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Z: Steel Soldiers

Z: Steel Soldiers takes the core structure of the original title and immerses the player into an experience that is altogether more refined.

Z: Steel Soldiers' focus like Z is as an arcade-strategy title where the emphasis is on the players' real-time combat decisions and their subsequent consequences.

Z: Steel Soldiers has evolved from the benchmark that Z created by retaining the elements that made Z a great game and plunging them into realistic 3D environment. As a direct consequence of this, Z: Steel Soldiers has become truly representative of a 'real world' war zone in that every metre of ground needs to be fought for as a result of the territory based nature of the game play.

Each world type that battle takes place upon has been carefully crafted with its own unique environment, whether it be sun bleached dessert or dark forest each with its own environmental system and localised life forms.

The war machine that the player commands has been completely reworked and extended within Z: Steel Soldiers compared to the original. Again due to the fact that highly realistic terrain environments exist within the game, it seemed only fair to give the player a full naval and air force to command as well as the robotic infantry and armoured fighting vehicles from the first game. In total there are 30 unit types and 20 building types for the player to experiment with. In addition to the original array of Robots, there is a new core of elite infantry units that have been introduced; the Technician, Explosives Expert and the Spy.

You can still snipe enemy vehicles, even aircraft when they are on the ground and then commandeer them for your own ends. Viruses can be planted within enemy installations disrupting manufacturing processes, buildings can be stolen and a variety of heavy weaponry is on offer.

Z: Steel Soldiers allows you to build your own base where you want to rather than having predefined building positions. The only constraint on the player is that you have to own the land that you wish to build upon, so you are still forced to go out and conquer the terrain in the region. When you take possession of a territory a mine is built that harvests Xenonite that is converted into currency for the player to fund the expansion of their forces.

Unlike the original, Z: Steel Soldiers is plot driven with the player progressing through a campaign that takes place over 6 vastly different worlds, 30 levels in total. The mission structure of the game takes this into consideration with the player having to achieve a plethora of objectives in their battle against the blue forces. As with the original the robotic infantry units all have their own individual personalities and act accordingly. From the script there are a number of "Hero" characters that also play an important part in the game and will often help or in some cases hinder the player in their quest, depending on who's side they are on. All of these characters obviously have their own visual identity with slim, dexterous Snipers running for the high ground and large, hulking Tough robots with their massive shoulder mounted missile launchers ambling into battle.

The multiplayer aspect of the game gives the player the chance to enter into a Skirmish game with up to seven simulated opponents or a choice of human and simulated adversaries. The game can be played online or on a LAN with up to a maximum of 8  players.  There are many types of multiplayer game on offer including timed, resource based, unit based and objective based game play environments.

Review Quotes


PC Zone

90% - The simple fact is Z: Steel Soldiers is a truly excellent game.

PC Gameplay

The game encourages confrontation and combat at every turn, making for more exciting and challenging gameplay than can be found in any of the Command & Conquer games.


I'm genuinely excited about Z: Steel Soldiers and will be looking forward eagerly to further developments. It could be a real winner and put EON on the map.

Planet PC

An exciting blend of action and strategy, this futuristic fighter drops you into the thick of the battle.

PC Gamer

It has emerged as a fun take on an increasingly tired genre.

PC Strategy Games

This is real AI, not the usual smoke and mirrors, and marks a breakthrough for all real-time computer games.


4/5 - In a nutshell, this is definitely the easiest RTS game to pick-up and play we've ever seen - top, laser-toting fun.

PC Gear

PC Gear 1st Award - Simple ideas, superbly executed - Enough to ensure Z: Steel Soldiers rises to the top of the online rankings - 9/10


Computer Games

The 3D graphics are attractive, allowing plenty of weather and lighting effects. Everything looks and feels very real. Steel Soldiers look good, sounds great and plays well.


Unlike most real-time strategy games (Steel) Soldiers doesn't make you worry about tedious nonsense; such as managing your supplies. Instead you spend time deciding where to send robot soldiers to capture enemy territory and planning assassinations ...the controls have been simplified so everything can be done using your mouse.

Steel Soldiers also takes a unique approach to real-time strategy gaming by infusing an element of dry wit and humor into the mix. Each of the character troops has an individual personality and will display their emotions verbally throughout the game.

...the fantastic RTS game, Steel Soldiers - this arcade/strategy offers more than your average strategy with great graphics, unique gameplay with an environmental system, localized lifeforms and much more.

Steel Soldiers is a highly unique 3D action/strategy game in which the player assumes the role of leader of an army of robots. Players must lead their units into battle to gain territories and destroy the opposing forces. The entire game is laced with humous and almost cynical personalities of the individual robot units. Through character voices and animated, cartoon cut scenes, gamers are constantly reminded that war is hell - but it can still be funny. The game's real-time strategy elements are focused on action. Thereby keeping the players focus on the battles at hand rather than on resource management.

Minimum System Requirements

- Microsoft Windows® 95/98/Me/2000 with 100% compatible computer system
- Pentium® II 266, AMD K62 550 or equivalent
- 8Mb DirectX 8 compatible 3D Accelerator Card
- 64Mb RAM
- 650Mb of uncompressed Hard-drive space
- Quad-speed CD-ROM
- DirectX 8 compatible Sound Card
- Microsoft® compatible Mouse and Driver
- Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP and IPX) play supported
- Internet play requires 100% Windows® 95/98/Me/2000-comptible 56kps (or faster) modem and connection to the Internet via an Internet Service Provider

Recommended System Requirements

- Microsoft Windows® 95/98/Me/2000 with 100% compatible computer system
- Pentium® II 600 or AMD equivalent
- 32Mb DirectX 8 compatible 3D Accelerator Card
- 128Mb RAM
- 650Mb of uncompressed Hard-drive space
- Quad-speed CD-ROM
- DirectX 8 compatible Sound Card
- Microsoft® compatible Mouse and Driver
- 128kbps ISDN modem for Internet play

Optimum System Requirement

- Microsoft Windows® 2000 with 100% compatible computer system
- Pentium® III 800 or AMD equivalent
- 64Mb nVidia GeForce 2 of ATI Radeon 3D Accelerator Card
- 128Mb RAM
- 650Mb of uncompressed Hard-drive space
- Eight-speed CD-ROM
- Sound Blaster Live! or Aureal Vortex 2 Beast Cards
- Microsoft® 3-button Wheel Mouse and Driver
- DSL modem or higher for Internet play

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