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Friday 29th September 2000

Speedball 2100 for the PlayStation is released today!

Speedball 2100

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Empire Interactive         Take 2 Interactive - Goodness gracious, great balls of speed
Posted: Friday, 29 September 2000 19:13:22pm GMT

    We like balls, us, and the faster the better!

    How do you improve a classic? If you never played Speedball 2 on the Amiga, it was just that, let me tell you. There's always a danger with updating such a game that people will see it as some kind of blasphemy. If it doesn't live up to people's expectations or, more likely, their memories, it's always going to struggle.

To read the rest, please go here (page has been moved).

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Tuesday 26th September 2000

Xenon 2000: Project PCF

Official Xenon 2000 Press Release
Posted Tuesday, 26 September 2000


    The Bitmap Brothers programme and design an exclusive level of Xenon 2000 PC for Future Publishing's PC Format magazine.

To read the rest, please go here.

PC Format

The Adreanline Vault: Xenon 2000 Coming
Posted: Tuesday, 26 September 2000 10:48am CT

    The Bitmap Brothers announced today that it has programmed and designed an exclusive level of Xenon 2000 for Future Publishing's PC Format magazine.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from The Adrenaline Vault Xenon to mega-blast one last time
Posted: Tuesday, 26 September 2000

    Our more .. um .. mature gamers will no doubt go misty-eyed at the mention of "Xenon 2" - a stunning arcade-style scrolling shooter which featured stunning organic graphics and music by dance outfit "Bomb The Bass" of all people, not to mention an array of over-the-top weapons and power-ups. Our personal favourite has to be the slightly ridiculous "Super Nashwan Power", which temporarily gave you a vast array of bolt-on weapons which made your ship stretch across half the screen...

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Friday 22nd September 2000

CTW gave Speedball 2100 the 'Game of the Week' award.
Posted: Friday, 22 September 2000

    The Bitmaps return after going AWOL for a Stone Roses-esque period of time, but will the increasingly young PlayStation audience care? After all Lara Croft wasn't even around the last time the lads blessed us with a game.

    The spiky mix of Rugby, Basketball and British Bulldog combine as effectively as it did ten years back, to deliver the only violent future sport game that has ever worked. The visuals are unlikely to wow many, being in essence not that different to the Amiga version, with a bit of coloured lighting, but forget about and instead embrace the fact one of the all-time classics has finally returned.

    The balance between satisfying single and multiplayer has been tackled with aplomb, with a multitude of cups and leagues, and even management options to keep the interest going. Bronze, Silver and Gold modes a jump, it's much easier to rough up opponents than it used to be, and feels even more like the no-holds-barred shoot and score fest that it purports to be. As ever, the amusing crowd noises (ice cream!, hot dogs!, etc.) gives it a pleasing atmosphere, and thank the lord, there's no hideous cod-rock music to have us reaching for the volume button.

    Many hard core gamers will be wondering why the Bitmaps chose to go for the basic top down viewpoint, instead of the now ubiquitous 3D stadium approach, and it's a good question. But really such questions disappear once you get into the game. With no specialist press reviews out yet, it's hard to say what the general consensus is yet, but take it from me - it's a classic.


    OPM: "S'ball has never looked better!
    Play: "The mother of all sports games"
    Power: "Exciting and playable"
    PSX Pro: "Bloody marvellous"
    Edge: "Speedball is about the thrill of the arcade, not a delightfully lofted free kick!

Article taken from Computer Trade Weekly (CTW)


Wednesday 20th September 2000 Xenon 2000 Step By Step
Posted: Wednesday, 20 September 2000 03:34am

    Dreamed of making a scrolling shooter? Well now`s your chance.

To read the rest, please go here (link is dead now).

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FGN Online: Xenon 2 And A Half
Posted: Wednesday, 20 September 2000

    The Bitmaps is at work on another version of the studio's classic scrolling shoot 'em-up Xenon, and this one can be yours for free, and a bit of time in front of your PC.

To read the rest, please go here (page has been moved).

Extract taken from FGN Online


Tuesday 19th September 2000

PC Format: Xenon 2000 Spoiler
Posted: Tuesday, 19 September 2000

Please check out PC Format's Xenon 2000 Spoiler here.

PC Format


Monday 18th September 2000 Z2 Preview
Posted: Monday, 18 September 2000

Russian gaming site, has a preview of Z2.  Please check it out here.


Friday 15th September 2000 Diaries: Speedball 2100 - Finishing Touches
Posted: Friday, 15 September 2000

    ‘ the end of this complex process it still comes down to a few, slightly mad people making gameplay decisions based on plain old intuition’

    If you’ve been reading the Speedball 2100 diary over the months, you’ll have worked out that making a game is just about the most difficult thing you can do. It demands the kind of technical skills that could otherwise be utilised working out which of those butterfly’s’ wings are causing global warming. Plus artistic skills that could redo the Sistine Chapel. And then you have to add the kind of indefinable pixie-dust that could make even William Hague electable. But even with all that - finishing a game is the most difficult bit of all. have been running the Speedball 2100 Diaries since 15th October 1999.  If you wish to read the rest of the articles, please go to at, select PlayStation and then Features. Here you’ll find the Speedball 2100 Diaries link. (Articles has been removed)

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Monday 11th September 2000

Computer and Video Games: Z2 goes to war
Posted: Monday, 11 September 2000

    Bitmap Brothers is aiming to take the tank-based RTS crown from Warzone and the now defunct Pumpkin Studios with Z2...

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from Computer and Video Games


Saturday 9th September 2000

The Daily Telefrag: Z: Steel Soldiers Screenshots - The last letter is back
Posted: Saturday, 09 December 2000 22:33

The Russian site, Daily Telefrag has new screenshots of Z: Steel Soliders on it’s site here.

Check out their Z: Steel Soldiers site here.

The Daily Telefrag


Friday 8th September 2000 - ECTS: A Bitmap Brother speaks
Posted: Friday, 08 September 2000 18:57:20pm GMT

    We catch up with the man, the legend, Mike Montgomery...

    It's a bit different from most years. There's not so many games here, there's not so much of a buzz. I think that's the state of the industry at the moment. It seems to be in the down part of the cycle. Every couple of years we're on the downer and maybe by next ECTS we'll be back on the up. I haven't had a great deal of time to walk round and look at things. There are only two things which have really stopped me and I've had a look, and that was only because they looked pretty. I can't even remember what they were called now!

To read the rest, please go here (page has been moved).

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Tuesday 5th September 2000

GameSpot UK: Z2 Exclusive Screenshot
Posted: Tuesday, 05 September 2000 10:05am GMT

    GameSpot UK has secured an exclusive screenshot for this real-time strategy game from veteran developer The Bitmap Brothers. The shot shows a blue command centre being destroyed during Level One of the Desert World area of the game. The command centre's nemesis can be seen in the bottom left of the picture - an armoured missile launcher (MLRS). These vehicles have extremely powerful weapons and can strike at a target from long range, which is the best way to use them, as they are exceptionally vulnerable to enemy attack. They can also be effective if defended by more heavily armoured vehicles.

To see the screenshot, please go here.

Extract taken from GameSpot UK


GameSpot: ECTS - Z2
Posted: Tuesday, 05 September 2000

    We look at the Bitmap Brothers' much-delayed real-time strategy game.

    Less than two weeks ago, Bitmap Brothers announced that it had secured a new publisher, EON Digital, for Z2 - just in time to show the game at ECTS. Z2 brings back the territory-based real-time strategy gameplay that distinguished the original game, but adds a modern 3D graphics engine for more visual flare.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from GameSpot


Digister: Z2 News
Posted: Tuesday, 05 September 2000

    We remember seeing the original Z showcased at ECTS years back. Having been privvy to Westwood`s eerily similar - but better - Command & Conquer, Z failed to woo us. Mercifully, the sequel has heaps more promise.

    Though true to its robot - fuelled, real-time wargame roots, Z2 leaps a generation on from C&C with its spiffy 3D engine. Gorgeous animation and special effects excite, but gameplay is where makers the Bitmap Brothers are confident Z2 is a real corker. Out later this year? Oh!

Extract taken from Digitiser on Channel 4 Teletext


Monday 4th September 2000 The Bitmap Brothers in belated sequel shocker!
Posted: Monday, 04 September 2000 22:44:33pm GMT

    Realtime strategy, eh. Who's up for it? At last count there were in the region of 200 million RTS-based games available for the PC and, by general consensus, a disproportionally large number could justifiably be described as 'way dull!' That being the case, why on Earth do we want, need or even tolerate another one? Especially since this is a sequel to a fun but short-lived effort from years ago. And who the hell are EON anyway? Well, if you've got a minute to spare, I'll tell you.

To read the rest, please go here.

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Sunday 3rd September 2000

GameSpot UK: Z2 - Hands On
Posted: Sunday, 03 September 2000 17:36pm GMT

    The words "real-time strategy" and "excitement" have not always been comfortable bedfellows, but the hectic game environment of Z2 looks set to change all that. The original Z was a blast to play, carving its own particular niche with innovative gameplay and unrivalled AI responsiveness that technically propelled it way beyond the raft of Command & Conquer clones it competed with. Graphically though, it was nothing out of the ordinary and sadly Z faded away almost without a trace soon after release. But a good game concept just won't go away and the Bitmap Brothers have a spanking fast PC here at Olympia showing off the long-overdue successor, Z2.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from GameSpot UK


GameSpot UK: Z2 - Team Photo
Posted: Sunday, 03 September 2000 16:47pm GMT

Check out the photo of Mike, Jamie, Neil and Paul at this year’s ECTS show here.

Photo taken from GameSpot UK Interview - Mike Montgomery
Posted: Sunday, 03 September 2000

    So, what have you been up to since Z?

    We've been working on Z2 since we finished Z; in fact we started working on the 3D engine at least a year and a half before Z2 actually started. It looks like we've been pretty quiet, but in actual fact we've been working on Z2 for about 2 years now.

To read the rest, please go here (link is dead now).

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September 2000

GameStreet: Interview - Bitmap Brothers
Posted: September 2000

    Speedball 2100 is the eagerly awaited sequel to the venerable Amiga classic Speedball 2. The original developers, The Bitmap Brothers, are putting the final touches to the game and GameStreet`s Greg Howson had a chat with Development Head, Steve Whittle.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from GameStreet


PC Format: A bit of all right
Posted: September 2000

    Unsung strategy heroes return for a second outing.

    Of course you remember the Bitmap Brothers. Established over 13 years ago and based in Wapping, London, the legendary team was famous in the 8-bit days and on the Amiga. Speedball, anyone? And on the PC it created Z, a wicked sci-fi strategy title that still has a dedicated following.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from PC Format


PC Zone: Bitmaps Go Back To War
Posted: September 2000

News article in the September issue of the magazine about Z2: PC Zone: ‘Z is set for a comeback, and it’s looking pretty good’.

PC Zone magazine

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