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Friday 23rd November 2001

World War II: D-Day To Berlin: Press Release
Posted: Friday, 23 November 2001

Codemasters have released a press release today about our latest title, World War II: D-Day to Berlin.

  • Historic World War II strategy action as Codemasters signs The Bitmap Brothers' new game development.

    CODEFEST 2002, London, November 23rd: Codemasters has secured the worldwide publishing rights to The Bitmap Brothers' new real-time action strategy game development project entitled World War II: D-Day to Berlin*.

    Scheduled as a priority PC title for Q3 2002, World War II: D-Day to Berlin is set to capture the heroism of World War II's most significant battles. As Commander of the Allied Forces, the game will see players attempting to drive the Axis forces deep back inside their own territory.

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Tuesday 6th November 2001

HomeLAN: Ed Bartlett Interview on Speedball Arena
Posted: Tuesday, 06 November 2001

HomeLAN has an interview with our Lead Designer on Speedball Arena, Ed Bartlett on their site.

    The Speedball franchise of futuristic sports games have becoming very popular titles for the UK based Bitmap Brothers over the years. This year they announced that work had become on the next game in the series Speedball Arena and based on what was announced it sound like the newest game is the most ambitious to date. HomeLAN got a chance to chat with Ed Bartlett, the lead designer of the game, to find out more about Speedball Arena.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from HomeLAN

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