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Friday 13th September 2002

I completely refreshed the whole web site this morning, so if you were accessing it at the time and were receiving errors, apologies for the inconvenience. Hopefully all the links should be working now, but if anyone finds any problems please let me know at


Thursday 5th September 2002

We setup a basic webcam which points out of our window to the River Thames and faces Canary Wharf. At the moment you have to press F5 to refresh, hopefully Iíll be able to get the auto-refresh script to work


Thursday 15th August 2002

There is a new section in our Links - Education & Research.


Wednesday 12th June 2002

The university courses on our Help on Getting into the Industry page have been updated.


Wednesday 29th May 2002

An update to below, Iíve put all the shots seen in recent magazines for Speedball Arena here.

Iíve added to little updates today.  Iíve put the SBA image in our Images section and Iíve added a userís fix on getting Gods to work on WindowsXP - see here.


Friday 24th May 2002

Again, another long period where Iíve not been updating this page. Thereís been lots of small changes to the site. The Company section has been reorganised to reflect all the changes and restructuring with the Bitmap Brothers.  All press releases are now found in the Company section, along with a small press pack for the company.

Also, pages such as the Essential Software page have been updated.

There are lots of new screenshots and news concerning World War II: Frontline Command, Speedball Arena, Xenon 2000: Project PCF and all our handheld titles - Gods GBA, Magic Pockets GBA, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe GBA, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe Pocket and The Chaos Engine GBA.

Plus lots of minor updates here and there.


Wednesday 14th November 2001

Sorry Iíve not been mentioning updates here, but today Iíve updated the company profiles and have added everyoneís softography.


Friday 31st August 2001


Note: Any links below are now obviously dead or do not exist.  Iíve linked anything I can to the most relevant page possible.


Friday 17th August 2001

Version 1.4BETA 2 patch [of Z: Steel Soldiers] has been released today and you can find more details here.


Friday 10th August 2001

Planet Steel has been added to GameSpy's StrategyPlanet section, the site has an exclusive interview with Mike Montgomery and has lots of information on Z and Z: Steel Soldiers.  The address is


Wednesday 8th August 2001

SPEEDBALL ARENA IS IN DEVELOPMENT.  For more details please click here.


Sunday 5th August 2001

Version 1.4b patch [of Z: Steel Soldiers] has been released today and you can find more details here.


Friday 20th July 2001

Crawfish Interactive are to develop The Bitmap Brothers classic back catalogue titles for the Game Boy Advance. These will include Xenon II, Speedball II: Brutal Deluxe, Cadaver, Gods, Magic Pockets & The Chaos Engine.  Check here for the press release.


Wednesday 4th July 2001

Version 1.3 of the patch [of Z: Steel Soldiers] is available to download, please go here for more details.


Monday 25th June 2001

Another new patch has been released today for Z: Steel Soldiers check the official site here to download it.


Tuesday 6th June 2001

A new patch is available for Z: Steel Soldiers check the official site here to download it. Also the new demo (30.2Mb) is available from the official site. Check the Downloads section for both files.


Friday 6th June 2001

Z: STEEL SOLDIERS IS RELEASED TODAY!  Check out some review quotes here.


Monday 4th June 2001

NEW demo for Z: Steel Soldiers is now available to download. Check here for details.


Tuesday 22nd May 2001

Z: Steel Soldiers. The Battle Begins. Click here for more details.

Z: STEEL SOLDIERS POISED FOR GLOBAL ATTACK! Click here for more details.

Z: STEEL SOLDIERS INVADE THE INTERNET!  Click here for more details.


Friday 4th May 2001

The German, Italian and Spanish demos of Z: Steel Soldiers are out, please go here to for details. News on the French version soon.


Thursday 3rd May 2001

The new Z: Steel Soldiers demo is now available.  Click here to see more details.


Wednesday 2nd May 2001

Z: Steel Soldiers demo is now available to download.  Click here to see a list of sites where you can download it.


Monday 30th April 2001

PC Zone have the Z: Steel Soldiers demo exclusively on their cover CD this month.  This issue's magazine will hit the streets this week. The demo will also be available on the Internet a few days afterwards - details to follow.  An announcement of the full game's release date will be made very soon as well. So please check checking these pages.


Friday 9th March 2001

PC Zone has give Z: Steel Soldiers 90% is their World Exclusive Review.  Please go here for some quotes from the review and check out PC Zone's April 2001 issue (issue 101) - General Zod appears on the front cover.

Release date for Z: Steel Soldiers has been placed at late April/early May 2001. Please keep check back here for the latest news.

GamesDomain have put up a 2-part preview of Z: Steel Soldiers on their site.  Check out Part 1 and Part 2.  Also they have added to movies here, these links have been added to our Z: Steel Soldiers Video Clips page here.


Tuesday 13th February 2001

PC Gameplay have put up a preview of Z: Steel Soldiers on their web site.  You can also read a more detailed review in the February 2001 issue of their magazine.


Friday 9th February 2001

Fresh approach reaffirms Z: Steel Soldiers' original take on the RTS genre. To read the press release, please go here.  You can also view the new shot from the render on our Z: Steel Soldiers Images page here.


Tuesday 30th January 2001

PC Format has previewed Z: Steel Soldiers in their February issue.  Also, the fifth part of How To Code Xenon 2000 is included.  Check out our Xenon 2000 page here.


Monday 29th January 2001

Z: Steel Soldiers has been previewed in this month's (February, issue 231), Computer and Video Games.


Thursday 25th January 2001

We are have some job openings at the Bitmap Brothers.  Currently we are looking for artists, programmers and level designers. Please check out the Job News page here for more details.


Wednesday 17th January 2001

EQV is currently organising as part of its annual NSPCC event, a 25 hour computer game-athon, playing networked computer games with the objective of raising awareness and as much money as possible for the NSPCC. They have run similar events for the last 3  years and have raised over £6000.  EQV are hoping to increase that figure this year but we need your help to do it.

The event will take place on the 27th January 2001, the event is scheduled for this day so we can maximise donations and interest.

To help promote the main event EQV are also running an online auction on their web site  at  If you can help, or for further information please send an e-mail direct to Mike Bates of EQV at

Sorry for not keeping the Xenon 2000 page updated, but since that last update there has been part 3 and 4 of PC Format's Xenon 2000 project.

Part 3 was in the Christmas issue (issue 117), which came out 6th December 2000. Part 4 is in the current January issue (issue 118), which was out on the 29th December 2000.  And don't forget to check out part 5 in February's issue (issue 119) on the 31st January 2001.

Mike Montgomery has appeared on Sky One's Blam! programme, previewing Z: Steel Soldiers.  You can view a clip at's at site

PC Gameplay has a preview of Z: Steel Soldiers February 2001 issue (issue 9).  There is also a five minute video report on their cover CD (a better version on the DVD).


Friday 12th January 2001

Our game designer, Ed Bartlett, has written a column for the UK magazine, Edge, entitled Making it BIG when you're small. He will be writing a column every month. Check out the article on Edge's web site here. Ed has also appeared the Develop magazine talking about WAP and online games.


Thursday 11th January 2001

Just a quick update on the PC Zone article, you can view the article on their site here.  Also, 2 extra Volcanic world screenshots have been added here.


Wednesday 10th January 2001

GameSpot UK posted  the second part of the Bitmap Brothers Designer Diary yesterday.  Please check out Part Two here.

The new screenshots from the Volcanic world have been added here.


Tuesday 9th January 2001

Z: Steel Soldiers has been previewed in this month's (issue 99) PC Zone magazine. There are 6 pages of information, screenshots and interviews, with a special General Zod front cover.


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