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Thursday 30th May 2002

Crawfish announce details of Palm and PocketPC titles
Posted: Thursday, 30 May 2002

Crawfish released this press release today about new Bitmap Brothers Palm and PocketPC titles, Chaos Engine Pocket, Xenon Pocket and Z Pocket.

  • Crawfish to publish online handheld specialist launch site for downloadable Pocket PC and Palm games

    Gaming On The Go!
    Crawfish to sell gaming classics for Palm and Pocket PCs!

    30th May 2002, Croydon, Surrey, UK. Crawfish Interactive today confirmed its move into the world of publishing as it looks to build upon its phenomenal success developing handheld hits with the creation of CrawfishToGo. Specialising in the development of Palm and Pocket PC games for download over the Internet, this new addition to the Crawfish family marks a broadening of the company's business interests, and further enhances its position as the world's leading handheld specialist.

    Crawfish’s founder, Cameron Sheppard, commented on the plan: "The creation of CrawfishToGo marks an incredibly exciting time for all at the company. We've had a fantastic first five years and now we can approach the next five with real anticipation. We've already established ourselves as the premiere GameBoy and mobile developer, now we want to lead the way in Palm and Pocket PC gaming. Despite its enormous growth over the last few years the market has remained largely untapped and we're confident our games are going to be massive hits. "

    The launch of the business is to be spearheaded by original games Gopher It and Chess Togo. Available on the Crawfish ToGo. website ( for the fantastic price of just £2.99 each, these two games are expected to be popular and provide a mere taster of what gamers can look forward to in the months ahead. With dedicated development teams already working on new, quality versions of classic hits such as Chaos Engine and Z, the company's game's library is set to explode over the course of the year.

    Colin Kendrick, head of CrawfishToGo, confirmed: "Although this is our first publishing venture we're already looking forward to establishing ourselves as the number one developer of Palm and Pocket PC games. Our success is going to be based upon providing quality games at incredibly low prices. Our portfolio of games is already looking good, and it's going to get even better with games like the Chaos Engine, Xenon and Z all due later this year."

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