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Thanks to all the guys here (past and present) for their input and help with the site. Itís been a while in production but itís up at last.

Also special thanks to:-

Liam DelaHunty - bugged him many a time for advice, thanks for fixing the frames problem - visit his site at
Charlie Haywood - for help with the layout, etc.
All the people on the NetObjects newsgroups, including the Team NetObjects guys - sent so many queries about NetObjects Fusion that I probably became very annoying :-) - the newsgroups are at news:\\netobjects.fusion40.gen-discuss and news:\\netobjects.fusion50.general-discussion.
And to anyone else that I forgot or missed.

The site was created with NetObjects Fusion 4 and 5, the excellent graphics were created by Dean Atkin up North with a bit of help from Adam Norbury (who created the previous version of the site).  I will be adding a more detailed list of the creation of the site soon.

Unfortunately this site doesnít like Netscape too much, sorry, will have to fix that for all you Netscape browsers.  If you have any bugs to report, you can e-mail me at

Kolin Tregaskes


Known Bugs:

The top and bottom frames donít expand before 1024 width (roughly), so the border looks a bit messy once you open you browser to a larger width than this. Fixing it at the moment, should be sorted soon.

Bottom and right frames need a bit of tidying up, also might redo each frameísí background image.

Itís a fairly graphic-intense site, so downloads on slow modems will be poor, sorry. Will try and optimise the graphics more if possible.

The text sizes might go messy if you use any size other than Medium (from the View - File Size menu in Internet Explorer), will sort out soon-ish. This should be fixed now.

There might be several dead links to sites that have closed down, so if anyone finds any and Iíve not put a note near it to say the link is dead, please let me know.

And, of course the Netscape problem, itís basically the 4 frames round the edge, they go a bit pear-shaped. I will create Netscape specific frames to solve this problem.  This shouldnít affect the functionality of the site though.

If there are any other problems, please e-mail me at  Hope you like the site?

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