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Speedball 2100

Empire strikes back with Speedball 2100! Empire elected to lay the ground for a Speedball revival. After much deliberation, leading development team The Bitmap Brothers has selected Empire Interactive to publish its much-anticipated Speedball 2100 title for PlayStation.

The sequel to the Bitmaps' legendary future sport, interest in Speedball 2100 has snowballed since the announcement of its development in March 1999. Speedball 2100 follows in the footsteps of its illustrious predecessors, but adds a host of new elements to the gameplay mix.

Players select one of 16 Speedball teams and are charged with leading them to victory in a series of tournaments and leagues. Played within walled arenas, Speedball is a fast-paced sport wherein teams of twelve muscle-bound gladiators attempt to throw a solid metal ball into their opponents' goal.

Anything goes as players weave intricate passes together, use the walls to deflect long passes to the attacking line and attempt to slam the ball past heavily armoured goalkeepers. For safety reasons, each player is required to wear padded suits as the ability to foul an opponent or crack their skulls with a well-placed ball is as essential as perfecting long shots at goal.

Speedball 2100 retains every aspect that made the original Atari ST and Amiga versions so popular and established Speedball as a legend in gaming circles. The power of the new formats, however, has allowed the Bitmap Brothers to add elements to the game engine previously deemed impossible.

Each match is split into two 90 second sections, with the emphasis on speed and accuracy. The game's renowned metallic look has also been recreated and a new 3D perspective has been added - while Speedball die-hards will welcome the return of the familiar bird's eye view.

The Empire deal comes as The Bitmap Brothers undergoes its most ambitious expansion in its ten-year history. An extensive talent drive has seen a number of well regarded artists and programmers join the Bitmap ranks - with more additions imminent - and the creation of the Bitmaps' first 'Northern' office in Harrogate - home of the latest Speedball outing.

Mike Montgomery begins - "Choosing between publishing partners was a difficult decision to make, but of all the suitors, ultimately Empire most shared our vision of what will make Speedball 2100 one of the hit titles of next year. Thousands of Speedball fans have told us what they want and that is what we will deliver - an all action, total arcade, sweaty, adrenaline thrash for the PlayStation. Speedball is back!"

He continued. "Speedball 2100 is certain to be one of the biggest games of next year and Empire's plans for its promotion are exciting and have assured everyone involved in the project that the game is in the best possible hands." Speedball 2100 will be published for PlayStation.

Speedball 2100 for the Sony PlayStation was released on 29th September 2000.

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