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Friday 8th December 2000

The ice screenshots have been added here.  You can see these in this month's PC Zone Hot-Shots section and on the GameSpot UK site.


Wednesday 6th December 2000

GameSpot UK has published day three of their Designer Diary.  To check it out, please go here.


Tuesday 5th December 2000

Day two of GameSpot UK's Designer Diary. Please check out day two here.


Monday 4th December 2000

GameSpot UK have placed the first part of the Bitmap Brothers Designer Diary, which runs for the next three days.  You'll be able to read the progress of Z: Steel Soldiers over the next 3 months. Please check out Part One here.

Z: Steel Soldiers has been previewed on several web sites, such as GameSpot,, Computer and Video Games, and  Click on the site names to go straight to the previews.

The photos of the Bitmap Brothers that appears in PC Format's Xenon 2000 special, have been added to the downloads page in our Xenon 2000 section.  You can view them here.


Wednesday 29th November 2000

Crucial Entertainment have launched their online store. If you wish to purchase Gods, Magic Pockets, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe or Xenon 2: Megablast (for PC CD-ROM), please visit the Crucial Store at  For more information please go here [scroll down to the 29th November].


Monday 20th November 2000 have published a preview for Z: Steel Soldiers.  To view it, please go here.


Thursday 16th November 2000

3 pages of new screenshots have been added to our Z: Steel Soldiers section here.  Also, check out PC Zone's latest preview of the game in their X-mas issue on sale 16th November 2000.


Monday 13th November 2000

The December issue of PC Format is on sale today, 13th November, the second How To code Xenon 2000 is in this issue.


Monday 6th November 2000

Z2 has been renamed to Z: Steel Soldiers.  For more details please go here.  New screenshots have also been released, please go here to view them. And an FAQ can be found here.

Amazon UK placed an interview with the Bitmap Brothers here recently. You'll also find information about purchasing our titles.


Wednesday 1st November 2000

The Russian game.exe magazine have supplied us with a cover of their magazine's front cover for Z2.  You can view it here.


Fridday 20th October 2000

The November issue of PC Format is on sale today, 20th October, check out the Bitmap Brothers interview and the Xenon 2000, How To section.


Tuesday 3rd October 2000

A Speedball 2100 review has been added here [Correct date of review was 29th September, scroll down to this date].


Friday 29th September 2000

Speedball 2100 (PSX) is released today.  To order directly from Empire call: 0800 783 0156.

A couple of Speedball 2100 artwork pieces are here.  Some smaller screenshots and artwork for Speedball 2100 have been added here.


Thursday 28th September 2000

The Z: Steel Soldiers overview has been added here.  This includes details of the game and the minimum specification.

The Speedball 2100 video clips have been updated here.

I've fixed the Profiles [Company] page for Netscape Navigator browsers here...hopefully.


Tuesday 26th September 2000

Xenon 2000 Press Release has been issued, please read it here.

New icons and pages have been added to the Xenon 2000 section here.


Monday 25th September 2000

CTW article on Speedball 2100 has been added here [scroll down to 18th September].


Friday 22nd September 2000

The Speedball 2100 section has been updated.


Thusday 21st September 2000

Render for Speedball 2100 has been added. To download it, please go here.


Tuesday 19th September 2000

Please check out PC Format's Xenon 2000 Spoiler here.


Monday 18th September 2000

The official release date for Speedball 2100 (PSX) has been confirmed as 29th September 2000.  Please check out the official web site at or go to Empire's site for more information at

The Speedball 2100 screenshots are now here.


Friday 8th September 2000

There are now 7 pages of screenshots for Z: Steel Soldiers, please go here to view them.


Wednesday 8th September 2000

Please check out our Xenon 2000 - PC Format preview here.


Monday 4th September 2000

GameSpot UK have posted an exclusive screenshot from Z: Steel Soldiers.  To see it, please go here.  You can read the small article that went with this shot here.


Sunday 3rd September 2000

There is a team photo from the ECTS show on the GameSpot UK site here.

GameSpot UK have a preview of Z: Steel Soldiers from the ECTS show here.


Friday 1st September 2000

I am going to put up a temporary News site (kind of separate to this site), I'm hoping to put every piece of news (web site articles, previews, reviews, fan sites, and more) on this page.  If you have any details you think we could put up and such a page please let me know at  I will probably make the Links page in a similar format. to the News page.


Thursday 31st August 2000

I would like to place a Links page on the current , with general gaming sites, useful pages, plus any fan sites out there. If you have any links or fan sites that you think should go on this page, please e-mail me at


Tuesday 25th August 2000

Some Z: Steel Soldiers screenshots have been added here.

I've updated the Profiles [Company] section, everyone should be there, no proper graphics for everybody.


Thursday 31st August 2000

Important Z: Steel Soldiers press release has been added to Z: Steel Soldiers Announcements page here.

A short render of a fortress has been placed on the Z: Steel Soldiers Video page here.


Wednesday 23rd August 2000

Small addition - added icons for Z: Steel Soldiers page, no content as yet, sorry.


Monday 21st August 2000

We are hoping to have a new site up and running by January 2001. A long way off, but it gives us time to make it a really cool site, expect new sections like News, Forums, Chat rooms and more. If you have any ideas or suggestions please e-mail us at


Friday 18th August 2000

Just minor fixes to the site.  Z: Steel Soldiers unofficial release date has been updated to March 2001.

We are hoping to have a new site up and running by January 2001. A long way off, but it gives us time to make it a really cool site, expect new sections like News, Forums, Chat rooms and more. If you have any ideas or suggestions please e-mail me at

We are hoping to have the Z: Steel Soldiers page updated very soon with the latest details and screenshots.

The new Speedball 2100 web site is now live, please visit it at  The game should be released very soon and can be ordered from Empire's site at

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