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Z: Steel Soldiers: FAQ

What's the background to the game?

Z: Steel Soldiers begins at a time where a peace initiative between TransGlobal Industries and the MegaCom Corporation is almost signed bringing the long and devastating conflict to a close. The player's alter ego is stranded on a lowly backwater planet along with his squad and is awaiting extraction and reassignment else where in the system, probably as a security guard - what else can a combat robot do? Then something goes horribly wrong...

What are the main differences between Z: Steel Soldiers and the original game?

The most obvious and striking change is the move from 2 to 3D. Z: Steel Soldiers takes place upon a collection of true 3D worlds, each with their own distinct ecology. There's no psuedo 3D used here, everything from the ground up has been designed to make the most of the 3D nature of the game but make it as accessible and straight forward as a 2D game. Thus players will need to work out how to use the terrain to their advantage, deciding which territories to conquer next - do they go for the economically sound or strategically important? Which route should they employ to gain their objectives and which units should they build and deploy to achieve them? They'll need to judge how and where the AI will strike next.

Z: Steel Soldiers will be an altogether more immersive experience and is certainly more detailed than the original in terms of storyline. Basically Z took place within the Z universe whereas Z Steel Soldiers defines it.

Is the emphasis still on capturing territory?

The territory model from the original is still used but has evolved into a resource model for the sequel. The taking of territory is still paramount for victory as buildings can only be constructed on land owned by the player. But now, gamers must also think about which territory will best suit their strategy.

Each sector on the map will feature a flag displaying a number from 1 to 5, the higher the number the quicker the game's resource, Xenonite, will be mined. The temptation may well be to secure those territories that will deliver the most Xenonite so forces can be quickly built up. But the game's 3D environments mean that some territories will be strategically better than others. So, taking control of high ground with a relatively small yield of Xenonite may well prove more advantageous in the long term than quickly snatching a valley based territory with low strategic value and a high resource yield.

Are there any new units in the game?

In total there are 30 unit types including sea and air and 20 building types for the player to experiment with. There is a new core of elite infantry units that have been introduced, the Technician, Explosives Expert and the Spy. You can still snipe enemy vehicles, even aircraft when they are on the ground and then commandeer them for your own ends. Virii can be planted within enemy installations disrupting manufacturing processes, buildings can be stolen and a variety of heavy weaponry is on offer.

How many missions will there be?

There will be 30 single player missions set across the game's six very different worlds.

Are the missions independent?

The game features a progressive plot driven story line written by Martin Pond, the man responsible for bringing the world of Medievil and the universe of Imperium Galactica 2 to life. Full of intrigue and conspiracy, the story will be updated through luscious cut scenes created by leading industry lights AudioMotion.

Will the game support multiplayer action?

Z: Steel Soldiers will definitely offer 20 multiplayer missions with a number of game modes alternatives with support for up to eight players over LAN or the Internet.

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