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Friday 12th October 2001

We are looking for artist
Posted: Tuesday, 23 October 2001

We’re looking for artists, if you are interested and fit the criteria mentioned below site are Vacancies page for more details.

    Must have medium-low poly modelling and excellent texture skills,games experience in using 3DSMAX, Photoshop or Etch-a-sketch.  You will have good visualisation skills and be able to produce or work from concept art for in-game graphics. At least 3 years experience of computer game graphics is preferable.

For more details, see our Vacancies page.


Friday 12th October 2001

GamesRadar: Speedball Arena
Posted: Friday, 12 October 2001

After the UK magazine, PC Gamer, published a large article on our upcoming game, Speedball Arena, GamesRadar has put the article online here.

    This was the plot of Speedball 2 - and its PlayStation port Speedball 2100 - and it led to one of the most visceral videogames of the sixteen-bit age. In the years before decent beat-'em-ups, Sensible Soccer and on-line-deathmatches, the metallic bas-relief pitch-cum-battlefields of The Bitmap Brothers' finest hour were the only way for not-so-gentlemen to settle their differences in a suitably kinetic manner. With the iconic title - Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe - it even possessed the only effective use of a subtitle of all time (and there's a North European punk-band named 'Brutal Deluxe', pop-nugget fans. Which, along with the Bis-gone-prog-industrial 'Chaos Engine', surely makes The Bitmaps the developers with the most influence on pop-culture of all time). So - we're back in control of the perennial underachievers?

To read the rest, please go here.

Article taken from GamesRadar


Tuesday 9th October 2001

PC Format: Z: Steel Soldiers and Xenon 2000 10 Top Britsoft
Posted: Tuesday, 09 October 2001

On this month’s cover DVD for PC Format, you will find the Xenon 2000 game and the Z: Steel Soldiers demo in the 10 Top Britsoft section. If you’ve missed either one of these before, check out the November issue.

PC Format magazine


Monday 8th October 2001 The Cultural Study of Games: More Than Just Games
Posted: Monday, 08 October 2001

This and the next two items are articles that have appeared recently that might be of interest...


    (This content was first presented as an IGDA lecture during the 2001 Game Developers Conference Europe.)

    We face a battle with games - to prove that they are worthy of serious critical analysis, and not a 'lower' art form. The field of cultural studies has spent three decades doing this, and we can use some of their most central theoretical tools. I will use these concepts to suggest that games, as part of popular culture, can play an intrinsic part in shaping our outlook, our role and our lives.

    This cultural impact often faces indignation because we combine terms like 'play' and 'game', associated with children, with words like addiction, and try to explain how we might make more sensible use of such connotation as part of the semiotic language of games. This lecture attempts to map out how we can understand more about what games mean - and apply this to our design. This should be useful in further determining our distinction between gameplay and what has been termed the media content of games, and allowing us to mature the cultural content of games.

To read the rest, please go here.

Article taken from Future of Online Gaming
Posted: Monday, 08 October 2001

Another interesting article, from on the future of online gaming.

    MMORPGs are still taking baby steps towards what they eventually will become. Not just the games we know them for now, but eventually a different branch of society's evolutionary tree we call 'Communications' will spring forth from the technology so many of us enjoy as a leisure pursuit. Where are we going? How long till we get there?

    No one knows.

    Some people, however, can make pretty informed guesses. We have asked the best and brightest of the MMORPG Industry, from CEOs to Fan Site Writers to Gaming Legends, where they think we are heading and how long till we get there.

To read the rest, please go here. Also check part 2, part 3 and part 4.  Part 5 can be found here (added 10/10/01).

Article taken from


PlanetHardware and GamePC: WindowsXP for Gamers
Posted: Monday, 08 October 2001

Here are two articles looking at Microsoft’s new operating system, WindowsXP and what is means for us gamers.

GamePC has a massive 18 page article on the OS.

    Windows XP truly is a major step for Microsoft, as they finally merge the Home and Pro products into a single core OS, based on the proven and stable Windows 2000 core. XP adds lots of flare and eye candy to the mix as well, giving what we think, is the best mix of looks and performance of any OS on the market today. It's not a perfect OS by a long shot, but it's certainly the best overall version of Windows to come to market yet.

To read the rest, please go here.

PlanetHardware also has a look at the OS.

    Placing all of the improvements to the Windows interface aside, we wanted to test Windows XP and see how it handled our favorite games, both new and old. Our concerns were that WinXP is based off the Windows 2000 kernel, which had its fair share of issues playing games when initially released, although most of these problems have cleared up with the released service packs and game patches. On the whole, we're happy to report that WinXP does indeed play the vast majority of current titles, and most of the older titles.

To read the rest, please go here.

Article taken from PlanetHardware and GamePC


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