, and the stick should push the casket off. Cast dispel trap on the casket and open it. Get the two keys. ->W. Cast dispel trap on the chest and get the orb (Reveal). ->E. Insert the gold key in the keyhole. ->N.

EAST CHAMBER: Cast the confusion spell. search the urn and get the strength potion. Go to the north wall and cast the reveal spell. Pull the lever. ->W.

EAST TUNNEL: Go up the stairs and push the barrel onto the lower barrel. Drink the strength potion and pull the barrel under the door on the north wall (In the air). ->E->N.

THE ROOM WITH NO NAME(Sorry!): Pull the lever. ->W.

FRED ROOM: Search the two bags of green stones and get the small green gem. Open the chest and get the magic stones. Jump on the platform and ->S. You should land on the barrels. Push the button and get the green gem. ->E->N. Insert the two gems in the skull lock. ->N.

INNER ROOM: Get the cash and scroll (Unlock chest). Cast this spell on the casket. Get the cash and key. Open the chest and get the cash and potion (Stamina). Search the fireplace. Insert the serpent gem into the fireplace. Pull the lever. ->N.

SECRET ROOM: Get the orb (Activate) and the glass orb ->S (Hurry, you are loosing energy!). Cast the activate spell. Wait until the fireplace has totally descended and pull the lever. Get the key. ->S->E.

NO NAME ROOM: Drop the glass orb down the pit. Get the bombs and drop down the pit.

SMALL PIT : Get the gold key. ->S

MIDDLE PIT : Avoid the monsters. -> S.

LARGE PIT : Save the game !!! This is tough. The button to the left of the door makes the platform with the orb on disappear, and the button to the right makes the other platform disappear. The idea is to make the 1st platform disappear so the orb drops onto the second platform, and then make that one disappear, dropping the orb on the floor. I can’t really write how to do this, it’s a matter of trial and error. Get the orb and cast it to escape the room. Return to FRED ROOM.

FRED ROOM: Jump on the platform. Cast UNLOCK DOOR on door. -> N.-> W.

NO NAME ROOM: Position yourself near the potion. Throw a magic stone. The stone should move towards you, bringing the potion with it. Get the potion (Immortal). Drink the potion and jump over the spikes to the other side. Get the chest and go back over the spikes. Cast a dispel trap on the casket and open it. Get the key. Unlock the keyhole and go back over the spikes. You should have enough time to do all of this.-> N.

NO NAME ROOM: Cast a Mind blast to kill the bat. Jump on the stones as they move until you get to the other side. Pull the lever, get the potion and cast another mind blast to kill the monster. Follow the stones back. Exit the room. Cast the Unlock door on the door. ->W.

GEM CAVERN: In this room, you have to flip 6 switches in order whilst gems are dropping. The idea is to push the gems into the pit to stop them damaging you. A tip is to stand near the pit, let a gem drop, push it in the pit and run and press a button. The order of the buttons is 325146 (button 1 = the far left button) and you have the immortal potion to help you. You also need to get the bomb. When you have done this, -> S.

NO NAME ROOM: Drop and press each of the bombs you have to blow up all of the boulders in the way. -> S. If you are careful, you won’t fall off the ledge. You can go back North to get bonus cash and a spell. You can even return to the Room where you used the magic stone to get a lot of bonus stamina, but remember the Gem cavern will could still have dropped gems.

WEST CHAMBER: Drop down . -> S.

HOLY CHAMBER: Here, you must press the button to align the platforms to make an even route for the boulder to roll down and hit the spike. When you have aligned the platforms, pull the lever to set the boulder off. Get the key that is revealed. ->N->W.

WEST TUNNEL: Off this room are four cells. Use the key to get into all the cells and get the skulls in each cell. Search the dead rat in cell 1 and get the orb in another cell. In cell 2, you must kill the man (Use the daggers) to get the last skull. When you have all the skulls, save the game -> N.

THE EXIT: Use the turn monster spell to dispel the monsters. Go and touch the key, it will be teleported. Do this four times. Finally, the key will be in the middle of the room where you can get it. Go and unlock the door and -> W.

THE FINAL: Well, that’s it really except to play around in that room.

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