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Thursday 27th September 2001

PC Gamer: WORLD EXCLUSIVE look at Speedball Arena
Posted: Thursday, 07 September 2001

In the November 2001 issue of PC Gamer there is a big World Exclusive first look at Speedball Arena.

    It's a game of two halves: your separate head and body after a particularly painful tackle. The Bitmaps bring us the sport of the 22nd century a hundred years early.

    In 2100, Brutal Deluxe were no-hopers. In the just-legalised street-sport of Speedball, Brutal Deluxe couldn't walk it like they talked it. In fact, after most matches, they had trouble walking at all. At the bottom of the division, their unworthly blood splattered on the gauntlets of champions Super Nashwan. Their fans loved them but deep down, they knew they were going nowhere. Unless something changed and fast. A new manager takes over - but surely he can't turn it around by himself?

Article taken from PC Gamer magazines


Official PlayStation2 Magazine: Step In The Arena
Posted: Thursday, 27 September 2001

There is a small article on the October 2001 issue of OPS2.

    OPS2 exclusively unveil the Bitmap Brothers' Speedball Arena

    The Legendary no-holds-barred violent metal ball slamming action of Speedball is coming to the PS2 - and it's going to be playable online.  Developer Bitmap Brothers spoke exclusively to OPS2 about their brand new game Speedball Arena and how they're going to take Sony's next-gen console by storm.

Article taken from Official PlayStation2 Magazine


Friday 7th September 2001

Computer & Video Games: Ed Bartlett Interview on SB2 GBA and SBA
Posted: Friday, 07 September 2001

CVG have posted an interview on their site with our lead designer on Speedball Arena, Ed Bartlett.  He discusses the upcoming Speedball 2 for the GBA and SBA.

    CVG - Can you tell us what Bitmap Brothers titles we can expect to see brought to the GBA?

    Bartlett - Well, it looks like we're doing the whole back catalogue. We'll do the main titles, the best known ones. We may not do things like Xenon or Speedball - we may just go straight for Xenon 2 and Speedball 2. We're doing Speedball 2 at the moment, primarily because we think that's one of our strongest brands and also because we're working on Speedball 3, which ties in very nicely with reaffirming the intellectual property with existing users and also the younger generation of players who will be new to the game.

    We're also looking to do some PDA stuff as well and we've been working on the PC version. I think we're working with Broadsword for the PC and Crawfish are doing the GBA stuff for us.

To read the rest, please go here

Article taken from Computer & Video Games


Thursday 6th September 2001

Game Development News: Gamasutra Debuts New Education Section
Posted: Thursday, 06 September 2001

The game development site, has a new Eduction section.

    We've created a new Education section of the site dedicated to students interested in game development careers. Get information on schools/universities, check out our new student gallery, and read a selection of career-oriented articles from Gama’s past.

    Gamasutra’s new Game Education homepage offers tools and resources for anyone studying game development or looking for a game development program. Highlights include the Gamasutra School Finder, feature articles, and a new Student Development Gallery honoring the work of student game developers.

The new section can be found at

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Friday 31st August 2001

Posted: Friday, 31 August 2001

As you can see the new site for the Bitmap Brothers have finally gone live.  For a brief tour of the new site, check our the New Web Site Tour.  There are lots of new things to look at including a walkthrough for Z: Steel Soldiers in our Support section here.

We are hoping to have lots of updates for this site, including all the Xenon 2000 files and details that appeared in the PC Format articles, a great little game you can play while visiting the site, a range of articles from the guys who work here at the Bitmaps, a list of useful articles about games and game development, plus lots, lots more.

If you have any comments concerning the site, please e-mail the webmaster at


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